YouTube Go App : Download & Watch Videos Offline

Are you a video lover? Or if I were to put it in a better way, does your love for watching videos outweigh your any other hobby? If the answer is in affirmative, then I have something really exciting to share with you. Wait. But, does the thought of using data freak you out? Or is spending extra bit of money on data packs cringing to you? Hell disappointing. Isn’t it? We can feel your pain.

Imagine a scenario when you were dancing to the tunes of Adele and the buffering started? Or, to make it more worst, imagine you were in the midst of watching an interesting video with bunch of your friends and your data card showed a red signal right at that moment? What if I tell you there is one stop solution to all these hassles? And guess what? The best part is it won’t cost you a single penny. Well, all you need to do is download this video app and enjoy unlimited videos at a click. The recently launched app is now easily available at Android, Ios , Windows phones.

youtube go download

YouTube Go App Main Features

  • Just 8 MB in size
  • Download Youtube videos directly into your memory card
  • Seamlessly share videos with your friends
  • Say goodbye to buffering!

Download YouTube Go App

  1. App is still in beta mode so it might contain some bugs.
  2. Click here to visit play store.
  3. Install app & enjoy free videos.

Youtube Go APK Download

If you are facing problems while installing app from above link then here is a direct apk file.

More Info About the App

Don’t you want to know what packet of goodies does this video app in store for you? Some of the most exquisite features of this app include instant sharing of videos with your friends and family and it occupies just 8.5MB space in your phone. You have it all at your disposal with the click of a button. You can enjoy exploring different types of videos relating to your interests like fashion, cooking, TV Shows. And if you are a movie addict, then this app is a must download for you. Trust me , it would be amazing to enjoy watching your favorite movie at an HD quality without any buffering.

The app enables you to control your data, share videos instantly, download videos and is extremely super efficient so you won’t face any problems with your phone hanging down every single time to download. How about the idea of being able to preview videos before you download or watch them? Or How would it be to transfer the videos without using any data? It comes with a super excellent speed which lets you download even the bulky videos within a few seconds. Why waste your precious hours in downloading when you can save them?

And if you are still thinking of downloading this app, this extraordinary feature would help you to make up your mind. The best thing about downloading this app would be that you would be able to watch the videos anytime, anywhere with or without any internet connection and that too with no extra data cost. Also, the app lets you choose between Basic and Standard Quality. While basic quality uses would exhaust 1.5 MB of your data, Standard Quality would use 12.5MB of your data.

The app is basically designed to improve the accessibility all over the country. It aims at reaching out to the low connectivity areas where technology is yet to set its firm foot. This lightweight app aims to target those smartphone users who are located in the interiors of the country and don’t have access to Wi-fi or good data connections. Also, it would be unfair to not talk about its video sharing feature which would let Youtube Go users to share videos with the fellow users of the app within the range through hotspot or Share It.

Hence, in a nutshell, you definitely need to give shot to downloading Youtube Go app if you have that flair for watching videos.

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YouTube Go App : Download & Watch Videos Offline