Videocon E133-4 Service Is Currently Scrambled Error & Solution

videcon dth error

Many Videocon DTH users have started facing this new issue where they are not able to see the channels even they have got sufficient balance in their account. Surprisingly, the home channels are working fine but the paid ones are showing an error- E133_4 Service is currently scrambled.

So this error is not related to any hardware because if that was the case, you wouldn’t have seen home channels working.

e133_4 error videocon

Look at the above graph taken from Google Trends. It’s showing the data (of amount of people who are searching about this error on Google) from past day and if you see, there’s a sharp rise after 6 PM of 7th May 2020. Before that, people were not facing any such issues.

This probably means that the issue is just temporary and should get fixed soon automatically.

So what’s the solution?

Well, if customer service executives are not picking up your calls, then best bet would be to leave the set top box as it is. It should get fixed automatically within a day.

If it doesn’t work, then you can ‘Reset’ your set top box to factory settings but try not to do it. Contact customer care once before going for this step.

We’re still searching for other possible solutions and we will update it here once we get it!

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videcon dth error

Videocon E133-4 Service Is Currently Scrambled Error & Solution