Trick to Use Instagram on PC without Bluestacks 2019

There are tons of tutorials on internet that will tell you how to install and use Instagram on PC or laptops but there are very few sources available that have the method to access Instagram on pc without using any emulators like Bluestacks. So today we are going to see that method by which one can easily upload photos, follow others and do lots of other things which we would normally do while accessing Instagram on our phone.

In this method we are going to use Chrome browser so make sure you have already installed it on your laptop or PC. Now just follow these steps:

How to Use Instagram on PC

How to Access Instagram on PC?

1) Open Chrome browser on your PC and head over to

2) Now press F12.

3) Then press F5.

4) From the top of the browser, choose Galaxy S5 or any other phone. Also set the Zoom as per your convenience.

use instagram directly on pc

5) That’s it. Now login with your details and enjoy the Instagram!

Let’s know in comments section of you have any doubts.

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How to Use Instagram on PC

Trick to Use Instagram on PC without Bluestacks 2019