Ultimate Brain Booster Apk Download For Android 2020

Just now I came across this amazing app – Ultimate brain booster binaural beats which has got some cool features. You must have seen Facttechz youtube channel promoting this app. Since its apk was not available on Google, I decided to put it here so you can easily install it without having to use Google Play Store.

So¬†ultimate brain booster binaural beats costs around Rs 199 and I believe you want it for free and that’s why you were searching for its free apk online, right? Out of curiosity, I did the same thing and you know what, I didn’t find a single website that had download link for¬†ultimate brain booster binaural beats apk. But then I recalled one trick…

ultimate brain booster binaural beats apk

Latest Ultimate Brain Booster Apk Download

  1. Open play store and search for Google opinion rewards.
  2. Download it and signup with gmail id.
  3. You will get Rs 30 instantly as a signup bonus.
  4. Now start answering surveys. Since it’s a Google’s app you don’t have to worry about it trustworthiness
  5. Within 5-6 days or max 10 days, you will get sufficient amount in your wallet to get the paid membership of ultimate brain booster binaural beats. It will take hardly 3-4 hours in total to collect that amount.
  6. Once you have 200+ rs, try to download ultimate brain booster and in payment methods, you will see the Google Pay Balance that you earned through opinion rewards.
  7. Redeem it and get your app for free!

This method is little lengthy but fully secure. Do not download cracked apps from web as they may contain malwares. Why not spend little more time and get the legit copy than taking a risk? Moreover, you can use above trick for any paid app that’s available on Google Play! Let’s know your thoughts about this trick in comments!

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ultimate brain booster binaural beats apk

Ultimate Brain Booster Apk Download For Android 2020