5 Awesome Tricks to Earn Money from Facebook 2020

Have you ever thought of making money out of facebook? If not, then this post will show you 5 amazing ways to generate passive $$$ just by sitting at home. It’s not just limited to Facebook, you can extend these methods for Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest too. There are some guys who are making few thousand dollars monthly with these simple tricks. All you have to do is – take action!

There are mainly 2 methods of earning money on facebook. First is traffic arbitrage and another is selling products via natural or paid method. After reading this post, you will get clear idea.

make money on facebook

Using Shopify & Facebook to earn money

Here we are going to create our own online store somewhat like Flipkart or Amazon. But it will be too small & will stick to particular niche. Using shopify, you can create your own store with zero coding skills.

  1. Just signup for their free 14 days trial & register a domain name something like (pokemon.shopify.com) & you are good to go.
  2. So, you have 14 days to test if this method works or not (of course it works!). If it doesn’t, you are doing something wrong. Just change sign up for another shopify account with different niche & follow rinse & repeat strategy until you get success.
  3. Once you have store ready, list some items from AliExpress which cost less than $10.
  4. While listing products on store, make sure to change their cost to at least $13-$15. Means you earn $3-$5 profit per each sell.
  5. Open facebook account & create a new page of your store. Now post some items from store on that page.
  6. Click on ‘boost post’.
  7. Now select your target audience by choosing appropriate country, gender & age. Try to monetize USA audience as they have high buying power than tier 2 countries.
  8. Set your advertising budget to Rs 100 or something similar. You can even use paytm wallet to pay for facebook ads.
  9. If you have followed steps correctly, you should get lots of likes, click & comments on page.
  10. If user targeting is good, you can expect 3-4 sells per 100-120 clicks.
  11. Again, it’s up to you! Apply your creativity & generate $$$.

Making money with Facebook & Famebit

famebit facebook

Let me give you the general idea of Famebit. It’s really an innovative idea which connects bigger brand and social influencers. If you have 10,000 or more followers on Facebook or Twitter or any popular social media, then you’re eligible for this program. Just sign up for new account & these big brands in your niche will monetize your audience earning you passive money.

Now most of you will have question…how do I get 10k followers? It’s pretty hard to get followers on facebook, but you can easily do this with twitter.

Just open a twitter account & access it on desktop browser. Now open chrome extensions & search for twitter auto follower. Using these scripts, you will gain 200-500 followers each day. So it won’t be difficult to gain 10k followers within 1 month.

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Affiliate Programs + Facebook = $$$

You need to be little creative here. There are several ways to do it. First of all, decide a product that you want to promote. Now start searching for page which are similar to your niche. If I want to promote gaming mouse, then I will search for facebook groups or pages related to PC gaming. See which post is getting more likes, shares & comments.

Now make an interesting comment & point out some fake likes to it. You can find those services at fiverr. This way, your comment will start ranking higher. Once your are on #1 position, edit the comment & insert affiliate link > bank hard!

Or other way is to promote products in facebook groups. But it gets difficult to post manually in 10-15 groups. You can’t use same content every time because this will raise alarms & you’ll end up loosing facebook account. I will recommend you to use massplanner software. It’s paid ($9 per month) but it helps you a lot in facebook commenting, auto following & many more.

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Making money on Facebook with Teespring

I think you know how to implement this method. If don’t know about this, just take a look at detailed teespring guide.

Creating Viral Website

Okay, this is little bit difficult for newbies. But it can generate passive money for sure. I have already in this game & it definitely works. Just create a viral website (google it) & fill it with trending & most shared content. You can even copy paste from other blogs (which I don’t recommend). Then join some programs like Revcontent, Taboola which pays you on CPM basis. Start sharing your posts into relevant group. If it’s really good, people will start sharing it like a crazy. This bring you automated & massive traffic ultimately generating revenue.

I know, I have not covered each point in details & it’s not at all possible to do it. But I hope you have got the general idea. Just follow any one method & stick to it. If it works, then just go on scaling until you build empire!

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  1. Hi Aryan,
    Hi again really impressed with your way of marketing. How can I get connected with you. Can you guide me uplift my website since I had been trying to work out on the same for last 4years. My product seems to be likeable but I want to sell affiliate on Performance basis, but for that I need traffic On my site. Please advice. I shared my site details to you.

    Will look for your reply.
    Best regards

    • Hi,
      Maybe you should try Facebook ads. Google adwords would be better in my opinion. You have to keep on experimenting and replicate the working method. That’s how it works.

  2. say if i listed 15$ for an item of 10$ and after getting an order, i purchase it from ali express and provide the address of the customer. The bill which would be delivered with the item would state the item price as 10$ not 15$ and also the bill would be of ali express.

  3. 4.While listing products on store, make sure to change their cost to at least $13-$15. Means you earn$3-$5 profit per each sell.

    If somebody gives order then how will I send ordered item because the item is on AliExpress web site

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make money on facebook

5 Awesome Tricks to Earn Money from Facebook 2020