Top 5 Best Laptops Under 30000 Rs in India 2017

Before 10 years, people were using desktop pc for office as well as home use. With the latest updates in technology, desktop pc have been replaced by laptops & notebooks. They are lightweight and can be carried anywhere and hence much popular than conventional desktops. People like us often get confused because there are so many options and varieties of laptops available from reputed brands.

But if your budget is around 30,000 Rs then we do have some best suggestions for you. Some options have 8GB RAM and Intel core i5 processors too!

best budget laptop under 30k

Best Budget Laptops Under 30000 Rs February 2017

Acer Aspire E5

If you want a cheap but the best in class laptop then Acer Aspire is for you. I think it’s the only laptop with intel i5 processor priced under 30000 Rs. But everything comes at a cost! According to me, its biggest con is operating system. You get pre installed Linux OS instead of windows. But it’s not that difficult to solve this issue. If you have windows XP, 7 or 8 CD then you can easily flash the laptop to run on Microsoft windows OS. It doesn’t heat much & ideal for playing low resolution games.


  • Core i5 processor
  • 4GB RAM expandable upto 16 GB
  • 1TB Harddisk
  • Linux OS 64 bit
  • 15.6″ display
  • DVD writer
  • Battery which lasts for at least 5 hours after full charge


Battery is non removable, though it’s not a big issue. You can replace it from nearest customer care center. Secondly, the display is good not better. But considering the price point, it still stands much ahead of competition.

Lenovo Ideapad 100 APU

Want best laptop below 30k Rs with 8GB RAM? Then this is what you need! Lenovo ideapad is one of the latest model launched for almost 27,000 Rs which has got some good specs. If I am not wrong, there are only 2 laptops under 30,000 which have 8 GB RAM. First one is Fujitsu Life A555 and second one is ideapad. But as you all know, Fujitsu is still new in laptop segment so I’m not going to recommend it though it also has great specifications.

First thing first, Lenovo idea pad comes with AMD processor which is as powerful as Intel core i3. You can also use it for intense gaming as laptop is integrated with dedicated graphics memory. Display is sharp and definitely better than previously reviewed Acer aspire E5.


  • 1 TB hard drive
  • 8 GB non expandable RAM, 2 GB graphics card
  • AMD quad core A8 processor
  • 15.6″ HD LED screen


Nothing major here. Only thing I noticed is, lenovo has given 3 cell battery which might not last more than 4.5 hours on normal usage. If you are okay with it then just go for Lenovo ideapad.

Acer Aspire ES

Unlike above laptop, it also has 2 Ghz quad core AMD processor but comes with 6GB RAM. If you see the price difference, Acer aspire es seems quite affordable as some sites are selling it for 22000 Rs or even lower. It looks stunning and has diamond black finish. Similar to above described laptops, it has 15.6 inch HD TFT LCD display.

Main features

  • 6GB RAM (expandable upto 16 GB)
  • 1TB hard drive
  • Linux OS (you can install windows later on)
  • Integrated Radeon R5 graphics card


Sound quality is not that great but OK enough to enjoy the music. There is no separate numeric keypad, so you might face difficulties entering numbers in first attempt.

Dell Inspiron 3558

Here you will have to manage with just 4GB RAM. I would recommend it only for general use like Microsoft world, excel etc. You probably can’t use it for running high end games and softwares like Catia, Solid edge or any graphics oriented programs. Disk space is pretty good (1 TB) so you won’t find any memory shortage. It’s an excellent choice for watching videos, listening songs and light use.

Main Specs

  • 5th Generation Intel core i3 processor
  • 4GB RAM and 1TB hard disk
  • Linux os
  • 15.6 inch LED HD display

If you want best laptop for home entertainment below 30000 Rs then Dell inspiron 3558 should be your choice.

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