TeeSpring : Making Money Online Was Never So Easy!

If you ask me, what is the easiest way to make money online then my answer would be – TeeSpring! The coolest part is that, you don’t need to have any website to get started & secondly, you can start with ZERO investment.spycoupon teespring

So, what we are going to do here?

We’re gonna sell T-Shirts! That sounds crazy, Right? Yes, but believe me it’s not difficult at all.

Let us begin…

Basis requirements

  • Internet connection
  • Creativity (most important)

Making Money with TeeSpring

Before proceeding further, let me introduce you to teespring. It is an online marketplace of T Shirts where you can buy Tees of your choice. You can either customize yourself or buy ready-made garments.

Process flow :

Create an awesome t shirt design (too easy) > Launch campaign > people order your shirt > you earn money > rest of the things like printing & delivering that shirt will be handled by TeeSpring

To begin with, you need to open a new account through this link. Now login & click on ‘create & sell’ option.

Then you will have an editor like this:

launch teespring campaign

It’s quite easy to use, no technical stuffs at all. Just enter text, some cool symbols from in-built artwork & you’re good to go!

On the right hand side you’ll find styling & designing options. Select the quality of material (high quality means higher price). I prefer Hanes Tagless Tee because they are relatively cheaper & give good returns on investment.

Here’s a sample of my t shirt design:

make money from teespring

Once your’e done with design part, click on ‘sell this’ button. Now set your goal, means how much t shirts you want to print. Nothing to explain much here, pretty simple. Just go with 20 to 50 number.

If you scroll down a bit, there will be an ‘apparel’ option. Teespring not just sells tees but they also offer coffee mug, handbags, hoodies, sweatshirt & many other products. Just customize them however you want at no extra cost. More products = more profits

choose price

Now edit the price the way you want. I will recommend to go with lesser price. You will get less profits (in the range of $2/sell) but to test things out you must set low profit margins at the beginning.

Click on next button again to proceed further.

This is time to apply your creativity. Give a nice & attractive title to your design & describe it briefly. I’m not so good at it, but still I will give you little idea:

how to give title

Pickup the suitable category & finally launch your campaign!

If your design is truly fantastic, then you will bank hard. I have seen many guys making more than $5000 per month using this method with some great strategies.

So, be creative & create something that people would love to buy. To make this a bit simple, I will suggest you to do these things:

  1. Open your facebook account & see right side bar. There you will find list of trending stuffs. Pickup one of them in which you see potential & start making t shirts straight away.
  2. Secondly, goto buzzsumo.com & see which facebook post is getting shared most in last 48 hours. Then check what is their niche & create tees related to it.
  3. Alternately, visit www.google.com/trends to get the list of popular searches on Google. Know you know what to do next!


By far, this is the best money making method out there which doesn’t require any special skills. Just be creative, invest 15 minutes & test the success! Want to earn even more? Then just visit our online money making thread.

TeeSpring : Making Money Online Was Never So Easy!
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  1. Fantastic idea..i don’t know whether it will work for me or not. But you gave me a path to go for earning by sitting at home. Thanks a lot.

  2. Suppose, u design your t-shirt and launch a campaign, and if I choose to sell , say 10 t-shirts, and if no one buys it, will I have to pay my money as I had losses. One more thing, I have 0 money with me, but I have really good creativity, Are there any areas where I’ll have to spend my own money in the process? If yes, I would back out in designing the t-shirts and showing my art to the world.
    Thanks a lot

    • You don’t need to spend a single dime on Teespring. Whether you sell Tee or not, you’re not gonna loose any money. All you need to do is keep on experimenting on design part. Once you know what’s working, just scale it up.
      You can speed up the process with youtube commenting or through facebook ads.

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TeeSpring : Making Money Online Was Never So Easy!