Takatak Referral Code 2020 : Refer & Earn Free Paytm Cash

With the sudden ban of 59 Chinese apps by the Indian government, the face of Indian apps and their creativity is coming out in the open. These 59 apps also include the famous Chinese application ‘TikTok’. TikTok was primarily an application used for entertainment-related purposes. With the sudden ban and no alternative for TikTok left in India, Indian creators have come up with a similar app called Takatak. The famous app MX Player has launched this app to be a complete alternative and replacement for TikTok.

takatak referral offer

Takatak is a social media video sharing application entirely based in India. It allows people to showcase their creativity and talent to the world. This application has been made free to all potential users by the creators. It can be downloaded without any cost. Takatak is all set to become India’s best definition of short-form mobile video making and creation. The sudden void created with the ban declared by the Indian government has proven itself to be a golden opportunity for all Indian applications to shine in the dark. The ban has led to increased demand and download of these apps too.

The application has already been released and is been recorded to have at least 10,000 status videos available on it. Users can also use the in-built feature of editing in the application to create videos and showcase their creativity online. All videos on this application can be shared online too. The app also comes with a beauty cam. This allows users to choose between various beauty filters and effects. Users of the app can also combine videos along with adjusting their timing and surfacing in the application itself. You can start by picking up nice photos and by uploading them as stories on the app.

The application also comes with a music library which also happens to have fresh editor’s picks available on it. The application can be used in 10 different languages. These languages are Hindi, English, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Bengali, Malayalam, Marathi, Gujarati, and Punjabi.

Takatak Referral Program Details

The Takatak app also comes with its own referral program. Referral programs are one of the easiest ways to widen an application’s user base through a very efficient and simple manner. Like any other marketing plan, starting a referral program needs proper planning and strategy making. We, as customers, have been using recommendations and suggestions from friends and family as a review before buying things. This concept is exactly what that has encouraged people to use referral programs with their applications and schemes. The same technique is being used by Takatak. App referrals help in generating more and more awareness about the application by making the details viral and easily approachable by the potential audience. This eventually helps in the overall growth of any application. This might look very confusing but it is completely organic and very easy to understand and execute.

Here’s how Takatak Referral Program works:

1) Head over to this link and download the TakaTak app first.

2) Now signup using email/Facebook or Gmail account.

3) Once you’re in, go to your profile section.

4) Click on the share icon as shown below:

takatak referral code

5) Now you will get your referral link.

6) You have to share this link with friends and ask them to install this app on their phones.

7) Once they do that, you earn points.

Takatak Referral Rewards

You can redeem your collected points towards free paytm cash.

claim rewards

free paytm cash app

These are some ways by which you can earn points other than referring friends:

  1. You can upload the new videos daily to earn more points.
  2. Share the existing videos on the app.
  3. Watch more to gain more points.

More details about point structure will be revealed soon…

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takatak referral offer

Takatak Referral Code 2020 : Refer & Earn Free Paytm Cash