Swoo Referral Code 2019 : Refer & Earn Free Lives + Paytm Cash

Swoo trivia is a real time online live game show hosted by a celebrity via Swoo app. Swoo is a virtual broadcasting service that allows you to connect with many proficient broadcasters around the world. Also you can play live fun-filled games and win exquisite cash prizes. The fun doesn’t end with games as one can gain prospective insights about various aspects of lifestyle like health and fashion which are provided by indigenous bloggers who share compelling reviews and tips with the users.

About Swoo : Swoo nearly has 7 million users across the world. It is an open platform service which offers its audience with an opportunity to showcase their unique talents and earn money. Broadcasting channels available in Swoo are Magazine, Entertainment, LOL, Positivity, culture, sports, tech, money, escape, taste, health, out of box, and Swoodio. Proficient people can just log into Swoo and start broadcasting live stories, related to any of the channels mentioned above to earn real money and popularity on Swoo. Swoo currently organizes 3 enticing game shows which offer fascinating cash prizes to its audience. Swoo bingo show, Swoo Trivia show, and Swoo candy krack. The 3 games offer cash prizes on a daily basis.

How to Download Swoo App?

Swoo mobile app is accessible on iOS and Android platforms. One can easily download the app from google play store or apple store as per your mobile’s compatibility. Swoo can also be accessed over laptops and personal computers by using the web URL – https://swoo.tv/. You can also follow Swoo’s official facebook and twitter handles to receive useful tips and hints .

Swoo Referral Code List 2019

  1. After downloading the Swoo app you need to sign up using any one of your google, facebook, twitter accounts.
  2. You should use the referral code “illusionist30” during sign up process to earn extra lives which will be helpful to play the trivia game and earn free paytm money.
  3. After successfully signing up using the given referral code you will be credited with an extra life.
  4. Now you can share your referral code amongst your friends and acquaintances to earn extra lives to play more extensively.
  5. On every successful referral you will earn 3 lives and your friend gets credited with one additional life.

Where to Enter Referral Code in Swoo Trivia?

1) Open app and tap on any on of the quiz banner.

swoo referral code list

2) Now click on the “Swoo Challenge” which is at the bottom as shown:

swoo challenge

3) Now Click on “Refer & Earn” option.

swoo refer and earn

4) Now you will be able to enter the referral code.

enter swoo refer code

How to Play Swoo Trivia Game and Earn Money?

Swoo trivia game offers Paytm cash prizes ranging from RS 10000 to RS 100000. The earnings will depend on the number of questions answered correctly. Around 70k users participate in each trivia game. It is generally held thrice a day – At 1:00 PM with a free paytm cash prize of RS 10000, At 3:30 PM with a cash prize of RS 50000, and At 9:30 PM with a cash prize of RS 100000. For example if a user wants to play the 9:30 PM game, he/she have to enter the show accurately at around 9:30 failing which you won’t be allowed to play the particular game. After entering the game, a celebrity will host the live trivia show and ask questions ( which will appear on your mobile screen) which are mostly general knowledge related.

For each question 3 options are provided of which you have to choose one option. Each question should be answered within 10 seconds. If you answer correctly you will be able to advance to the next question. If you fail to answer within the given 10 seconds or submit an incorrect answer, you will be eliminated from the game immediately. You can use your lives as a wild card to re-enter the contest. If you answer all the questions correctly then you will win the cash prize.

The users who are not able to answer all questions can also earn some money depending on the number of questions they answered correctly. For example – a question from Trivia show to understand the pattern: Question – The nick names Cheeku, Gabbar belong to cricketers of which nation? Options – 1) Bangladesh 2) India 3) Pakistan . Answer – India So just log on to Swoo trivia game show and start earning real cash by analysing your IQ in diverse fields

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Swoo Referral Code 2019 : Refer & Earn Free Lives + Paytm Cash