20% Off Supr Daily Promo Code & Offers 2019

If you are looking for milk-related services near you then Supr Daily is there for you. It is one of the best organization out there in our country. Its main function is to get milk from dairy farms and deliver right on your doors.

It is led by two IITians who quit their jobs to invest in this business and now it is paying them well in return. They started this company when they saw that milk which reaches our home is not that much quality centered. As when it comes through some middlemen it gets watered or some harmful chemicals are added to it to increase its quantity. And in this way, its quality gets decreased.

supr daily promo code

So to counter this problem they started a company Supr Techlabs which works for Supr Daily services. With more than 5 lacs completed orders in the previous two years Supr Daily has been working flawlessly since then.

It is basically a subscription type delivery system in which customers can customize their orders directly from their smartphones or other platforms.

Supr Daily has now become a very good profitable organization. Due to its direct customer base and improved delivery system from dairy farms. It has a revenue of at least 2-3 million per year now.

What Makes it different?

Its priorities on its quality are what makes it better from its competitors in this field. Supr Daily has now a huge customer base throughout the country as its quality and services have improved a lot.

It is now not only limited to just milk. It has launched other services including delivery of bread, eggs, curd, paneer, coconut water, dosa batter, buttermilk, and many more daily needs. But its main revenue source is still milk as it constitutes its main delivery throughout the country.

It has also another service called as Supr Bags. In it, special insulated protection for milk is used. It can keep it milk cold for a longer period of times and provides better quality to milk.

Supr Daily Promo Codes 2019

So are you also a Supr Daily user? Then you must have heard of Supr Daily Promo Codes. If you want some then you can check them out below.

Free Milk for 2 Weeks (New Code)

Redeem code SUPRB2G2 to get 2 weeks free on ordering subscription for 2 months.

Get 2 Weeks of Milk Free

Buy a subscription of 2 months and enter promo code B2G2 to get free milk for extra 2 weeks. This coupon is only valid for new customers of supr daily.

More codes will be added soon…

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supr daily promo code

20% Off Supr Daily Promo Code & Offers 2019