Saregama Carvaan Not Working? Try These 3 Solutions

Facing Problems with Saregama Carvaan ? We Got You Covered

So fellow readers today we are discussing about Saregama Carvaan, a product which came in with a blast and took off as it entered the market. The product is doing great because it has been carrying a nostalgic value for the customers. The Carvaan is a portable/digital audio speaker consisting of 5000 songs of the Indian Film Industry which come pre-loaded in to the device. The songs are categorized on the basis of Mood, Artists and many more.

carvaan problems

Here Are Some Problems You May Face

  • Stuttering or lagging of Songs
  • Connectivity issues
  • Remote not working (Carvaan 2.0)
  • Battery Draining Quickly
  • LCD Display not working 

All the above mentioned problems will either be due to a Hardware issue or Firmware issue. For what its worth give it a Indian Medicine by restarting the device to rule of issues such as Stuttering of songs, but if the problem still persists then; Well here’s a bummer to my techie readers, please do not try to open the device or fix it by yourself as the company has already got you covered and is easy to reach out to. Down below are the scenarios you may be a part of.

Problems Encountered During Warranty Period?

Well the company offers a warranty period of 1 year and any hardware or firmware issue can be easily resolved by just contacting the toll free number of the company 18001027799 . A meet with a service engineer is arranged who will pick up the device from the provided details or might ask you to drop the device off at the service center. If the device is not being fixed by the service engineer, a replacement is done easily for the product which will reach the customer in no time.

carvaan not working fix

Problems Encountered After Warranty Period?

The company is all ears to the customers and the after sales service is pretty good. There have been cases where the device is out of warranty and still the company has replaced the device when not fixed. For  resolving any issue with the device you can easily contact the above mentioned toll free number and get the service engineer connected. If the issue is related to the hardware then it will be solved in no time but it the issue is related to the software or the firmware it will take some time to get back to you. Although some nominal amount will be definitely charged for the hardware problems but not for the software problems.

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carvaan problems

Saregama Carvaan Not Working? Try These 3 Solutions