Saksham Yojana Status Check Procedure 2019

Saksham yojana is a welfare program introduced by Haryana government in 2016 for the empowerment of unemployed educated youth of Haryana. Under this scheme the Haryana government provides monthly allowance to the qualified unemployed youth and also proper incentives to graduates and post graduates who complete honorary tasks assigned to them by various Government recognised Corporations, Societies, Departments, Boards and some other private sector industries.

The allowances are provided to the qualified unemployed youth so that they can further hone their skill set, fine tune their knowledge and get ready accordingly to fulfil the trending industrial or societal requirements. Also government aims to encourage the youth to work towards their passion and then choose the sector of their own choice for employment which will in turn help in global growth of the country. So if you have a question in mind – how to check the status of Saksham Yojana then today we are going to give you its answer. Let’s check it out.

how to check the status of saksham yojna

How to Check Status of Saksham Yojana?

  1. First the applicant needs to visit the following link – ( where one can sign in to their Saksham yojana account.
  2. Aadhaar number, password and qualification fields are mandatory for successfully logging in to your account.
  3. The user is generally allowed a maximum of three attempts to login successfully in a day, if anyone fails in three attempts consecutively then the account will become inaccessible. A wrong entry of either password, Aadhar number or captcha will lead to a unsuccessful login attempt so be careful to avoid such issue.
  4. Once you are successfully logged in to your yojana account the status and all the details of submitted applications can be viewed on home page of the account.
  5. Under “Application Action Taken” one can check the current status of the required applications. The authorised and valid applications end with “OK” and one’s which do not end with OK require a few alterations and may need to be resubmitted again.

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how to check the status of saksham yojna

Saksham Yojana Status Check Procedure 2019