Rummy Culture Referral Code 2019 : Refer & Earn Instant Bonus

Today we are going to share info about the referral program of highly popular Rummyculture game. All of you might have come across rummy game ads while using an application or streaming videos in youtube. You might have some queries about the feasibility and authenticity of the game before deciding to play the game.

Basically, this version of Rummy game can involve a minimum of two players and a maximum of six players in one game. The card requirements also differ for both the above-mentioned categories of the game. 2 decks of cards are necessary for 6 player tables. 1 deck of cards is necessary for 2 player table games. The players won’t be able to see the cards in a closed deck. The open deck that is composed of the omitted cards is clearly visible to the gamers. In order to emerge victoriously in a rummy game, you have to form one pure sequence, one impure sequence, and sets.

refer code for rummy culture

RummyCulture Referral Program 2019

RummyCulture has one of the most lucrative referral programs as it offers cash rewards up to Rs 10000 INR.

  1. First, sign up on Rummyculture, then a unique referral code will be generated for your account.
  2. You can share this code amongst your friends, acquaintances and family members in order to start earning extra money on Rummyculture.
  3. One condition that needs to be fulfilled to get free cash is that your referred friends should add cash of Rs 200 or more in their RummyCulture account.
  4. The following is the distribution of rewards: For first 1-5 successful referrals, you will earn Rs 50 per each referral. For preceding 6-25 successful referrals you will earn Rs 100 per each referral. After 26 referrals, you will earn Rs 250 per each referral.

RummyCulture Referral Code 2019

If you’re looking for referral code RummyCulture, then here it is. Just click this link to get started.

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refer code for rummy culture

Rummy Culture Referral Code 2019 : Refer & Earn Instant Bonus