How I Earned Free Bitcoins Worth $600 With Roobet : Full Review

Today we are going to share an awesome website with you all that will earn you passive money that too without investing a penny. Of course you will see better results with investment but you can start for free too.

So today we are going to talk about a website called Roobet.

Roobet basically is an online gambling website which has several cool games in their arsenal. You can even play them for free without putting any money for an entertainment purpose or for learning the games before you invest your money into it.

roobet free bonus code

So What Casino Games Are There?

Well, too many of them and some of which are unique to Roobet itself. The casinos you could choose from are a number of card games to dice, plenty of different variants of spinning wheels and lots more. And not just the ordinary casinos, they also have quite impressive themed gamble games. These games come with immersive visual effects and good graphics, that are just perfect to give you a smooth gambling experience. This is certainly not one of your bland, one-game casino sites. You also get to check which games are being betted on in real-time. You can then see where you’ll be at bigger profits according to the audience and betting amounts with a good number of options to choose from.

Roobet Sign Up Bonus For Free Money / Level Upgrade

Simply head over to this link and use promo code roobetfree to claim your signup bonus. There’s a total of 0.001 BTC bonus for all new registrations (offer is valid for limited time so it may/may not be available by the time you’re reading this article). This is easily over $5 equivalent, with whatever fluctuating exchange rates. You also get extra bonuses with the promo codes that Roobet team often provides on their social media handles.

Apart from that, there are daily incentives which are credited to your account but are time-bound, and have to be used within the time. The withdrawals are swift and are processed instantly.

Getting Started With Roobet

1) After signing up (link is given above), you will be landed on the home page of the game like this:

roobet review

Believe me, these games are really very simple and you will learn it in hardly 5 minutes.

2) Now decide whether you want to earn money from this website or just use it for fun. If you want to earn money, then you need to have bitcoins/ethereum coins.

3) Click on deposit button and deposit the BTC’s you’re willing to bet. Cool thing is, you can even start for free by using surveys option as shown in below image. Simply complete some surveys and you will get free money that you can use to place bets.

Also, make sure to use promo code “roobetfree” for free signup bonus.

roobet promo code

4) Let’s now take an example game called Crash in roobet.

So each round of this game lasts for 15-20 seconds. The rocket might fly for like 5 seconds or might fly for 20 seconds too. The more it fly, the more you earn. See the multiplier 1.34x. It continuously increases as long as the rocket fly. So if you put $1 in bet and SET 4x multiplier (in auto cashout field), you basically make $4 in return when rocket crosses 4x multiplier and I have personally got 4x multiplIers many times.

BUT if the rocket crashes at 1x, you lose all the money. Good thing is, you can even place bets of $0.001 or even less than that. So you can play it safely without burning too much money before you start generating good cash.

roobet crash game

Roobet Payments & Withdrawals

You can cashout the amount once it reaches $10. You can only cashout via Bitcoins and the payments are instant.

Here’s the payment proof:

roobet payment proof

Amount credited to my BTC Wallet:

roobet free bitcoins


Do I get to trade real money? 

I’m afraid not. You can, however, always choose to purchase the crypto-currencies at standardized rates at the website itself. You’re free to then bet what you’ve bought, into the games.

How do I find my favourite casino? 

Well, there are just too many casino games on the site and there are specific categories as to Card games, Dice games and others.

How do I check the popular games?

There’s a real time dashboard that shows what games are being gambled and by what numbers. The total money in the gambles is also displayed there.

Is the site legit?

It is totally safe and trusted by plenty of online gamblers everyday. It is a popular name and many users have made a bit of fortunes trying their luck on the site.

So guys, try it out and let me know how was your experience with Roobet in comments below.

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roobet free bonus code

How I Earned Free Bitcoins Worth $600 With Roobet : Full Review