Jio 4G Plans, Data Tariffs Prepaid & Postpaid 2017

Presenting updated Reliance Jio 4G tariff plans, prepaid & postpaid packs, data offers for January 2017. Get complete list of Jio plans for Maharashtra, Mumbai, Delhi & for other states.

Reliance Jio has made history in Indian telecom industry by launching extremely cheap voice & data rates. Till this year end, users will get unlimited 4G without paying a single penny. Although speed gets reduce after 4GB usage, it’s still a good deal for Indian users.

Update : Jio has extend its welcome offer till March 2017. As you know, many people are facing problems while making calls & 4G speed has reduced to heavy demand. So to solve these issues Reliance needs some time & that’s why they are extending welcome offer till March 2017 end.

jio net plans

So, do you want to know what are the Jio tariff plans after 31st December 2016? Are they good enough to buy? What are advantages & disadvantages? If you have same questions, then you have landed on correct place.

Here you will find updated Reliance Jio plans, 4G tariffs, sms & voice calling rates for the year 2017. We will also give you comparison between Airtel Vs Jio Vs BSNL so it will be easy for you to make right plans in mumbai

Reliance Jio 4G Plans for Prepaid

Plan 4G Data JioNet Validity
19 Rs 100 MB + Unlimited Night Data 200 MB 1 day
129 Rs 750 MB + Unlimited Night Data 1.5 GB 7 day
149 Rs 300 MB + Unlimited Night Data 700 MB 28 day
299 Rs 2 GB + Unlimited Night Data 4 GB 21 day
499 Rs 4 GB + Unlimited Night Data 8 GB 28 day
999 Rs 10 GB + Unlimited Night Data 20 GB 28 day
1499 Rs 20 GB + Unlimited Night Data 40 GB 28 day
2499 Rs 35 GB + Unlimited Night Data 70 GB 28 day
3999 Rs 60 GB + Unlimited Night Data 120 GB 28 day
4999 Rs 75 GB + Unlimited Night Data 150 GB 28 day
  • Jio plan 19 Rs : In this pack, you get free voice calling & 1GB internet which is valid for 1 day. Not just that, you also get 200 MB jionet data.
  • Jio plan 129 Rs : Enjoy 750 MB 4G & 1.2GB Jio net data for complete 7 days. Also, you can send unlimited local & national sms using this tariff.
  • Reliance Jio plan 149 Rs : It gives bit less data but the validity is more (28 days). In this Jio 4G tariff, you can grab 300 MB 4G along with 700 MB local hotspot internet. This pack is identical for those users who prefer free calls & use internet only for light usage like whatsapp. Unfortunately, you can’t send more than 100 sms during these 28 days.
  • Jio 4G tariff plan 299 Rs : It’s pretty good package as you get 2GB internet & 4GB jionet which are valid for 1 month.

Important notes :

  • After 31st Dec 2016, when you will recharge Jio sim, you can’t use 19 Rs, 129 Rs & 299 Rs plan as first recharge.
  • If you are student, then 25% additional data will be granted upon presenting valid identity card at the time of buying sim card.
  • In each pack, you will get 100 local + national sms.
  • Post data charges are Rs 250 per GB with the pulse of 10 Kbps.

Prepaid Special Tariff Vouchers for Conferencing

STV Plans Price Benefits Validity
Audio Conference 49 Rs Make audio conference with min 4 & maximum 9 people 28 Days
Video Conference 99 Rs Make video conference with min 4 & max 9 people 28 Days

Let me begin by explaining what are these Addon packs & how they work. Let us take an example..

Suppose, you have recharges Jio with 149 Rs which gives 300 MB 4G which is valid for 28 days. But if you use it heavily & exhaust all 300 MB within 2-3 days then you can’t buy this pack again until 28 days validity expires.

So to continue with that plan, you have to wait for a month. To get rid off this problem, you have add on packs.

Here are the details :

Jio Add-On Plans

Price (Rs) 4G Data Validity
151 1 GB -
251 2 GB -
451 4 GB -
1001 10 GB -
1501 20 GB -
2501 35 GB -
4001 60 GB -
5001 75 GB -

There are 3 combo plans available for sms, ISD calling & international roaming. Refer to table below for complete tariff details:

Jio Prepaid Combo Vouchers

Price Details Description Validity
201 Rs SMS Combo Talktime can be used for sending sms only @ 95paisa/sms Rs 5 for international sms 28 Days
501 Rs ISD Combo Only for ISD Calling 28 Days
1001 Rs International Roaming Combo Talktime can be utilized only against international roaming 28 Days

To recharge your number, you can buy vouchers from local stores. Here are the available denominations:
  • Plans up to 100 Rs give you lesser talktime after deduction of tax & processing fees.
  • Rs 100 plan & above gives you full talktime on Jio, so better to go with them.
  • If you go with higher denominations above 500 Rs then assured extra talktime will be credited into Jio account.
  • These top up vouchers have no validity.

Jio top up vouchers

Price Talktime after Tax Full Talktime Extra Talktime
10 Rs 7.7 Rs
20 Rs 15.39 Rs
50 Rs 40.48 Rs
100 Rs 100 Rs
150 Rs 150 Rs
200 Rs 200 Rs
300 Rs 300 Rs
500 Rs 550 Rs 50 Rs
750 Rs 850 Rs 100 Rs
1000 Rs 1150 Rs 150 Rs
2000 Rs 2300 Rs 300 Rs
5000 Rs 5750 Rs 750 Rs

Reliance Jio ISD Tariff Plans

Country Rate (Rs/min)
Canada 3
Saudi Arabia 12
UAE 13
Bangladesh 3
Kuwait 9.6
Malaysia 4.8
Singapore 3
Australia 7.2
China 5
France 4.8
Germany 7.2
Argentina 4.8
Japan 4.8
United Kingdom 3
Hong Kong 3
Mexico 5
Sweden 3
Switzerland 3
South Africa 7.2
South Korea 4.8
Taiwan 3
Turkey 7.2
Spain 3
Russia 7.2

To get complete information of ISD tariff plans, open this pdf.

Reliance Jio Postpaid Plans

Price Free Calls 4G Data Free Night Data JioNet Unlimited sms Validity
149 Rs 300 MB 700 MB 100 Billing Cycle
499 Rs 4 GB 8 GB Billing Cycle
999 Rs 10 GB 20 GB Billing Cycle
1499 Rs 20 GB 40 GB Billing Cycle
2499 Rs 35 GB 70 GB Billing Cycle
3999 Rs 60 GB 120 GB Billing Cycle
4999 Rs 75 GB 150 GB Billing Cycle

How to Recharge Jio Sim?

After welcome offer, everyone will have to recharge their jio sims. But how to do it? We have listed some solutions here:

  1. Offline method : Visit the local stores & topup Jio as you normally do with other sim cards.
  2. Recharge jio Online : Now you have 2 options. Click here to visit Jio’s official recharge page. You will see different tabs for mobile, wifi, broadband, JioLink etc. Below that, it will be given as ‘I would like to recharge my____’. Just enter the mobile number/email id & click on submit button. Then choose your plan & make payment via credit/debit card to complete to recharge jio online
  3. Using third party apps : This is the best option to go with because you not only get faster recharge but additional cashback too. I will advice you to use Freecharge, Paytm or Mobikwik to recharge your reliance jio sim.

Are Reliance Jio plans worth?

According to me, Jio plans hold good only if you are looking for high speed internet & mainly free voice calls. As per TRAI (telecom regulatory authority of India), it is mandatory to keep voice charges at minimum tariff of 14 paise per second. In simple words, a telecom company including Jio can not provide free voice calls. So there is possibility that Jio will raise it charges in coming days. Note that, this is just my opinion & actual condition may vary.

Jio plans have nothing much lucrative other than free calls. Their 4G plans are as costly as other companies. As I have previously mentioned, they do offer unlimited night data with every pack which is valid between 2 AM to 5 AM only which I think is slightly unfair but it’s always better to have something than nothing!

Final words : Use Jio plans only if you want to experience crystal clear free calling service & high speed 4G internet. 

Comparison : Jio 4G Vs Airtel Mega Saver Pack

In last month Airtel launched mega saver pack to compete with Jio. I have mentioned its details here along with activation process.

Mega saver pack comes in 2 packages:

  1. 747 Rs : 3 GB data on the spot which is valid for 28 days. For next 6 months, you get 1GB @ Rs 97 or 2.5GB @ Rs 252 per month.
  2.  1498 Rs : 6 GB on the spot for 28 days. For next 12 months, you can enjoy 1GB @ Rs 53 or 2GB @ Rs 97 or 5GB @ Rs 252 per month.

Since there is no plan available in Jio close to 747 Rs in Airtel, we will choose 1498 Rs for comparison.

Jio 1499 Rs Plan Airtel 1498 Rs Plan
20 GB per month 6 GB instant + 5GB @252 Rs per month
In 1 year, you will get 240 GB data by spending almost 18,000 Rs In 1 year, you will get 72 GB data at 4500 Rs (approx)
Per GB cost : 75 Rs Per GB cost : 62.5 Rs
Validity : 28 Days Validity : 12 months
Free calls Free calls
Right now, I don’t know how many times we can recharge Airtel per month with 252 Rs pack. But if it gets applied multiple times then it is sure-shot best option.

Reliance Jio Net Plans Vs Vodafone 3G Plans

Cost Jio 4G Vodafone 3G
149 Rs 300 MB 450 MB
300 Rs 2GB 1GB + 1GB Night data
499 Rs 4GB 3.5 GB
1499 Rs 20 GB 15 GB


  • Free calling for lifetime.
  • Good 4G speed in the range of 5 to 50 Mbps.
  • Free night data.
  • HD voice quality.
  • Strong signal strength.


  • Data rates are not much different that Airtel or Vodafone.
  • 4G handset is required to access sim.
  • Customer support is not up to the mark.

Reliance Jio 4G Plan Vs BSNL BB249 Pack

It’s not wise to compare Jio & BSNL as one is mobile plan & other is broadband plan. But if you are at home, then surely BB 249 wins over any Jio plan. Why? Because it gives you unlimited internet without speed capping & there is free calling facility from 7 PM to 9 AM.

Which Reliance jio plans are better for me?

  1. If free calling is your first priority then go with Rs 149 plan. Why? Because it is only lowest plan which has validity of 28 days. Rs 19 & 129 are valid for just 1 days & 7 days respectively.
  2. If you use data only for whatsapp & online chatting, then Rs 299 plan is ideal. It gives you 2GB 4G along with unlimited local + national sms.
  3. Heavy internet users : As I can see, most of the Jio 4G plans & Airtel, Vodafone plans are similar. Both of them give you 10GB data @Rs 999 per month. In this case, you can stick to current provider or switch to Jio if you want free calling along with 4G.

Reliance Jio Offers

As you know, Apple has recently launched brand new iPhone 7 & to delight Indian apple customers, Jio has come up with new offer.

What is Jio iPhone 7 Offer?

jio offers

  • It is not only limited to iPhone 7 only but few other models too! Yes, this offer is applicable for iPhone 5 SE, 6, 6+, 6S, 6S+, 7 & 7 plus.
  • Customer will get complementary benefits worth 18,000 Rs per year in the form of free services as mentioned below:
  • Note : All the plans are given on monthly basis & you will get these services for next 12 months after the activation.
  • Right now, only residents of Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Ahmadabad & Bangalore are eligible to claim offer.
  • Till 31st Dec 2016, you will be entitled for usual ‘welcome offer’. Post 1 January 2017, you will get these benefits:
Offer Details Quantity / Month
Free unlimited voice calls to any network in India
Free Roaming
4G Data 20 GB
Unlimited night data
Unlimited SMS (local+national)
ISD Calling 30 Minutes
Free access to Jio apps

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