Reliance Jio Sim Activation Process & Problems

Reliance Jio is offering unlimited 4G data & voice calls but how to take benefit of all these offers? So, first of all you will need to understand jio sim activation process & Reliance has already made it much more simple.

If you are still facing any problems while activating sim card or want to check Jio sim activation status online, then we do have some solutions for you.

jio faq and problems

Steps to activate Reliance Jio sim

  1. If you don’t know how to get free Jio sim, please refer to this article first. All you will need is Aadhar card & barcode. This is called as eKYC process.
  2. Manual process : If you don’t have Aadhaar card, then you have to carry 2 documents, one for address proof & other for identity proof & 2 passport size photos.
  3. Do not forget to provide your valid email id at the time of purchase.
  4. Activation process is completely online.
  5. Once you receive free sim card, you will get an email from company.
  6. Follow the steps in the email to activate the sim.
  7. Receipt of bill will be mailed to you & you will also receive the sms of the same.
  8. You should receive 2 messages.
  9. One is of ‘order confirmed’ & other is of ‘sim verification’.
  10. Unless & until you receive these 2 texts from Jio, you can not proceed further. Keep patience because it might take up to few hours or even days.
  11. That was all about activation, but now next step is to verify the ownership.
  12. Make a call on 1977 (toll free) number. Customer care employees might ask you the details in the receipt (which you got in step 6) so keep it in front of you before making call. You also need to enter last 4 digits of Adhar card for verification process.
  13. If you are not being able to call 1977, please read the FAQ given below. We have given a solution for this problem.
  14. Jio activation time can vary from few minutes to few hour. You can expect activation delay if there is heavy load on reliance servers.

Jio Activation Problems & how to fix them

How do I generate Barcode?

Check this article where we have given complete steps with attached screenshots.

What is the price of sim card?

It’s absolutely free of cost. But I have heard that some dealers are charging up to 500 Rs per sim.

What is Jio eKYC Process?

eKYC is based on Aadhaar card verification of address & identity. It is much faster than manual verification & takes 3-4 hours or even less for Jio activation. Many people have reported that their sim was activated within an hour after eKYC application.

Note : there is no ekyc registration form available nor you can apply for it online. You can only register at physical stores.

How to apply for Reliance Jio eKYC activation?

  1. Generate offer code in your 4G smartphone.
  2. Carry original Aadhaar card & offer code.
  3. Visit nearest Reliance digital store. Now many local retailers are selling it for 50 Rs – 500 Rs. If you don’t want to stand in queue, then go with 2nd option.
  4. You will be taken through biometric process (finger print verification).
  5. Then show the barcode in your phone.
  6. Provide alternate mobile number.
  7. All the details will be uploaded to Jio by the employees instantly.
  8. Within few minutes, you will get sms on alternate no regarding order confirmation.
  9. Wait for 3-4 hours (it may take even longer) & enjoy the free services.

How to use Jio sim in iPhone?

  1. Generate barcode on any android phone & buy sim using that code.
  2. When you get a message of tele-verification, put sim inside your iphone.
  3. It will show no service.
  4. Go to settings & click on mobile data.
  5. Now tap on mobile data option & enable LTE (voice only).
  6. A popup will appear & this time you have to again click on enable LTE option.
  7. Wait for few seconds & Jio network will start showing on iPhone.
  8. Go to dialer & call on 1977. Follow the instructions for successful activation of Jio sim.
  9. Once it gets activated, remove sim card & again insert it in the phone.
  10. Now again go to settings & turn on mobile data.
  11. Then click on mobile data option & choose voice & data.
  12. Open MyJio app & sign up for activating welcome offer.

My sim is not working [Fix]

This means, either you are not getting range or your sim card has not been activated. Just see some of the solutions mentioned below..

Reliance Jio Not Registered on Network Fix

Switch off your phone & insert sim again in primary slot. Restart your phone & choose 4G LTE network for sim slot 1 from settings. Now it should work, if not keep reading this post until you find solution.

Reliance Jio Not Activated Fix

Just call on 1977 to activate sim. But before that, you must use JoinJio app for activation of number.

1977 Not Working Fix

Just follow some simple steps given below :

Put Jio sim in slot 1 > Turn on device > enable mobile data on Jio > Open JioJoin app and grant all permissions > Then use the dialer given in the app itself to call 1977 (make sure your 4G data is on else call will not connect).

Incoming & Outgoing Calls are Not Working

Even though your smartphone is 4G, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it supports VoLTE ( Voice over Long Term Evolution) too. Jio network uses 4G connection to connect calls which drastically improves voice & video calling quality (2 times more than 3G).

Many of our users are facing issues while making incoming & outgoing calls. This means that their phone is not supporting VoLTE at this moment.

So, what’s the solution?

All you can do is use JioJoin (now renamed as Jio4GVoice) for making calls. But you don’t need to worry because this problem will not last longer.

Many smartphone makers are now sending updates for VoLTE support to their customers. For example, recently Micromax rolled out new update to Yu Yureka to fix this issue.

It’s independent of hardware, so if your handset is 4G then just seat back & relax until this update hits your phone.

I got only 2GB data, how to convert it to Unlimited?

Unlimited data is a part of Jio Preview Offer. So to activate it, just download MyJio app from play store & sign in using same number which you have bought from reliance digital store. Now within few seconds, a pop will appear to confirm subscription for Preview Offer. Click on Submit & enjoy unlimited 4G data for complete 90 days.

Jio 2GB Exhausted, Now What?

Many people think that they will get unlimited 4G after consuming 2GB data but it’s not true. Actually, you have to enable ‘welcome/preview offer’ when you have data left on sim.

Even if you have exhausted all data in your account, you can still access My Jio. Just turn on Jio data & open MyJio (you won’t be charged) > click on ‘welcome offer’ popup > Enjoy free net!

I am not getting 4G speed

Make sure you have strong signal strength. Then go to settings & choose ‘prefer mobile data over calling’. Now check your speed. Some samsung models have in built option called ‘download booster’ in ‘more connections & settings’.

Either way, you can try this 5 tricks to increase internet speed by 200%.

What is default APN setting for Jio 4G?

Once you get the range, just switch on mobile data. If you are not getting connected to internet, then something wrong has happened.

Solution is simple! It’s all because of faulty APN settings. Your fix has been elaborated in the following topic :

Why network is not available on my Jio sim?

After switching on phone, if it is not showing any tower/range then here’s how to fix this issue:

  1. Make sure that you have inserted your sim in primary slot. If you have dual sim 4G support, they you can insert in any port.
  2. Go to settings > Mobile networks > Access point names
  3. Choose Jio 4G option from the list.
  4. You should see the following details. If not, then do manual settings like these:
    • APN : jionet
    • APN type : Default
    • Proxy : Not set
    • Port : Not set
    • Username : Not set
    • Password : Not set
  5. Now you should have received range!
  6. Still facing issues, don’t worry. Just visit this guide.

What is Jio Customer Care Number?

For any queries, call on 1800-890-1977. You can use alternate number which you had provided while buying sim card for making a call.

If they are taking too long to respond, then try these alternate methods.

I want to activate only mobile data, how to do it?

Simply call on above mentioned number to opt for this feature.

Tele-verification Call is not connecting..

  1. Move on to Google play store & download JioJoin app.
  2. Open it & you will see popup : Do you want to use JioJoin as text messaging app?
  3. Click on yes & now call 1977 number. That will fix your problem.

What is the Time Required for Sim Activation?

Not more than 5 minutes! Just follow the procedure given above & you will face no problems. Jio sim activation time is estimated to be 1-2 days in case there is heavy demand.

Still have questions? Then comment below & I will get back to you with solution.

Is my phone VoLTE Compatible?

We have got an easy method to find out whether or not your phone supports VoLTE.

Jio sim activation delay

If you haven’t received 2 messages on alternate number within 4-5 days of buying sim, then you need to fix it manually. Either contact the dealer from where you bought sim or call customer care from alternate no.

How to Know My Jio Number?

Try dialing *1# USSD code as it is already working for most of the telecom operators like idea & Aircel.

Is it possible to purchase Jio sim card online?

Yes! Now you can buy jio sim online. Just register on the link given here to get jio at your home.

Where can I find Jio4GVoice for iPhone?

Since your costliest phone has already got VoLTE support, you don’t need to download any extra app. That’s why you will not find it on Apple store too. Use your phone’s default dialer to call 1977 for verification and outgoing calls.

Can I use Jio in 3G Phone?

You can use it in some Mediatek powered android devices. Here is in-depth guide to use this trick.

Jio 4G Voice is offline [Fix]

This problem is coming because you do not have active internet connection. To solve this, just turn on Jio mobile data & then open JioJoin (now called Jio4GVoice). It will 100% work after following above steps.

If you have already done this & still facing same problem then try this fix:

Go to settings & click on ‘applications’. From the list, select Jio4GVoice & tap on ‘permissions’. Grant all the permissions one by one and then you are done! We have dedicated article on this topic here.

All Lines are Busy While Calling

Sometimes it can take upto 7-8 attempts to make a call from Jio to other number. But in most of the cases, fault is not with your Jio sim but with the network to which you are calling.

Recently, Airtel has announced to provide more POI (Points of Interconnection) which will ensure quick call connection with good voice quality.

Why I’m Getting only 4 GB Data per Day?

First of all let me tell you, Jio preview offer & Jio welcome offer are different from each other. Earlier, that is 1 month ago users were getting enrolled for Preview offer. It was giving unlimited data, calling & there was no capping over 4G usage.

On 5th September, users plan were automatically migrated from preview to welcome offer which now gives only 4GB data per day.

Once you cross this limit, speed will not go higher than 128 Kbps! But you can again use 4GB data on next day till 31st December 2016.

So, is there any way to bypass this? Unfortunately No.

But if you are ready to spend 1999 Rs they JioFi is best option. Reliance’s official site promises to give high speed data on JioFi as a part of welcome offer. Means probably there will be no capping over data. If someone of you can confirm this, then please comment below so that everyone can take benefit of this offer.

What is JioNet Wifi?

Have you seen jio plans after 3 months of welcome offer? With each plan, you get some JioNet hotspot data. Many people think that this data can be used on their Jio sim through Mifi router but that isn’t the case.

Reliance has public wifi zones at few places and there you can use this JioNet data.

Can I Check My Jio Sim Activation Status Online?

No you can’t because there is no such system available right now to check live activation.

Is there any way to activate jio sim online?

This authority is only given to Reliance executives so obviously you can not do anything to speed up the process.

Here is small tip from my side : If possible, try to get jio from Digital stores instead of local retailers for fast sim activation.

Can I migrate from Welcome offer to Preview offer?

This is not possible & you have to adjust with 4GB data/day. However, you do get rest of data at 128 Kbps.

Better is to go with JioFi device which gives free data with no capping at all. Here is complete information about JioFi setup, price & plans.

Once I insert Jio in my phone, I can not put any other sim in it. Is it right?

Absolutely wrong! I don’t know who has spread this rumor, but I can’t find any logic here. It is possible that the sim you are using might not work in another phone as it is tied with IMEI number. But you can switch to any other network easily if you don’t want to continue with Jio.

How many sim cards are allowed per person?

There is no official statement regarding this question but I have seen many guys getting multiple sims on their own ID. All you need is different barcode & device each time. If you know rooting, then you can do this with single phone.

Additional info : As per TRAI (telecom regulatory authority of India), an individual should not have 9 sim active simultaneously registered via same ID.

When I call 1977, it says number is already verified

If you have bought sim using eKYC process, then there is no need to call 1977. Just put sim & use it straight away.

Can I Get Number of My Choice?

Since Jio numbers are randomly generated on the spot, there’s no chance to get choice/golden number.

But these feature might be rolled out in coming days.

Red sim Vs Blue sim

There is no difference at all! I have bought 1 sim with red packet & 3 with blue but didn’t noticed any change in activation process.

Jio Sim Terms & Conditions You Didn’t Know

Although Jio plans are lucrative, there is brutal truth & very few are aware of it.

  1. Welcome offer gives you unlimited data but speed is capped to 128 kbps after 4GB limit.
  2. Almost all plans provide you some free night data ranging from 200 MB to unlimited GB’s. But there’s a catch! As per Reliance night begins at 2AM & ends at 5AM. If you look at other brands, they are offering night data from 12AM to 6AM.
  3. Jio has wide range of plans starting from just 19 Rs. But after 30th December, you can not use 19, 129, 299 Rs plans for your first recharge.


I hope, I have answered all the queries related to Jio activation & problems. You can also go through the comments given below to clear doubts.

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  1. my dad sent me a jio sim guwahati to pune. it was working in his friend’s phone but not working in mine. neither have i got any msg, when i open myjio app i says your sim will be activated soon since last 7 days. Please help me…

  2. I am using the jio sim from one month but today suddenly my sim is closed. not showing any network may be its locked. so please give suggestion to unlock the sim.

  3. my jio sim and its net was working as i was in punjab.but now i hav moved to pune sim signal is coming but internet signal is not showing and working.your help will be appreciated.

  4. Hello sir, i have gone to buy the jio sim with adhar card proof and barcode number near to my home relaince digital express they recognized my finger print two times and they scanned my barcode from my phone it cant read so they told to write the barcode number in that book and told message can be sent u within 2 days. But i haven’t received the message from jio network. Whats the problem sir?

  5. You have to give 2 thumb impressions (I think first is for detecting Adhaar identity & second for the confirmation that you really want to buy sim). Have you bought it from reliance store? If yes, then don’t worry.

  6. I’m not getting signal on jio sim, i use oneplus x and have updated it to latest oxygenOS. I put jio sim in sim 1 slot and turn data preferred to jio 4g sim, put network on LTE mode. I can search IND JIO 4G but can’t register with the network. I have received both the messages, later one that it’s ready for tele verification. I also can’t connect to helpline no from my airtel no as it always says all channels are busy may it be day, night, or any time. I am struck very badly in this situation. It’s been over 35 days since i bought the sim. Tell me if there is any other option that i can try, i have almost tried everything i found on Internet. I have also sent them emails and got reply that they will respond within 48 hours nd more than 50 hours passed still no response…..

    • One of my friend with OnePlus X limited edition was facing same issue & he solved it this way: Goto settings > sim cards > cellular data > select a sim for data > choose Jio 4G.
      Let me know if it works for you.

  7. Problem might be with Airtel. When they will arrange more POI (point of interconnection), you will be able to communicate smoothly. This problem will be solved soon as it is mandatory to provide necessary POI’s.

  8. I have a small doubt, after use of three months free period offer, is there any rent we have to pay or any package. Suppose after completion of three months, can we close the connection or cancel ! What are the terms and conditions. Kindly let me know ! I am very much worried ! some friends are telling that after three months period, if you close the connection, they will send court notice for payment. Is it true ! i don’t think so ! so can you tell truth. Anxiously awaiting your reply.

  9. hello Sir
    I went through eKYC,my sim started next day worked for two days,now its not working and its always showing offline.i am using Lenevo zuk z1.i could call and use data for two days after that its not working.tried calling 18008899999 its only playing music all the time nobody is available.tried resetting APN, Switchimng off and reinserting Sim all in vain. Sim is not working since last seven days .even the retailer from whom i brought sim is negligent and has no knowledge on this .
    Kindly hlep me,

    • it seems ZUK Z1 is not a VOLTE phone. Can you please put this SIM on a VOLTE phone and see if JIO is working there or not.
      Also, if you dial your number does it say switched off ? or any other message ?

  10. my jio sim is activated. 4G data is also activated but when evr i try to call they say that your out going call facility has been disabled please call 199 for activation. but when i dial 199 same msg they repeat. this problem i m facing from last 4 day. earlier phone calls were working.

  11. I received the first message 16 days after getting the Jio sim. It stated my order number. The next day I received the 2nd message saying that there has been some mismatch or incomplete information due to which the application could not be processed. I went to Jio office and submitted the documents again (Bank passbook). 2days later, 4th October, I received the same message saying that there has been some mismatch. Anyone else facing the same problem please help!

  12. if your phone is VOLTE, then no need for this app.
    But, if its not VOLTE, then try below options to register the app,
    restart your phone
    clear cache & data of this app
    uninstall & install this app

    Hope this helps.

  13. with eKYC, SIM gets activated immediately or within a few hours. Please contact the person from whom you took this SIM.

  14.  i have brought the jio sim nearly 15 days ago. Than I got 1st message about the confirmation of the application with order number.

    In 2nd msg say that your application is incomplete or mismatched plz visit your nearest jio store

    Then after few hr I got new msg

    Due to overwhelming response to our Jio Welcome Offer, there may be some delays in activating your connection. We will inform you via SMS once your JIO number 79090***** is ready for televerification. Thank you, Team Jio.

    What can I do plz help me…..

  15. Bro i got my jio sim activated and got the tele verification done by 4pm of 2nd October but after activation my jio app says There are no plans in your service. Please recharge to prevent usage of your monetary balance. Further i can receive calls but when i call it says i dont have balance and i have to recharge to make a call. Further data also not working. I have the mobile data LTE on and data roaming on. Please help me what should i do? Handset (iphone 6s)

  16. Me sim leke ek mahina ho gaya na koi msg aya na hi sim activate huyi. Store pe gaya to koi interest hi nai le ra, koi ho jayegi bol raha h. koi nai hogi bol raha he. Kya karu me mere pass barcode adhar sim sab he fir b sim active nai ho rahi h kyu???

  17. I am using Xiaomi redmi 2 which does not support volte but support LTE network, I received jio sim yesterday and call the given number from alternate number to activate internet but it is not working, internet is not connecting, what should I do?

  18. My sim got activated yesterday but I’m unable to make voice calls incoming and outgoing. My mobile is Redmi 2 prime. Data activated but no voice calls. I called 1977 n got televerified .after that also 2 more messages came stating that we couldn’t process your sim activation due to overwhelming response.

  19. I have done e kyc online. Finger print is taken but network not available. I have done all setting in phones and 2 Days have been passed but sim is not registered on network. I’m using samsung j7 LTE.

    • Hi Mukesh,
      Please read thoroughly and follow the step-by-step procedure on how to activate the Jio sim.
      Aryan Kumar has posted a brief information about this. I have also posted the same information on September 28th. You should be able to receive Jio signal if you configure your phone correctly.
      Well.. anyways, a few important hints:
      1. Insert your Jio sim in SIM SLOT – 1.

      2. Go to settings –> SIM Cards –> under “Preferred SIM for cellular data”, select “Jio 4G”. (Very Important).

      3. Go to settings –> click on “Cellular Networks” –> click “Preferred network type” and select “LTE”or “4G” or whatever relevant option is displayed on your phone. (Very Important).

      3. Go to settings –> click on “Cellular Networks” –> click on “Network operators”. Now your phone automatically starts to search for “”other available network signals””. After the search gets completed, you’ll be able to see a list of network signals available in your area. You’ll find “LOOP 4G” or “Jio 4G” or “LOOP” in the list. Just click on that.

      If by any chance your phone does not search for other network signals, you’ll be able to find an option called “Chose a network operator” or “Manual search” or any relevant option on your phone. Just click on it. Then, your phone starts searching for other network signals.

      3. Now, your phone should be able to receive Jio 4G network signal. If not, just restart your phone after following all the above steps. It should be fine by now.

      4. Now, you have to manually create an access point. Just thoroughly follow Aryan Kumar’s post on how to manually create a Jio access point and you can start using Jio services for free.

      I hope I have explained you very very briefly… LOL !!

      Just patiently read what Aryan Kumar has posted guys… He explained everything in detail. Your Jio problems will hopefully come to an end.

      • and yeah, LOOP 4G network is none other than Jio 4G !
        “LOOP 4G” is the other name for “Jio 4G”
        Don’t let the names deceive you. No confusion now.

  20. IMPORTANT NOTE (I got this information from Jio Customer Care executives):
    For those who have gone through eKYC (i.e, giving finger prints and Aadhar Card number in any Reliance digital stores while obtaining Jio sim.) need not wait for Tele-Verification. The sim gets activated very quickly. But, those who have NOT gone through eKYC (i.e, submitting passport-size photos and xerox copies of Aadhar Card in any Reliance digital stores while obtaining Jio sim) should wait for Tele-Verification message from Jio customer care, then dial 1977 and verify your identity, only after which the sim gets activated. Waiting is the only option left for these customers.

    • I did not went through eKYC process. I gone through xerox and passport size photos method. After giving proof, now it’s nearly 4 days completed then also jio sim not activated can you give me solution?

      • Hi Praveen,
        Like I said before, you have gone through offline verification process. You have to wait for the tele-verification and activation. There is no other solution for this. You just have to wait patiently for some more time. However, I cannot estimate the waiting time.

        { NOTE: eKYC is ONLINE Verification and is instant(Aadhar card number and fingerprints). Submitting Aadhar Xerox and passport size photos procedure is OFFLINE and consumes a lot of time. }

  21. I have taken Jio on 3 rd September. Yesterday night, I got 1st msg that your number has registered successfully, but I did not got 2nd msg till now. Can you give me a suggestion?

    • Hi Shiva,
      it seems that eKYC process was not made available to the customers who obtained Jio sim during early September. Well, I think you have submitted passport-size photos and xerox copies of your Aadhar Card.
      You need to wait for some more time. There’s no other option. Many users didn’t get their sims activated. One of my friend got a JIO sim on July 31st and he’s still waiting for the Tele-Verification message and sim activation. You just have to wait my friend.

      But, Reliance has implemented eKYC from September 26th and re-started circulating Jio sims which is now helping the users to activate their sim instantly. For those people who have gone through eKYC need not wait for Tele-Verification.

  22. In Helpline no adviser receive the call for solving my problem.

    There is a problem after card change from 4G dongle to mobile slot which support 4G data connection but it goes in offline mode.

  23. 1. For all those who have got Jio sim from any Reliance Digital/Xpress/Mini etc. and if they have gone through e-KYC, their numbers get activated automatically without any Tele-Verification.

    2. First of all, insert your Jio sim in SIM SLOT -1. In your phone, go to “settings –> SIM Cards –> select “Jio 4G”” under “Preferred SIM for cellular data”.

    3. Then, again go to “settings –>Cellular networks”. You can see the Cellular network settings for SIM 1 and SIM 2. As you have inserted Jio sim in SIM SLOT 1, you’ll be able to see “Jio 4G” column under which there’s an option called “Preferred network type”. Select “LTE”or “4G” or whatever relevant option is displayed on your phones.

    4. Reboot your phone. Now, there’s a strong possibility that your phone will be receiving Jio 4G signal.

    5. For most of the Jio users, the access point for Jio sim is not automatically configured. In order to manually configure an access point, go to “Settings –> Cellular networks –> Access Point Names”.

    6. Now, it’s time to create a new access point. select “Add a new APN” or “new APN” or any relevant option on your phones.

    7. Just manually enter the settings exactly as shown below:
    –>Name: JioNET
    –>APN: jionet

    (Skip the other options. Scroll down.. You’ll be able to see an option: “APN type”)
    –>APN type: default (Type manually)

    (Scroll down.. Now you’ll find “Bearer”)
    –> Bearer: LTE (Select LTE/4G etc. any relevant option)

    It’s done. Now save the settings and select this newly configured access point.

    8. Switch on the mobile data. Now, you can use Jio sim.
    9. Make sure that you have installed “Jio4GVoice” or “JioJoin”
    10. You can make calls or send messages ONLY by using “Jio4GVoice” or “JioJoin”. This is for 4G-only phones. For VOLTE phones, this isn’t the case. They can use normal dialer in their phones to make calls. The Mobile Data must be “ON” at all times.

    11. Install all the Jio apps to avail the welcome offer. However, we are now restricted to use only 4GB data per day. But, unlimited voice calls and messages.

    I hope these settings help everyone here.

    • NOTE: I posted this because, people who have gone through eKYC and got the Jio sim from any reliance digital stores, are thinking that they are not receiving any Tele-Verification message or any intimation of SIM activation from Jio customer care. Some people are also thinking that they are not receiving any Network signal from Jio as their SIM did not get activated.
      This is not the case for customers who have gone through eKYC. Their SIM gets activated very quickly.

  24. I have done e kyc online. Finger print is taken but network not available. I have done all setting in phones and 8 hours passed but sim network not available. I’m using Lenovo k3 note.

  25. I bought jio sim few days back i got just one msg about order no On my alternate no. And there is no signal on my jio sim. How to fix this problem?

  26. I got order msg on Sep 24th and I have taken sim on sep 1st. When I called to customer care they said my photo in documents is not clear. So they said submit my proofs from where I have taken sim (local retailer). Can I submit my proofs in digital xpress store? Other than this, where I have to take sim so that I can activate my sim early?

  27. Hey i have brought the jio sim nearly 15 days ago but still haven’t got the signal. I have only received 1 message about the confirmation of the application. I have Moto g3 which runs on marshmellow and supports VoLTE. What should i do to get the signal as soon as possible ??

  28. Is jio sim only for those that hold aadhar card of same state ? Because I have generated code more than 15 days ago and every time I visit reliance digital or express store I have been told that it’s only for those hold aadhar of same state . Now the question is – the aadhar is not valid across states? How can we generate code if we want to select our own state ?

  29. Can I get bar code and sim from a dealer on my galaxy s5 by using my jio 3.2.05? Now it’s 4th day yet sim card has not activated.

  30. My blank Jio sim card is registered with a Jio number but till now I have not received a verification code what can I do?

  31. My name is Mr. Vikram Singh Makwana My jio no. is 87701***880 . I had put it in sim 1 slot with LTE in Yureka Micromax phone setting. My jio sim is catching signals but on calling on 1977 the call is disconnected. I am trying to call 1977 from my no. But its not working.

  32. eKYC is only applicable if you have an aadhaar card from the same state from which you are requesting a sim card. Else, you need to do do all the paperwork like filling up CAF forms, submitting photos, and submitting add proofs.

  33. When I call 1977 says your voice and data have been verified already soon you will receive confirmation.. And confirmation not coming… Any idea

  34. I’ve got order no. message from jio 2 days ago, but haven’t received the activation message, how many more days do I have to wait?

  35. Hi.. I got jio sim and even network is there. I get incoming calls but when i try to call i get a voice mail as ‘the balance in your account is exhausted so please recharge. I am also unable to use internet.

  36. Hello , my name is sarnali deb . My jio no. is 7003***552 . I had put it in sim 1 slot with LTE in Yureka Micromax phone setting. My jio sim is catching signals but on calling on 1977 the call is disconnected. I am trying to call 1977 from my no. But its not working.

    • Install jio4gvoice app from the play store and try make it default app for call/sms. Switch on Mobile data/ Wifi and try making call using Joi4Voice. Hope it works.

  37. My Jio 4G Voice is showing offline tried installing again and again checked the permission and connected by trying in two mobile but showing offline, but when i tried another Jio fi device in the same app and same mobile it is connected and shows online, how to fix the issue? Is problem with the device?

  38. I have purchased jio sim in free, yet it is not started. It is going to one month from when I purchased sim till now it is not registered on network . Your service is very very bad . If u want to register please tell yes otherwise I will not think about this. Please reply me. Sir/ Madam please register my jio sim if you tell I will give my sim information. How much time will it take

  39. I am unable to verify my account tried to call 1977 but call gets ended automatically. I also downloaded Jio join app but it is only showing configuring your account but nothing happens

    • Even m facing the same problem. M getting full network n aswell it show 4g network at left corner… Even my call get ended automatically after dialing 1977. If u get the solution plz do rply.. I hav lenovo k3 handset..

        • Ur phone does not support volte thats why u first have to Download jio4gvoice app from the play store and then turn in to online after that u can call at the tele verification number.

      • Your device may not be supporting VoLTE (Voice over LTE) hence you can not call any number using JIO SIM using that device, alternatively you can call 18008901977 from your registered alternate number to activate data. When data services are activated, install Jio join (I think renamed to JIO4GVoice) in you device using Jio SIM and then call 1977 through App to activate voice services.

  40. I bought jio sim exactly a month back in i.e., on 25the August. I haven’t received tele-verification sms at all. Please tell me a way out to fix this n get my sim activated

  41. I got sim 3 days ago, all verification and registration completed. The sim is still not activated. I didn’t got any sms for tele-verification.
    I don’t see network bars as well.
    Order no is NO00000A3DLS.

  42. Hi,
    I called customer and ask them status of my jio no. activation.he told me that he not found any information about my jio no.My order no. is NO000007DPK2. Is this a wrong number?

  43. I have bought a jio Sim card two days earlier and I have received the message that my documents are submitted and all but when I am inserting the sim in my phone I am not getting the network signals. I have tried all the solutions and at last when I call at your customer care number my call gets disconnected. It’s been 2 days and I am not getting the signals. How to solve this issue?

    • Same was happening with me. Use jio as primary sim if your primary sim slot is 4G. Then go to settings and select mobile networks under ‘more’ option. Now change the preferred network to LTE or 4G

  44. Sir,
    Tell me how to activate jio sim from mobile other than the mobile from where I used to generate BARCODE. I generated my Barcode from samsung j2 and buy sim. After few days my phones touche screen cracked. After this I use another phone to activate my sim which is also Samsung j2 but it is not registering my sim . it says unable to register you sim number and it is showing emergency calls only.

    • Have you tried sign up with MyJio app? It should work if not you can visit Jio store.
      There’s an alternate way but I can’t guarantee that it will work also I don’t recommend it.

      ***Root is required***

      1] Note down the IMEI number & device id of old Samsung J2 phone.
      2] In your new phone, install IMEI & Device id changer app from play store.
      3] Change both to old phone settings.
      4] Now your sim should work.

  45. i can’t register to the jio network i tried the tricks that you explained above what will i do the network was showing while searching but I can’t register on it it shows try again later.

  46. I have been using jio sim since 2 and half months. there was no issues. But suddenly from yesterday it has become deactivated. I keep on calling customer care but it is not connecting to a adviser. can I get any solution??

  47. I had gone reliance store and they had provided me a TOKEN and told me I’ll have to come again in this date. I went that date and got sim card by giving my aadhar card only and one reference number of any know person in same Pune city. But It’s been more than 10 days, my friend did’t get any verification call and sim also not in activation mode.

    So wanna ask you how we can activate my sim?.

  48. Sir I have already got my jio sim but its already 2days and i Still have not got any message from the jio executives is it normal or do i have a problem? If normal how many days could it take??

  49. Sir, I get my jio sim but it is not activated and I also can’t receive any confirmation SMS..but I send my barcode to jio center ..and also done all step…almost 15 days ago..

  50. Sir I have got the jio sim but I don’t know what is my jio sim number because there is not mentioned in jio sim rapper so kindly help me to find out my sim number…

  51. sir, i have generated the code on my phone .by the time they (store agent) used it to activate my jio sim , they says the code is already used ..
    but i didn’t used it at alll..
    can u explain this sir..

      • Dear Mr.Aryan,

        Please help me to get out of the problem : I am using a Jio sim in slot 1 which is working fine. I do have a problem for using the sims in slot 2 which is also 4G enabled. While Jio sim is in slot 1 and network is switched to slot 2 for using data in sim slot 2 I am not able to use data only voice service works. For this I thought sim problem so changed to other networks also as Airtel, Aircel, Vodafone and Idea all showing same problem data not working, but when I remove the Jio sim from slot 1 the sim in slot 2 immediately gives data service. I tried a lot to get rid of this problem without removing jio sim but failed.
        Handset used by me is Coolpad Note 3 lite make in the year 2016 Feb.

        Please please help me to sort out this problem. I will be very thankful to you.

  52. Sir 20 days over still no message what to do .loosing hope and getting frustrated.i have taken blue sim which has no number on it.

  53. Sir mera jio sim abhi tk chalu nhi hua h kya mere sim pr emergency calls only bta rha h kya kru me iska koi solution btaiye jaldi se mene aadhar card se sim liya h or bola gya tha ki sim 15 minute me chalu ho jayegi but ab to 2 din ho gye h pr abhi tk chalu nhi hui h kya kru bato……

  54. My Jio sim was active on a week ago that one week it’s working well but now it didn’t show signed but show the name Jio…I want Jio signal what I do

  55. sir on my jio sim voice call is not working. my hand set is samsung j7…. but only data service is activated …… what i to do now……plz help

  56. Dear Customer,
    Thank you for choosing Jio. We have received your application
    This message was displayed to me on 14/9/16 and till now my jio sim is not activated.When it will be activated or shall I throw it off.

  57. sir mera jio sim blue cover me mila tha jisme mobile no nahi tha 25 din ho gai abhi chaloo nahi hua tawer signal aata hai but no survice likhta hai kaya karoon care center me jane se koi laabh nahi hua plz help me ….
    mera alt. no. hai 9801771xxx

    • Activate VolTe in your call settings if you have got a VolTe enabled phone else try calling the number to activate only the data service from any other phone number that you have!

    • Namashkar sir
      Sim to activate hai ji par netwark itna slow hai ki na to ham nett hi istemal kar pa rahe hai or na hi call hi kar pa rahe hai ji bahut time try karne ke baad kabhi kisi ko no. Milta hai ji or hamare phone par signal v pura nahi dikhata ji jabki hum main sity se 5 km par rehte hai ji sirf yahan par har signal full rehta hai hameshan ji

  58. Hello brother actually I bought 2 sim one with lyf smart phone another from moto g4 plus I’ve got jio working in lyf but in moto g the sim I got but not activated since a week after complain jio team told me that bar code is not proper now will I have to make bar code again if yes tell me how bcuz I am getting that bar code as redeemed and surely reply me brother

    And congrats for your great job u r awesome thank you

  59. DEAR SIR,



    [email protected]

  60. Hello सर हमारा रिलायंस जियो sim जो चालू होने के 3 दिन बाद बंद हो गया और हमने कंप्लेंट किया तो बोले 48 घंटा मे चालू हो जाएगा और यहां पर 150 घंटा हो गया है फिर भी sim चालू नहीं हुआ है हमारा कंप्लेंट नंबर है sr000001igty है और हमारा jio नंबर 7004718xxx प्लीज हमारा सिंह चालु करवाइए और हमारा कांटेक्ट नंबर 9507165xxx

  61. welcome offers activated on my jio.. but still after completion of 100 mins m not able to call… it got disconnected.. still trying to call customer care but couldn’t solve any where.. when I am calling through jio calling app then a pop up window came” plz connect to 4G or wifi to use jio4Gapp….. plz help what should I do !!!

  62. Are Bhai to jio me mujhe SMS bheja ki my jio sim is ready for use par jab Maine sim lagya to network area me no service likha hua hai ab mai kya karoon

    • Hey lakhan, did you managed to get your data working? i am also having same problem, i also tele verified my number and i am able to use voice call but not data services. if you have found a solution then please tell.

  63. my jio unlimited offer has not activated yet i bought sim 2 days ago. Please help me and message is saying u had exhausted your account balance.

  64. Sir , I have got jio Sim and I could see the tower signal in my jio Sim. Now the problem is about activation. When I try to register my jio Sim card with “jio4G call app “. It says me ” your jio Sim number is not valid “.

  65. Hello sir i am using jio in iphone6..i got the sim yesterday and net is working fine but i am not able to make calls not even able to call 1977 please help

    • because iPhone 6 is not Volte supported device, you are out of luck until apple provides it to iphone 6 if ever possible. You cant even use the sim with jio join app now as its not available in ios. So use it in some android phone with lte or iphone 6s

  66. Sir
    I’m unable to convert 2gb data to 4gb data .
    And I’m also not sure they give me 2/4gb data .
    But I try it like other user to change data 2gb to 4gb but it not work . how to change data and it is compulsory Or not.

  67. Hello sir can u please tell me how to get jio sim barcode for iphone 5s i have downloaded all the apps in iphone bt still dont get any options of “get jio sim” in my jio app please .

  68. I am using jiowifi for the last about 13 days. And there is no per day capping of data. Its a small drvice like a matchbox in pocket. Battery runs for about 8 hours.

  69. welcome offers activated on my jio.. but still after completion of 100 mins m not able to call… it got disconnected.. still trying to call customer care but couldn’t solve any where.. plz help !!!

  70. Dude I can’t thank you enough for this article. I have been trying to get the settings for my sim for a week and finally got it working after reading ur article. Thanks a bunch mate and keep up the good work.

  71. With out verification if internet is running then how much mb/GB we can used .
    And it is possible or not .

    Please answer as fast as u can.

    Thank you.

  72. I have purchased lyf mobile yesterday got sim along with mobile. I inserted jio sim in 1st slot and my airtel sim in 2nd slot. but no tower is displayed for jio sim, another sim (airtel) is working, on evening i got message on my airtel sim ‘we have received your application for new connection. your order number is xxxxxxxxxxxxxx’. When i try to call 1977 from jio sim, it displays NO MOBILE NETWORKS AVAILABLE, i already set 4G SIM to JIO, Data – JIO, Preferred Network – LTE, APN Settings but still no tower is displayed, wheather tower is displayed only after activation ?

  73. I used 2 gb 4g data……now …frm 48 hours its shows emergency call only……why so heppened…….

    I talkt to reliance store ..they said that call customer care….but customer care ….dont care……they put on hold….1 hour i wait on call to answer…….but no reply…..very very very bad sevies.

  74. maine jio number 33 days ho chuke hai aur na hi tower aa rahe hai aur na hi activate hua hai aur na hi alternate number par koi msg aya hai my jio number 7017712xxx hai please check number karke bata dijiyega ga ki iska process kya hua hai mera number acivate hoga ya nahi please sir chek karke bata dijiyega my co number 9760791xxx.

  75. My jio sim has been activated but I am not getting unlimited 4g internet. I even received an SMS saying that welcome offer has been activated on my number but whenever I enable data connection, it says that I have exhausted my balance. I have entered the correct APN but still it says the same thing. What to do?

  76. I can’t verify my jio sim………i bought this on 4 sep.but still can’t verify….n i called on 1977 many tyms…but no response……….n now i can’t understand that what can i do…

  77. my jio number is activated or i also activate data services but when i m trying to use the internet or trying to call 1977 it shows you are not connected to this network …or when i m going to register it manually or automatically it shows unable to connect try again ..i used or try it no of times ..i musing j7(2016)..pls help me to solve this problem

  78. Sir mera sim activate ho gya h but mera data or voice call kaam nahi kr raha hai. Or customer ID invalid bta rha h sign up krne pr

  79. i am unable to place a voice call that’s why i m also unable to call 1977. however my data is working.
    kindly help me.
    thank you

  80. Dear sir

    I have taken a jio sim on 08/09/2016. On the same day I got the order number (No000006WX3N). But still it is not activated.My jio number is 7010082xxx .When I contact to digital store they said that I don’t think it will activate because you have got blue cover sim and you are from other state. I have taken the sim in chennai tamilnadu. The colour of the packet in which sim was blue.

    Please reply me whether it will activate or not .

  81. sir mene or mere bhai ne saath me jio sim li hai lekin mere bhai sim chalu ho gaya hai lekin abhi tak mujhe koi msg bhi nahi aaya hai kya kru

  82. I have received this message” 0***8 is your One Time Password(OTP) for Jio Join.
    Please enter the OTP to continue registration.

    But network is not showing on my phone….what should I do….I have received just one message before this…which was…thanking for using Jio…and order id

  83. Sir, my Jio app isn’t working. There is no ‘welcome popup offer”. Please what to do after accessing my 2.00GB data. There is only a blank page left.

  84. still dont get network on my sim. is it activated or not ? i bought it before 15 days. i didnt get any msg yet about my order. what may be the reason ?

  85. I have got a jio sim on 8 th September..and first message was coming on 9 September…but still tele ventilation message is not given…to me why??????

  86. I gave my documents for Jio SIM on 29/08/2016 and got the Jio SIM, but still there is no network in my SIM.

    I visited Reliance Store, the local dealer from which I bought the SIM,
    But there is no positive response, they are harassing too much, I got frustrated.
    Please solve the problem and don’t spoil the name of new brand (“Jio”).
    i call 10 time to this no 18008899999 but every time he give me one type ans your no is activated on 48 hours but still my no is not activated.

  87. Sir I have taken my new sim 2weeks before just now I have got msg from Jio net and they gave me some order number still I am not able to access network when will my sim be activated

  88. Sir jiojoin app offline show kar rahi hai connect hi nahi ho rahi hai maine update bhi kar di bt phr bhi connect nahi ho rahi hai kyaa karu?

  89. Hey, I’ve got the sim and I got a message saying that now you can proceed to activation. I called 1977, did all the necessary things but then suddenly the call dropped. I called 1977 again and They said that my number is already activated. But the problem is nothing is working. No data and no voice. What must be the problem?

  90. dear sir mene jio sim le li hai and mera finger bhi verify ho chuka hai…or 1977 par call kiya joi number se lekin call end ho jati hai mene other sumber se 18008901977 par call kiya to bataya gaya ki ye number already verify hai ……..or mera net bhi naI chal rha hai.

    • This means there is something wrong with your IMEI & Jio servers. There is method to bypass this but it is very risky process. You need rooted phone & then you have to change IMEI & make it look like Samsung phone (here is complete guide). This might solve your issue but the best option is to try it in another phone.

      • hello

        mera phone 4G hai htc one m8 fir es per app install krke get jio sim q show ni ho rha…

        mai aj mini realince store gyi thi woh kehte app install kro bar code krke aoo 10 days baad..

        install krke app usme get jio sim nhi a rha

        • bro if you downloaded “My Jio App” From Playstore Then It Won’t Show “Get Jio Sim” Option Because On Playstore,The App Has Updated Version Bt To See Get Jio Option You Need To Download “My Jio V 3.2.05” And After Downloading And Installing it,Install All Apps Shown in The App List,If Already Did Then Skip this but if you don’t get the barcode or activation form then again download those apps and after downloading and installing them switch off your mobile data or wifi and open my jio app and then open the my jio app from many apps by jio and it will show you “No Internet Connection” on top but ignore it and click “Get Jio Sim” an message will appear that you don’t have internet connection ignore that too and go back and turn on your internet and quickly click “Get Jio Sim” and You Will See a signup Form,Sign Up There And Click The Screenshot of that Barcode…..Thats It

  91. Can I take 2 sims for single bar code.because I haven’t received any message and it’s already 15 days over.what to do.customer care also not connecting

  92. I have taken a sim from since last 20 days…But does not show any type of network.And my Complaint no is SR000001GU5K.when it will be activated????

  93. Hi aryan,
    I recently purchased a jio sim from Reliance digital store.. all my verification was completed.. with my adhar number and finger print.. they have told me that my sim will be activated within 2 hours but it almost 52 hours… My sim is not activate yet neither i recieve any message from jio team..
    I tried to call in jio call center but no response… No one is picking up my call..
    I am using jio sim in my mi redmi note 3 i tried all e steps which u have shown us… But nothing has happen… Please help me how to activate jio sim

  94. hi aryan… my jio app is showing unlimited data and calls bt when i click on my plan it shows that i have used particular amount of data and mins … plz suggest whether i have plan of unlimited data or have 2GB data plan..

  95. sir, already..its 15 days passed but didn’t get any message..n sim not activated..
    can anyone tell whether i can activate my number by calling customer care only…as my nearby jio office is not cooperative at all.

    so kindly reply if anybody activated sim by calling the toll free customer care number only.

  96. Sir I bought the Jio sim using the e-kyc process on 10th of september, I inserted the sim in which I generated the barcode from the moment i got the sim it is in the phone . I only got the confirmation msg and I haven’t got any msg after that. And I’ve put the preferred network type in 4g/LTE . It’s been 4days and my sim hasn’t been activated whereas it should have got activated within hrs! Please help sir!

  97. Sir, by mistake i activated only data service on my jio sim. How i can activate voice services also. Right now im unable to make any call using jiojoin app. How can i call again on 1977?

  98. I have bought JioFi yersterday and it is already tele verified. i can able to browse internet. But while signing up to MyJio, OTP is generating but on the next popup it will ask for the email id. After providing the email id it is saying Thank you A verification link has been emailed to you. Please click on the link to complete Jio ID sign up process. The link will be active for the next 24 hours.

    But i am not getting any email or link in my inbox or junk folder or any folder.

    • I think you have bought this MiFi before 5th September. Because those who have purchased after 5th Sep are automatically getting migrated to unlimited plans.
      So, now you do one thing. Insert sim in 4G device & Open MyJio app. Wait for automatic login and then click on ‘jio account’. Swipe left sidebar & click on My Plans.
      There you should see 2 plans, first one is of 2GB data and second is of Unlimited MiFi Jio preview offer.
      If you can see such format, then call customer care & ask them to activate unlimited plan. Within few hours or days, your plan will be switched to preview offer.

  99. my sim is not showing network and it will not register .i have only get 1 msg for order no of sim but it will not working after 16 days

  100. I got my jio sim on 28 august,but still not yet received any single message on my alternate number.It’s over 17 days of my Jio sim but still not what to do now.

  101. I bought jio sim before 16 days but not received any msg r tele verification content. What i should do? Can you tell me any other way to find my documents is what process pls help ..

  102. Sir I got my jio sim but in my adhar card there is correction ,my father’s name is not in my adhar card so when I called customer care they told me my no has poi issue now I send my registration form with adahar card and pan card but my father’s name is not in adhar card but it is in pan card it will activate or not please tell sir it has been 15 days when I got a jio sim

  103. hi aryan,
    i got an sms on alternate number on 11/9/2016 saying that my phone number is ready for televerification. even though my sim was in slot 1 with 4g mode i didnt get any tower (cross on network). The next day i got a call on my alt number after which i got a message that it is televerified and is available for data and for calls need to call 1977. However i didnt get any data active. even thoughi was having fullnetwork i wasnt able to make calls to 1977,198 or 199 or the toll free number from jio sim.Now again today i have received 2 more messages saying that it is ready for televerifcation. but all the time i try for 1977 or toll free number from jio or alt number, it just shows CALL ENDED.
    please help

  104. मूझे jio का सिम लिए 20 दिन हे गया टावर भि हैं लेकिन एकटिभेट नहीं हो रहा हैं नहीं 1977 पर काल भि नहीं लग रहा हैं किरपा करके सिम चालू कर दे धन्यवाद

  105. Dear Aryan,

    i have succesfully activated my jio per your guidance thanks a ton for same but it worked for a day & then suddenly data services closed when i checked my jio a/c its showing “Current plan-Base plan Offering for volte+wifi & below that in second section showing Jio Preview offer for Partner-(prepaid FRC) 2 gb mobile data,100 sms.00 mins…

    pls advise none of the popups coming & i m unable to register my email nor i got my JIO id yet…


  106. I tried your all queries above but still i cant get network and i called the toll free no. But call is not going….what is solution for getting network…

  107. maine jio sim ka televerification kar diya hai 10 min k bad sim activate hona tha after 20 min jb maine net on kiya or my jio app me avil offer pe click kiya to wo bs loading ho rhaa hai bs or jio site pe ja ke sign up karna chaha to wo mera jio no. wrong bta raha hai

  108. once jio tele verification call came in my number but i cant recive it …but now they are not calling again as per the other company sim ….

  109. Hello “Dear Customer, Due to overwhelming response to our Jio Welcome Offer, there may be some delays in activating your connection. We will inform you via SMS once your JIO number 7002×××××× is ready for televerification. Thank you, Team Jio.””what should i do now?

  110. I got my jio sim 1week ago but the network still shows emergency call only and network signal is blank
    Can you help how to activate it

  111. Received a message on my alternate no i.e. my jio sim is ready for tele verification.. But m not able to see any network on my sim plz help…

  112. In jio join app registration process.. It shows… The mobile number doesn’t exit….Pls help I tried 3 days..I can’t make call 1977

  113. actually i bought jio by barcode generated from 3g mobile plz help me wat shud i do as tat sim can’t b used in any other phn

  114. Dear Sir,
    I have bought Jio Sim Card after 3 week. But my sim card network showing Emergency call only so Kab mera Jio sim chalu hoga.

  115. What if sim is lost before activation? Can they issue duplicate sim ? I have photo of old sim & sim no is with me.

    Now activation message is also received.

    Please help

  116. I have done my ekyc 12 hours ago..but still my jio sim not activated..I did not even got a message on alternative number..what should I do ?

  117. Hi Aryan,

    I really appreciate your effort for writing these FAQs for Reliance JIO SIM Activation.It worked me immediately. i saved lot of time by your post.

    Thank you so much and may god bless.

  118. Get a jio sim approximately 14 day but not active and only for one sms your order number and not a network signal sir plzzzz help me ???

  119. Hello sir I got my jio sim on 4 september but on that pack there is no mobile no and still sim not activated can u pls tell me does this sim valid or not if yes then when will my sim will activate.

  120. I have taken jio sim on 27 augest .till date it is not activated.can I check the status of my Jio sim activation bar code is alredy expires on 8september and i have recvied only one massage on my alternate number.i have called 4 time on this no 18008899999 but still my jio no is not activated..

  121. Sir, I m tele verifying my sim calling 1977,it disconnected just after it was dailed. I followed above procedure too but there was no such msg “use as text msg only” on my jiojoin app. Instead it was registering my no. . Now it’s showing “configure jiojoin using the no. of the sim” . What to do now???

  122. I got two sim one for me and one for my mom my sim got activated within an hour but the another sim is not yet activated it shows no service and sometimes emergency calls only . On my sim it didn’t required tele Ver. it was already done … What to do with another sim . Both phones are same . I have made all the settings same as well . Please comment thanks.

  123. I got jio sim before 15 days still i didnt get any message regarding application and activation.also asked the person in R-digital they are telling me to wait.what should I do now.

  124. मेरा नाम इस्लाम खान हे मेरी jio sim activation massage complete हो गया हे network भी आ रहा है लेकिन 1977 पर call नही लग रहा है

  125. Hello sir i got a msg showing my order number .what should i do now?when the sim card is required to insert in the mobile?please help me sir.Thank you..

  126. I received jio sim before 12-13 days but i have not receipt any sms or confirmation and your authorized deal said will be start 1-2 days .

  127. Dear Aryan sir mujhe mere friend ne btaya ki ek baar Jio Sim jis Sim slot use kroge phir uske baad us Sim slot me koi bhi Sim work nhi krega other than Jio Sim . sir kya yeh sahi h . please reply to my comment

  128. I got Jio sim (No.89918400400006834886) on 5/9/2016. Till today, I am eagerly waiting to receive that important SMS for instant activation. Due to late activation, the offer of free services up to 31`st.Dec, 2016 seems no relevance to the promise made. Kindly help to get me activated with Jio.

  129. meri sim abhi tak verify ni hui hai 15 din ho gye hai 18008901977 par call ki thi usme bol raha hai ki apa sim verify ni hua hai plz help me

  130. In my jio sim signals are showing but still am not received any msg for activation…can I call to 1977 now or wait for the msg…and call also connecting for me in jiojoin…what to do now

  131. my mobile Samsung j3 my sim is activated 3days ago activated sms is come i try to call televerification 1977,18008901977 call isn’t connected why help me

  132. i have got sim number and msg too to verify my number but unable to verify as LTE mode is not coming in my set i am using SAMSUNG GALAXY GRAND PRIME 4G .can u please help me wat shuld i do??jio join is also not working.

  133. 12 din ho gaye abhi tak sim activate ni hua wat to do Retailer Ke paas jao to woh bolta hai ho jayega 1-2 din mein karte karte 12 din ho gaye aaj

  134. I DAS goted jio sim but I don’t given the number I show the barcode and he just given me only sim I don’t no witch number but his told me u go reliance digital shop I voted sim card last 10/ 15 days back now not activate so please what I can do please I given my alternate mobile number 9703035xxx

  135. i buy a jio sim and also receive the sms of order no. in my alternate number but i donot receive the sms of activation plzz help me

  136. My confirmation message has come but only one message came that say that “ur application form has received by us thank u for choosing jio..” Does I wait for any other message

  137. I have YU Yuphoria mobile and i got msg saying the jio sim is ready and call 1977 to activate .but i dont find a singnal to my phone .I tried all the methods mentioned above nothing seemed works my restart no solve problem

  138. i have varified my jio sim but when i connect my data in mobile thn it is not wotking n doesnt show the connection sign
    pls help

  139. not received verification link in email for sign up. cant sign in without it. says id and pswd do not match.
    now how to get unlimited data from 2gb, without signing in? kindly help

  140. I have taken jio sim on September 1st.till date it is not activated.can I check the status of my Jio sim activation bar code expires on sep 15th and still not got any message to my alternate please suggest me.

  141. Dear Customer,
    Thank you for choosing Jio. We have received your application for new connection. Your order number is NO000007DM1Z.
    Thank you,
    Team Jio

    Recived this message 2 days ago but sim card not activeted yet what to do

  142. i have not got any of the message for activation of jio sim. i had purchased it 35days before. should i have to wait for few more days…

  143. I got jio sim 7 days ago but still I didn’t got any msg about my phone nmbr?how much time will it take?pls reply at the earliest.

  144. After getting msg that Jio sim is ready for televerification how many days does it have time limit for verification

  145. Hi i have successfully activated my sim but there after when i try to call any one or browse a page its says credit not Available please recharge.

  146. Hello ,

    I have one plus 3 and i got msg saying the jio sim is ready and call 1977 to activate .but i dont find a single signal to my phone .I tried all the methods mentioned above nothing seemed worked.

    FYI NOT: i had already put my sim on tht port previously befr i got the msg of activation.

  147. Bhai aap sb logo k liye jinki abhi tk sim activate nhi hu to ek baat btaa dun ki jitni bi sim h vo filal pending unka activation processor h vo hang ho chuka h to activation fir se chalu ho gya h 2,3 din m mssg aa jayega

  148. Hyy
    My SIM is not activated before 4 days.I was buy jiofi and get a free SIM card.But till my SIM is not activated and I don’t have any message from jio.when I call to the costumer care ,they are so busy and I wait for 1 hour but not connected with jio agent.when I call to digital express mini where to I purchased this product they said ,” we are already ordered punched your kyc jio no is 7008927xxx.
    AlterNet mobile no. 9178073xxx.
    Please help me

  149. i have not got any of the message for activation of jio sim. i had purchased it 5 days before. should i have to wait for few more days…

  150. Helo sir my jio Sim is acivate but m not able to verify no I also install jio join app. But disconnect call again & again plz help me……

  151. Yar mere alternate mobile no. Me bar2 msg aa rha h tele verification k liye but jio sim mw network hone k bad bhi call ni lag rha verification k liye 1977 or o sabhi no. Pe kya kru

  152. Dear Sir

    I brought the jio sim aprox 12 days are gone
    I don’t Receive any single msg of jio help me plz
    I spend 400 rupees on it my number is this 7009542xxx… solve my problem plzz

  153. My jio sim is activate and my televrification is complete, but voice service is not working. Incoming and outgiong call is not working without data network or jio join app
    Anyone have solution…..

  154. hi Aryan sim is not active still 13days was going.the last msg on 3rd Sept is due to overwhelming response to our jio preview offer there may be some delay.but still no msg IS given by the company.what shall i do now

  155. Mera data 2g speed se chal Rakhi hai voice verification ho chuka hai but data verification nahi ho pa raha hai what can I do anyone help me plz…….

  156. I got the jio sim on 28th aug but still my sim not activated and signal ….still I am waiting… give me the solution

  157. Bhai log.. Agar aapke jio sim me range nahi dikha raha hai toh apke phone pe Sirf jio sim daalke fir se try karo.. Mera Aise hi range aaya..

    Next agar aapke sim me range hai aur aap 1977 pe call nahi laga Pa rahe ho toh
    1. Aapka wifi disconnect karo aur jio ka data on karo
    2. jioJion(jio4gVoice) app install karo run karo
    3. Sim detect karne tak wait karo aur Woh app ke dialer Se 1977 pe call lagao ( apna aadhaar card ke last 4 digits ready rakhna)..
    Its as simple as that.. I just wrote the above steps in Hindi for people too lazy to read stuff..

  158. I am brought samsung z2 and jio sim will offer with tbis mobile.till now it was not active only full strength signal and written emergency call only how i am active my sim..

  159. Sir i have got a jio sim. Would i insert it now or after getting a mail or mesaage from jio care. Please tell me. My jio number is 7008759xxx

  160. i have bought my jio sim 17 days back my bar code shows redeemed but my sim is not activated yet nither i recieved any message what to do

  161. Bhai mujhe jio sim liye 15th days hogaye he sim activate nahi hua.
    Bas ye massage aaya
    Dear Customer,
    Thank you for choosing Jio. We have received your application for new connection. Your order number is NO*************.
    Thank you,
    Team Jio
    Please help me

  162. My data is working but voice call is not working offline and in online voice call is working through jio 4g voice app which is limit 100 minutes. How can I take benefit free voice call offline send me solution.

  163. My jio number is 7014619xxx.. Not activated from last 20 days.. I am trying to call 1977 from my alternate ni. Bt its not working.

  164. how to get my Jio sim number coz my sims not yet started and I’ve lost the number written on cover and deres a problem in verification process for which dey are asking my Jio cell number

  165. Am not Receiving the OTP to register for jio app. i got notificationin tha app that the OST sent succefully but i waited for long hrs and alsoi unstilled and again i install and tried but nothing is working so for. I dont know if the problem is with Jio or airtel
    Am using Airtel sim currently

  166. My data is activated and running smoothly but I can’t make voice call even after tell verification done.Every when I am going to call someone,the tele verification happens and they says successfully done

  167. Yes the trick is working.. . For phones who not support VOLTE use jio join app.. instead of phone dialer to activate sim use Join Jio app (know Jio4GVoice app).. I have micromax nitro 4G phone

  168. Sir , maine 31st aug ko sim liya tha mobile vale se maine pra kya ki mere sim ki activation keo nhi ho rhy osne mujhe pta kar k btya ki hmaari tarf se sabb activities complete hai toh sir ajj 11 days ho gye meri activation abhi takk nhi hoi sir reqst hai aap mere sim card ki activation krva diji A

  169. i have received tele verification msg when i call 1977 it asked for jio number when i put it then it asked press 1 to confirm when i do so it again start asking for jio number plzzzz help

  170. The most useless SIM to be introduced. It’s not getting activated. No customer support available and even the store from where the SIM is purchased does not have any answer.
    Had it been any other Promoter there would have been hue and cry in the Media and Paper. But because of money power and govt. support there is no news about it. SAD MEDIA SAD GOVT.

    Earning Money without giving service and support one should learn from them……

  171. I bought jio sim on 28/07/2016 and welcome msg is “Dear Customer,
    Thank you for choosing Jio. We have received your application for new connection. Your order number is NO000005BINP.
    Thank you,
    Team Jio” 31/ 7/2016. But no any msg from jio
    When my sim start

    • Bhai apne phn ko switch off kr ke jio sim likaalo or haa agr aapke phn m 2 sim h to 1 sim likaal de khaali jio ki sim rhane de and switch on you phn then you see Jio 4G

  172. i have received tele verification msg when i call 1977 it asked for jio number when i put it then it asked press 1 to confirm when i do so it again start asking for jio number plzzzz help

  173. I have used 2gb data on my jiofi device & after that “data expired” message kept showing.
    Now for almost 3 days there is no signal(red light blinking over signal indicator) at all. Atleast there were signals earlier.
    Customer care guys keep on making nonsense excuses.
    Anyone have a solution?

  174. My jio number is not activating
    I have received the first message
    I have got the signal bars
    But i cant start my internet connections i tried alot
    And cant call yo 1977 also

  175. I have bought the jio sim 10 days ago .
    I have received the first message 8 days ago.
    But dint receive any verification message still.
    Signal bars are comming in my jio sim
    But cant turn on my mobile data or cant call to 1977

  176. As I tell verified my no. Frm other jio sim nd received a msg saying “welcome to jio family” but still I’m unable to use data even calls so what I should do plz help me

  177. I called on the toll free number 18008901977 from my alternate number to activate data number was verified but I didn’t receive the sms for lte signal is shown but the net is not working.

  178. Hello yesterday I called on the toll free number 18008901977 from my alternate number to activate data number was verified but I didn’t receive the sms for lte signal is shown but the net is not working. Don’t know what to store guys said that when you will receive the sms then only the net will start.kindly help.

  179. i don’t get activasion msg till. it seems that i brought the sim before one month.and when i put the sim it is in emergency call

  180. I have completed my tele verification, and told that after 10 minutes i will use my jio services. But when i want to make any call it redirect for tele verification and after choosing language it tells that after sometime adviser will help me all time and, call disconnect. I am using Samsung J7. Please help me ..

    • Plese help my jio no 701178xxxx my no is not activate today m 12 dys of get sim but sim not activate my order no000005OSAO. Nd send nxt day nxt msg your sim ready tele verification msg but my sim is not activate plese help me my alrtnt no 9716967xxx

  181. Sir: I cant complete tele verification, when i tried to call to 1977 the call automatically ends .i am having join jio app and sim is inserted in slot 1 with 4g enabled please help . My phone is samsung galaxy grand prime 4g

  182. Hello, i have tried everything u told..i can’t call 1977 or 18008901977 other care number i tried they just not picking it up and ..when i call 1977 its not getting connected..i am getting text to call 1977 but i couldnt call that number and i installed join jio app when its loading for mobile number registration.its giving me that your jio number is void.pls give me a solution

  183. Bought Jio-fi device with simcard. I received a SMS within 2 days that my number is ready for tele-verification. Early morning I did the verification process. Downloaded My Jio app for my iOS device.
    Signed up using generated OTP from my alternate number. After signing up it said a verification email is sent for activation, but I did not receive any email.
    How long it will take to get my Jio-fi working?

  184. Yesterday I have get JIO SIM and activated with ADHAR auto process. I have get message in alternate number about application receive. After 4 hour I get Signal JIO 4G in My Mobile but I am not able to call or use data. Even I can’t call to customer care to get Activate. I have all tried as mention you above. Can you please let me know other issue can have?

    • download jio join app (with your wifi or other sim data) ,now turn on jio data ,open jiojoin app give permissions .and now call any number or 1977 you will redirected to customer care ,just tell you details according to your submitted document and they will activate your will take 10 hrs to 1day to activate sim.

  185. My Jio sim is not activated even after five days. I didn’t get any confirmation message to the number i provided. I put jio sim on the primary slot with LTE as preferred network.
    1) I tried to contact the customer care number given in this topic and also given in the sim pack but there were no response other than a music.
    2) My default internet SIM is set to JIO and the apn is jionet, still i cant see any signal but a message ‘Emergency calls only’
    3) The sad part is that i had paid 200 R.S for the sim as Jio Office staffs told me that there is no free sim available right now.
    4) Now that i just need to activate the mobile data at least. What should i do?

    help will be appreciated

  186. I have inserted jio sim in LAVA pixel v2 and its being more than 8 days but still I am not getting any network. I have tried everything as u mentioned. Even call on customer care I’m calling every day and putting hold on for more than 2 hours but not able to talk. customer care number is not working. What should I do ???? please help me ???

    • and I have also tried
      1] Make your SIM 1 network as 4G/LTE
      2] Go to mobile networks > network operators > search network manually > wait few seconds > you will see something like Jio 4G
      3] Select it & if possible restart your phone.
      4] Most probably it will work.
      I’m getting Jio 4G 4G but when I chose this network I get msg that registration failed, try again later. I’m getting this mssg from last week.

  187. Bro I took the sim on 29/07/2016 and till now the sim is not activated but it is showing the code is redeemed.can u tell me how long I should wait for activation of the sim because it is almost 10 days

  188. I bought jio sim 11 days ago. After 4 days i got this msg
    Dear Customer,
    Thank you for choosing Jio. We have received your application for new connection. Your order number is NO0000059BJR.
    Thank you,
    Team Jio
    But after that i m still waiting when will this sim is ready for activation.. Please help me

  189. i did the same steps as you told, but again same problem. i can’t connect to internet
    i sign up in my jio app, if i go to data or calls section it is saying that “you have not subscribed to a plan for this service
    plz help me….

  190. hello
    my sim is activated but mobile data not activated i also verifies by calling 1977.
    but i have not received order id number .
    whenn i sign in jio app they said u have no recharge on it.

  191. i have activated the jio sim, but i didn’t get verification link which is sent to my Email which i was entered through sign up process. with out clicking that link i can’t finish the sign up process.
    so when could i get that link….???

          • That’s weird..but you can try one thing. I’m not sure if it will work or not but just give it a shot.

            1] Make your SIM 1 network as 4G/LTE
            2] Go to mobile networks > network operators > search network manually > wait few seconds > you will see something like Jio 4G
            3] Select it & if possible restart your phone.
            4] Most probably it will work.

      • me too facing this problem .didnt get any verification mail but voice call and data is working fine only..but my sign in process is pending ..should i try again again in that signup process or i should leave that..????i tried 3 times with different mail ids but didnt get any mail

          • i got signed in without any email verification but after login its showing nothing like in others it showing 2gb or something but in my case its showing nothing ..

          • Install all the apps it’s asking to download > close all recent apps including MyJio > open MyJio again > turn on data > wait for few seconds & you’ll be logged in automatically.
            Now it will show you that you have got unlimited data, calls & sms.

  192. I have got jio 4g sim. But after having it i haven’t got any sim activation or delay message on my alternate number and from where I have took this din they aren’t answering properly.
    What to do to enjoy jio stuff pls guide me.

  193. Hello bro ! my sim is activated but it doesn’t show any network i had put it in sim1 slot with LTE in Yureka Micromax phone setting, but i televerified sim by using no. 18008901977 by other phone and in my alternate number i got message that data services are available in ur jio sim even i did that APN setting thing too but it doesn’t show network , so plz help my jio number is 701458xxxx.

  194. I bought a jio sim card 10 days before. My jio mobile number is 701097xxxx. Please proceed to activate my sim quickly. If any needs my alternate mobile number 887045xxxx.

  195. I am facing problems on registering gio Sim on jio join app it fails again and again
    I have the 4g network and activation msg from gio store . for not registering my Sim on jio join I am unable to call 1977 .I m using coolpad lite

  196. I have downloaded all my jio apps i have all things verified what no incoming and not outgoing from my phone please help me fast im am facing problem with calls only internet is working excellent

    • Only after tele verification, you will get access to mobile data. For this, just call on 1977. If you’re still facing problems, just read above article again (we have updated it today).

  197. Bro I got the sim on Sunday n I also put it in my HTC. But since then I only received one message on my alternatenumber which I provided at a reliance store. So when I will receive the second message n when it will be activated.

  198. IF i flash a new rom on my phone will jio work after it
    only my data services are activated.
    i m not able to make acall on 1977 to verify my sim for televerificatio even im using jio join app.

  199. I got a message week ago as “Dear Customer,
    Thank you for choosing Jio. We have received your application for new connection. Your order number is xxxxxxxxx” but still it doesn’t started and im getting emergency call only in network. Leave a reply regarding this issue.

  200. Hello Aryan,sir i use my all 2gb data but dnt download app…now data finished,i dont know first download app and then recieve unlimited data,please guide me what i do now.i have lyf phone.please help.

  201. Not easy for activation. They do not respond any call.I have tried since the last five days but of no avail. The phone keep playing the music till the customer compelled to disconnect the phone.It is simply embarrassing. I think customer is not crazy about the free data but the service of speedy data. Reliance has started with much hype but it has been turning out to be a dampener. I have already reverted back to my earlier service provider as I need the internet connection most of the time. Moreover Reliance has not issued any statement about the delay in activation or the likely day of activation of all the sim cards already distributed or issued .

  202. aryan ji
    jio join app se bhi 1977 pe call nahi ho paa raha. call receive ho jata hai par udhar se awaj hi nahi aata . unlimited ke naam par 2GB DATA aur 100 mint call aur 100 message hi mila hai.

    • 1] Check my reply to fix 1977 not working problem.
      2] You have got just 2GB data because you have not opted for ‘Jio Preview Offer’. So, you have to activate it first. How?
      Just download ‘myjio’ app from here and login using your jio number. Then you will get one popup which will ask you to choose Preview offer. Simply click submit & enjoy unlimited data. 🙂

  203. Hi,
    I have a Jiofi device and sim was given with that. I have e verified my aadhar using bio metric reader at reliance digital.
    I immediately got and SMS saying thank you, we have received your application for new connection. your order number is xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Post that nothing its been more than 4 hours now. I cannot download jio app as i have an iphone. Anyway i need the sim for the hotspot device

    Please advice

    • I think it will take some time for activation. If you have any 4G android phone, then sim activation process will get easy. Alternately, you can call on 1800-890-1977 from any sim for activating voice & data services on Jio.

  204. Hello,
    I got the tele verification message and tried to activate by using jio join app through configuring with my current jio sim . It shows that its registering my sim and after few minutes it goes back to the old state itself. While dialing through normal hung up the call automatically.

    My signal bar and everything is just working fine. Iam using Samsung note 3 sm n9005 4g lte. Please help.

    • You need to turn on internet on Jio sim first. Then open JioJoin app & make call. This call is not a normal one but a VoLTE (call over internet, somewhat similar to whatsapp calling). So that should work fine according to me. Just give it a try.

  205. my jio sim not working tele-verification 1977 call not working i wel try another number 18008901977 or 1800-88-99999 in not used customer not attn the phone call pls help

  206. I bought Jio wifi device for 2899 on 26.08.16 and sim card on same day. in few days back they asked me to provide another ID proof, Which I given before was dark so I gave new ID proof But still its not activated . And the sad thing is the device I bought for 2899/- now became 1999/- only. I called and mailed to Jio customer care but no response.

  207. after instaling jiojoin app it shows an error “the jiojoin number doesn’t exist”. tell we what to do now…its almost 24 hrs gone but i cannot make call on 1977. plz help me

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