Reliance Jio Sim No Network / Service / Signal Solved

So you have bought Reliance Jio sim & it is not showing network, right? Don’t worry! because in this post I’m gonna tell you how to solve Jio no network / no signal or no service problem within 5 minutes. When I inserted jio sim for the first time in my volte phone, it was showing a little red cross and there was no tower range at all. Then I started searching on the internet about this issue & found some universal methods to fix no signal problems.

Now we will discuss 3 working methods which will activate your Jio sim within next 5 minutes.
jio not working

Steps to solve Reliance Jio No Network & Emergency Calls Only Problem

  1. When you insert the sim card for the first time, most of the times you will see emergency calls only or sim card not registered on the network error.
  2. Now you have to open settings.
  3. Under wireless & network settings, you will see ‘mobile data option’. Just click on it. In Samsung phones, this option is named as ‘sim card manager’ or ‘more networks’.jio no service
  4. If you have dual sim phone, then set network mode of Jio to ‘LTE only’. If this option is not available then choose ‘LTE/WCDMA/GSM Auto’.
  5. Press back button.
  6. Now you will find network operator below access point name field.
  7. There will be 2 options but you have to select ‘search network’.reliance jio no signal
  8. Just wait for 1-2 minutes until mobile fetches list of available networks.
  9. Then click on ‘Jio 4G’ option.
  10. If you are getting error like ‘registration failed’ then again repeat same procedure.
  11. After successful registration, you will signals on Jio sim. If not then just restart phone.

Solution 2 : Restart Your Phone

Sometimes phone’s software might take some time to understand or detect the network. If you are getting no signal/emergency calls only error then just restart your phone. Now you should see the full Jio network.

Solution 3 : Place Sim in Slot 1

In some phones like Xiaomi, OnePlus only sim slot 1 is 4G enabled. On the other hand, expensive smartphones comes with dual 4G slots so there won’t be any problem getting Jio signal. Therefore it is mandatory to put your Jio sim card in slot 1. Once you do that, turn off & again turn on the phone. This time your Jio no signal problem will get solved. If the problem is still persisting, just read solution 1.

Possible Reason for Jio No Network/Signal Issue

As previously discussed, Reliance Jio needs 4G LTE enable handset to work properly. So if you are using this sim in 2G/3G phone, it’s not gonna work at all. Even if your phone is 4G but non Volte, still you can use Jio sim without any problems.


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  1. Hey, i am using samsung j2 pro for JIO 4G. Voice calls are active but my net is not running. Will you suggest me what should i do?

  2. Actually , Some People Are facing issues about signal , that consists me too. But when I called the jio service or consumer care they told me that my number wasn’t even registered . I used the conventional method of buying it isn’t still activated but don’t leave hope it’ll take 10-15 min days in the normal way. Let’s talk about eKYC Process It is a much fast and total online procedure. Your sim will take only 1-3 days or 2-3 hours to get activated compared than normal one. Just wait for some days and you’ll be like flying colours , hope this comment has been useful to you.

    Thank You

    • Thanks a lot everyone for the responses and help. I got the problem sorted out. I called Jio help and they told me that there may be problem in the handset as the SIM had been activated (I have got it thru eKYC). They suggested to try out the SIM in another handset. However, before doing that, I tried out another thing – I deactivated my second SIM in the handset so Jio was the only active SIM – and like magic it picked up the signal and worked fine. I then turned on the other SIM too and both are working fine!

  3. I tried this, but it does not show the Jio network when I do search networks. However, i know the network is there since this is in Pune, and my SIM worked here earlier. My handset is Micromax YU Yureka.

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