Quora Partner Program 2020 : Get Paid for Asking Questions

Quora, alien to none, is the biggest questionnaire/answers platform in the world. There are millions of users reaching to the app everyday regarding their day-to-day queries or solutions to their maths problems. Quora is also a social media platform – and can get awesome if you know how to build your profile.

earn money from quora

How To Make Money With Quora Partner Program?

Quora can fetch you a lot of followers, and your answers can drag a lot of audience, provided you know how to connect with people. Your content should carry value to their queries. Apart from a celebrity-like fanbase, you can also earn a sum of money for your expenses.

You however, do not get paid for answering questions or writing blogs on Quora. To get paid, you need to be invited to a program Quora has introduced just a couple of years ago – The Quora Partner Program. 

trick to join quora partner program

How To Join Quora Partner Program?

I’ll explain how you can get invited to join one. All you have to do is keep asking questions. The questions must be engaging. It should fetch a large audience and a large number of answers and answer views. You need to keep asking them steadily. If you’re lucky enough, and your questions hold value to the Quora community, you’ll be sent a notification to join the QP program. You’re asked for the monetising option. It’s preferably always via PayPal. The payments are all in US $.

By the way, there are some services available on internet that sell Quora Partner Accounts for $15-$50! Anyways, just go through this infographic to get the clear idea about this program.

quora partner program invite

The amount of payments you receive is all upto your skills of writing relevant and catchy questions. While there are few like me who hardly earn a cent, there are people who’re doing it as a full-time job and earning in tens of thousands. If you’re a curious brain, know how to craft questions, and in need of some pocket money to yourself, then we might have just given you an option to cherish! By the way, we’ve recently posted a new article on “how you can make money from an idle PC” so make sure you check out that too. Thanks for reading…

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earn money from quora

Quora Partner Program 2020 : Get Paid for Asking Questions