5 Tips to Protect Yourself from Ransomware Attacks 2017

You must have read about ransomware attacks in recent news. Actually this isn’t the first time Ransomware infected the internet space. It all started in year 2013 and Russia was on their target. But this time this ubiquitous virus has made its global presence including India, Italy, German. Interestingly, USA counts for only 1.4% of total infected countries in the world while India is on the top of list (9.6%).

Before coming to the actual topic, let us take a quick look at Ransomware virus details and how does it affect your pc.


Most of the torrent & song downloading sites display deceptive ads. Please note, I’m using the word most, not all websites host such ads. They often tell you that flash player is outdated, please update it and very often the similar pattern is followed. Such malwares can penetrate ransomware in your PC system.

What happens when PC gets infected with Ransomware?

Typically, Ransomware locks down some of your important files or folders and asks you to pay them in exchange of unlocking those files. It is still not known whether they really unlock the files after making payment. So it’s always better to take preventive measures rather than regretting later.

How to Protect PC from Ransomware Attacks 2017?

#1. Do Not Open Unwanted Emails

While checking emails through your PC, only open those which you are familiar with. Any mail containing malicious links should be abandoned immediately.

#2. Update your Windows Version

Make sure to update your windows XP, 8 version to its latest version because these versions are often loaded with lots of security patches and fixes.

update pc

#3. Install Reputed AntiVirus Software

Get licensed version of QuickHeal, Mcfee, Avast or any other trusted antivirus for your pc. If you have already installed one, make sure to update them frequently.

#4. Install AdBlocker

If you are using Google chrome or Mozilla browser, simply go to extensions & install adblocker. They block popups and significantly restricts the entry of unwanted softwares.

#5. Do Not Download EXE Files from Untrusted Sources

Be very careful while installing any exe file in your pc. Double check that file by scanning it through antivirus.

If you have any other doubts, just comment below & I will get back to you shortly.

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5 Tips to Protect Yourself from Ransomware Attacks 2017