Prime Flix Coupon Code & Subscription Offers 2020

Welcome back readers, here we are again discussing about yet another video streaming service! The online video streaming platforms are popping out on an alarming rate. The service we are discussing today has just made the market and is getting a tough one from the users.

The app currently has downloads in hundreds and has received its last update on October 23 2019. The reviews that the app has been receiving are too rough where the customers are complaining about the payments, bad customer support but most importantly about the content. The only thing that a video streaming service should be concerned about is the content and the company is lacking to provide engaging content.

prime flix coupon code

The website if visited will display super bold content and pictures, which are particularly misleading because that content doesn’t exist. The app also requires subscription for the premium content. The pricing is not that high but still every penny counts.

The charges are as follows- 55 INR – 1 Month,199 INR – 6 Months & 299 INR – 12 Months. The app even fails to complete the payments and is causing a problem which is not being addressed since the customer support is lacking to maintain a easy standard.

Now that the people have paid the subscription they are still not able to view the premium content. Also the app is not getting new web series in the collection. The app claims to have innumerable content but again that’s not the case.

Bottom Line – Don’t spend your money on the app until the bugs are fixed and good reviews are published by other users.

Prime Flix Coupon Code 2019

No prime flix redeem coupons are currently active. We will update the codes here once we get them.

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Prime Flix Coupon Code & Subscription Offers 2020