PrePly Tutor Review : Teach English Online & Earn Money

Preply is a deemed language learning platform, the provider is breaking the stereotypes by reducing the gap amidst the teachers and the students. If you’re looking forward to having the best tutor for a specific course or language then Preply can be your best pick to finding the same. But my actual purpose behind posting this article is to convey that you can make cool amount of money from this awesome website.

So in this post I will be talking more about the steps that you need to follow in order to fetch $$$ with minimum efforts. Making money online is still possible and if you do it correctly, you will make enough money to live a boss free life!

preply review

How to Earn Money From PrePly?

1] Visit PrePly website and click on ‘find students’ option.

2] On the left hand side, there will be an option for new registration. Simply signup for an account to start earning money.

3] Now you will see numerous projects posted by students. It isn’t like you have to teach english only, if you are expert in any other language you can teach it to students.

earn money from preply

4] Students post their requirement and if you think you can complete the task, simply place your bid.

5] You can earn anywhere between $5-$50 or even more depending on the budget of project.

6] Lessons can be taught using skype video calling software which is freely available to download.

How to Redeem Money?

Your earned money will be deposited in preply wallet which can be redeemed as a real cash. You have 3 different modes : Paypal, Payoneer & Skrill through which money can be withdrawn.

How does the system work?

Tutors can make a good amount of money while the student can benefit from the teachings they receive. At Preply user can find a tutor to learn about almost any language, there is no shortage of calibre on the Preply, there are over 25,000 tutors available for English language teachings.

The first step involves choosing the subject the user wants to study after that one must start looking for a tutor. The site provides an exuberant user-interface, as a student, you can look up for a teacher who may deliver lectures over Skype, at his/her place or at your home/office as well. There are filters available over the right side of the screen to sort amidst these. The filters can also help you to specify your budget, timeline, a teacher from a particular country and more. This will save your precious time and you can literally learn something at much ease. Choose the best teacher for you and achieve something great in life.

What after choosing a teacher? Once that you’ve chosen the teacher you are required to send a request to the teacher. You can easily contact him or her by clicking the Send Request button. You can also look up to the teacher’s profile for added information. You can also provide the tutor with your doubts or questions, this might help you both to correlate better. Sending the requests to multiple tutors at a time can increase the chances for your selection to greater heights.

Sign-up process : The next step is the filling up of the application form, users can fill-up the form and can sign-up through their respective emails or social accounts. Once that you’re in, then you’ll be allowed to communicate to tutor for your first lesson. If you’re wondering about asking a few details before you book a session then it is also possible. The user can always send a personal message to the tutor in a case of any queries or doubts. Always remember that user cannot share any personal information such as contact number, email etc. with the tutor, this can block the profiles of the both, the user & the teacher as well.

Payment of the first lesson : Let’s consider that you’ve selected the tutor and you’re ready for the first ever lesson, now the time comes for the payment. The user can always pay with the aid of following ways such as Visa/Mastercard, PayPal and even Bitcoin can be used. As an added feature, during your first lecture, you’ll be asked if the tutor is sufficient for your needs? If the tutor doesn’t fit your requirements the site will refund the amount back to you.

After the successful completion of your first lesson, you will be asked to create a package for you. The package consists the number of hours you want to take up the lessons, the options come in the discrete range of 5,10,15 and mighty 20. This will initiate the combined payment with regard to the number of hours mentioned in your package.

Final Verdict : The user can receive an unprecedented level of education from the Preply with much ease. The technology involved is of great worth as it makes the education accessible to all. With the aid of Preply, you can receive the top-notch education amidst the comfort of your sweet home.

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PrePly Tutor Review : Teach English Online & Earn Money