Pollpass Review : Share Opinion & Get $10 PayPal Cash In A Week!

Wondering What’s PollPass?

So the Pollpass.com is a UK based survey-compiler app that uses your opinions to generate the required feedback for the brands and organizations they’re associated with. The site has a virtual chatting procedure, where a bot generates automated questions about the products or services you have been using or previously used. You are required to collect points wherein the points are between 40-50 for each review lasting for few to several minutes.

pollpass legit or scam

Here’s How PollPass works…

The app has ties with several big companies and the feedback you provide are of great help to them. The app claims to hide your confidentiality on your reviews. The site reserves rights to make use of your responses, and they forward your opinions to the corresponding entities so that the companies can then change their business or marketing procedure accordingly. The site then rewards you for your time and opinions.

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Hey, But What About Payments?

For payment redeeming, you’re required to reach the threshold points, which is somewhere about 2500. The minimum amount of points that you’re required generates an amount of around 3€.

pollpass proof

Just for experiment, I signed up on Pollpass platform and started answering simple questions like what was my first pet, what were my hobbies etc. To be honest the Pollpass questions were really professional and didn’t sound like the boring online surveys. Let’s not forget the fact that it took merely 5-6 minutes to earn the amount that you’re seeing above. I’m sure I can make like $5 in 2 hours or so. Not bad if you’ve got a free time, right?

Legit or Not?

The user reviews seem mixed sort of impressions about the app. Some said they were satisfied with the payments while some wrote that garnering points becomes difficult as you inch closer to your threshold amount. Some also said their accounts were invalidated without any or prior notice.

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Am I Eligible?

This site as of now is only open for the US and UK citizens and the payments are via PayPal.

If you’re reading this article in India, then you must be wondering how did I manage to signup for a pollpass account. Right? If yes, then let me know by leaving your comment below and I’ll let you know the steps! By the way, Google is your best friend and I’m sure if you use it correctly, you’ll be able to crack the code in no time!

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pollpass review

Pollpass Review : Share Opinion & Get $10 PayPal Cash In A Week!