[Temporarily Paused] Hello friends, today we are here to announce our exclusive service. From now onwards, we will be offering SEO services for wordpress beginners. SEO is very important to get higher rankings in Google. We will make your website seo ready so that you can enjoy huge traffic from search engines.

Why to create a website?

It’s simple! You can make cool cash using a website. There are plenty of ways to earn money online which I have already discussed in this post. One can easily earn 20,000-1 Lakh Rs just by sitting at home.

Also, it doesn’t cost too much to open up a new website. Generally, it costs around 2000 Rs to create a wordpress powered website.

NOTE : We have given 2 plans below. After selecting your desired plan, just send your details at spycoupons@gmail.com.

If you don’t have domain & hosting, then..

We are here to help you. You just have to purchase a domain & hosting from our recommended web host. It will cost around 39$ (2400 Rs) for 1 year. Actual cost is 119$ (7140 Rs), but you will get 80$ off being a user of spycoupon! That’s not all! You will also get FREE blog set up + SEO optimization. Everything will be ready, you just have to put your content in it. And at every step, we will be there to help you. We will not charge anything for this plan!!!

I just want to do SEO

If you want to do seo on your website then we will charge 300 Rs. This is a limited time offer. From July onwards, we will be charging  500 Rs for the same service.

Payment gateway

  1. We accept money via paytm wallet only. Just send money to spycoupons@gmail.com to avail our exclusive service.
  2. Money once paid shall not be refunded for any reason.


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  1. sir,
    How I can take domain & hosting from your plan @ 39$ (2400 Rs) for 1 year? And what will be there in your plan?

    • After using our special coupon, you will get the discount. We will install wordpress and important plugins on behalf of you. We will also make your site seo friendly. And all that for free! You just have to purchase domain & hosting with our coupon.

        • Both are free content management systems. WordPress.com offers free hosting whereas we have to pay hosting+ domain charges in case of wordpress.org to respective hosts such as godaddy, hostgator etc.
          If you are serious about blogging & earning money online then wordpress.org is highly recommended. 🙂

    • You can earn how much you want 🙂 . It depends on your hard work + smart work. On an average, daily traffic of 5000 can earn you 20,000-25,000 Rs per month or even more.

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