OpenApp Mini Latch Review : Have You Seen This Smart Lock?

If you’re also always worried about losing your keys to your locks, and are looking for an option to put away the worry, then we’ve something you should see in this article. There’s now a lock that opens exclusively only at your fingerprints. This means you don’t require the hassles of finding keys to unlock your locks every time.

This lock requires you to set your fingerprint through different angles, and then your lock opens like your smartphone, at your fingertips. You can have upto 20 fingerprint passwords at a time. This lock uses a rechargeable battery to function. The battery is removable. You can lock the latch, just by compressing the arms of the lock, and simply use your finger for unlocking. No business for keys that is.

openapp smartlock

Key takeaways : 

  • Uses fingerprint to unlock. 
  • Can have upto 20 impressions. 
  • Rechargeable batteries. 

Openapp Mini Latch Review

openapp lock price

We tried searching for reviews on online sellers, and everywhere else on the internet. Here’s what we found about it.

A large number of people are expressing satisfaction over their product. They’re happy on how this lock has saved them the extra bit of time to find the key to their locks. They’re happy on how they don’t need to be cautious for not losing their keys anymore.

A small number of people are also, however expressing their complains about the lock refusing to act instantly. The finger print as it seems works slow, at times. Plus, the finger print also doesn’t recognise the impression for a while, but that’s pretty normal is what we believe, because that’s common to phones, since you’re impressions should be non-oily, and non-dusty.

To conclude, this latch is certainly a handy goodie, since our lives are fast getting forgetful. You can choose to buy one, and see for yourself. The smaller one, mini, that is, is priced below 2000, and there’s also a larger version to this, which will require you lil extra money. You can check its latest price here.

But this is really an innovative gadget and you should definitely try it out if you’re a true technoholic. By the way it can be a good gifting option too!

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openapp smartlock

OpenApp Mini Latch Review : Have You Seen This Smart Lock?