Nice Talk Tutor: Easily Make $10 Per Hour in India!

From long time I was planning to publish some money making articles on SpyCoupon but due to busy schedules, I couldn’t do so. You won’t believe, but internet is full of opportunities and YES, you can easily make over $1000 per day if you know how to do it right. 🙂

teach english and earn money online

So, anyway today I am gonna tell you an easiest way of making $10/hour (~650 Rs) without getting into complex stuffs, coding etc. It’s simple and ANYBODY can do it without spending a single penny! If you are seeking for a part time job or have plenty of free time, then believe me, you have got a golden pot. Let’s get started!

Nice Talk Tutor : Teach English & Earn Big $$$

You might be knowing that the Chinese people are little bit poor in English, rather most of them can’t speak English fluently. So, Hangzhou (company in china) has made one platform where chinese students can interact and learn english from tutors all around the world.

Pre Requirement :

  • Good command over English language, Fluency in speaking,
  • High speed net/Broadband connection. I think, it will work fine on 3G too.
  • Paypal account

And…Yes, That’s all!

So basically, you will be teaching some english stuffs (general, not in-depth) to  students and in turn, you will get paid at the rate of $10 per hour. It’s really a great amount! Just spend 3-4 hrs in teaching and make 2000~3000 Rs straight away!

Getting into action>

1] You will need to register on Nice Talk tutor.

2] Download their app from Play store. It’s also available for IOS users.

3] It’s mandatory to tell them, why you want to be a tutor. So just submit a short video clip (30 seconds) and explain everything in fluent english (like : I love teaching, I have 2 years of experience and I can provide great coaching for my students…Blah, Blah). Got my point?

4] Now keep kalm and wait for an approval. It might take few hours/days but just don’t lose your hopes. If you have performed really well in the video, then there’s no reason for them to decline your application.

5] After successful approval, you will start getting video calls from students through Nice Talk app. Before that, you will need to hit “Go Online” button so that people in China can discover you.

Again there are 2 types:

Direct call : Students will see your profile, ratings and they will directly call you.

Random call : Nice talk will connect you with random person based on your performance and average ratings.

6] After connecting with that particular student, just start speaking in english. You can even ask them about their hobbies, goals, educations etc and what they want to learn from you. It is going to be much easier than it actually sounds!

7] That’s it! Now sit back and see the money coming in. 🙂

How will I get paid?

Hmm..that’s the most important question. Here are some points you will need to know about payments.

1] You will earn $10 for every 60 minutes that you have spend teaching online.

2] After reaching $20, you can redeem those earnings.

3] Payments will be processed on every Monday.

4] Just go to “my earnings” section and enter your paypal email id. All the payments will be sent to that account.

5] Paypal money will be automatically withdrawn to your bank account within 2-3 days.

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Is it real or scam?

Yes! It’s a legitimate program and it might be the good kick start for your online money making career. Your not losing a single penny either! What I meant to say is, you’re always on the safer side.

So, just go with it and give your best..Who knows, you might hit $100+ a day soon! 🙂

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  1. hey admin.. Just wanna know something before clicking my fingers to that install option. What if I dont understand the language of those chinese students during teaching, as i am an indian and so dont know their chinese language… This is the only question which is striking again and again on my mind.
    Hope for a soon reply.

  2. How would I know if my application in Nice Talk Tutor got approved? How will they notify me? Is it through email?

  3. Hi everyone,
    If somebody’s still thinking whether to try work for it, here’s the only experience i had working for them:
    After i earned certain amount (on the app system) , i’ve claimed the money to Paypal account (the only way to receive money from the app, no other ways). I haven’t finished the procedure of claiming completely, due to the need of changing Paypal account to another one. Then the money has been returned to the sender (NiceTalk) as they’d notified me in advance. The customer service representative said ‘there’s no problem if i want to receive the money on another account – then once i changed it, let the customer service know. So i did, i’ve changed my paypal and then tried to open NiceTalk app, and that never happened anymore. Now, when i try to log in to my account again, the app says: “Your account has been suspended”. When contacting customer service regarding this issue, the completely another representative (Jelly) replied, saying that they’ve paid to me, and now, to make my existing account accessible for me again, i have to create completely new one. No one even notified me that if that soon my account’s gonna be somehow “suspended”. Recently they’ve sent me payment to claim again, which doesn’t work at all. I can’t claim my money for a month already. Dear NiceTalk, you were certainly going to have a great future with this app, but don’t only think about the customers as learners of this app (those who pay for tuition), i suggest to think about the customers as teacher too (those, who use it as teachers). Otherwise, my complaint won’t be the last complaint at all.

    • I want to tell you that after 30 sec video recording about tell them why I want to become a tutor so after again in edit profile what I need to record in that video please reply me as soon as possible

  4. They are not approving me what should I do in this situation? Please give a solution as soon as possible please.

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teach english and earn money online

Nice Talk Tutor: Easily Make $10 Per Hour in India!