Netflix Cookies Hack 2020? Can We Use Netflix for Free?

Hello fellow readers, today we are discussing if Netflix can be used for free. There has been a wave of content claiming to provide free Netflix access using cookies all over the internet. Now the time has come to unveil the reality. So let’s check out if these claims are true or are they simply fake!

netflix cookes 2019

 So Can We Really Hack Netflix By Manipulating Cookies? And the short answer is NO.

Let’s first understand what exactly are cookies.

Cookies are a file dropped in the browser by the website to keep track of the user’s searches.

Although the cookies are nothing but data gathering files but they can also be manipulated. Their source code can be edited by simple extensions.

netflix cookies free

Netflix is a website which also drops cookies in the browser to gather search history of the user in order to show relevant content. Editing the cookies of the website won’t really give you access to the premium account as they are simple data gathering cookies.

But Does This Mean it is Not Possible?

Well there were some cases where people tried to access Netflix by manipulating the cookies and gained access because the cookies were also consisting of access controls. Now this has been fixed and access through cookies is not possible.

The content being posted on the internet claiming free Netflix access is just a lure to get traffic on the channel or website to earn money through ads. The content creator is the one earning money and finally paying for the Netflix Account 😛

Now its cheaper to subscribe to Netflix account as it has been reduced to 200 INR. So it makes sense to subscribe rather than waste data on trying to gain free access.

Bottom line  Pay and Enjoy.

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netflix cookes 2019

Netflix Cookies Hack 2020? Can We Use Netflix for Free?