Mi Midweek Madness 2018 : Buy Product for Just 1 Rupee

(Program is now over but we will let you know once it starts again) So finally the Mi 24 hour madness event is back again. Similar contest was held around a month ago and today Xiaomi India made an announcement on Twitter handle that the Mi Midweek Madness will go live today (on 27th June 2018) at sharp 10 AM.

So basically in this contest, you have to invite as many friends possible to lower down the price of product that you’re looking to buy. We have mentioned the game rules below:

mi 24 hour madness

Mi Midweek Madness Offer Details

  1. First of all, select the product you want to purchase at discounted price from Mi.
  2. Now you have got just 2 hours to reduce the price of that product.
  3. Share your link with friends.
  4. When they click your link, the price gets reduced by some amount.
  5. Remember, you can buy that product at 50% off or at Rupee 1, whichever is lower.
  6. That means you have to bring down the price to at least 50% of its original price or to Rs 1.

Mi Midweek Madness

How to Activate the Offer?

  1. Click here to activate offer.
  2. Click on “Drop price now”.
  3. It will ask you to login. Just sign in with your details or simply create a new Mi account.
  4. Then click on “participate now” button.
  5. Invite friends & get discounts!

Comment below if you have any other queries!

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mi 24 hour madness

Mi Midweek Madness 2018 : Buy Product for Just 1 Rupee