Mcent Browser App : Surf Web & Earn Free Recharges!

Are you one of those who loves to spend time surfing the internet or watching full-screen videos in your leisure time? Are you a music freak who keeps on smudging to top chartbusters and the evergreen songs most of the time? Then Mcent browser app is that hidden treasure you were looking for so long. Maybe being paid while doing aforementioned things would be like one big dream but it has become possible with the Mcent browser app. Internet browsing could never be so much fun and economic until you have Mcent browser app installed on your phone.

Sounding fake? But this unbelievable thing is true and is quite mind-boggling once you get know-how of it. When a simple browsing, that many of us do in our spare time become so feasible from the economic point of view, it brings a lot more satisfaction and contentment.

mcent browser app download

With the slogan “Browse, Recharge, Repeat” you can easily comprehend how it functions. Once you get access to Mcent browser app, you will start getting credits that can be used to recharge or top-up your mobile phone. The more you use Mcent browser app, the more credits will get added to the account so that every next recharge you do can be made free from it. Isn’t it amazing?

Steps to Get Free Recharge from Mcent Browser App

1] Click here to download this app from play store.

2] Enter promo code MQ0FS0GS. Depending on the promotion status, you will get free 10 Rs recharge.

3] Browse the web for 10 days & claim your free recharge!

Here is how it works:

how it works?

With the size of less than 10MB, this multipurpose app can be one preferred choice if you want to save some extra bucks in your pocket. Being available in both Hindi and English it is a user-friendly, economic and entertaining app. Apart from this, there are some unique features of Mcent browsing app that make it stand out of crowd.

While the private browsing settings will make you get rid of history and cookies being saved automatically, the download manager makes the downloaded files easy to locate and resume. You can also save some of your favorite items and can get access to them when offline. You can explore anything with this browser in a personalized format and also make a profit while doing so.

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Make screen shortcuts at home page and bookmark the pages you love to watch utmost for getting access to them later. With the AdBlock, you won’t have to bother about the unnecessary and unwanted ads that keep on flashing and make the speed low. So much features in just one app. Fantastic, isn’t it?

So, from next time if someone asks can simple hassle-free browsing pay you money? Direct him to Mcent browser app instantly. Earn while you browse and let the fun continue. Happy Browsing!

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mcent browser app download

Mcent Browser App : Surf Web & Earn Free Recharges!