Kundan Kishore Stock Market Course Review, Promo Codes & Offers 2020

Are you wanting to invest in stocks? Or are you a learner trying to understand the content in layman’s terms? Here’s one specifically designed course for the Indian stock and exchange markets by a renowned tutor of the field — Mr Kundan Kishore, an alumni of BITS Pilani and a former employee of two colossal banking and investment firms — Morgan Stanley and Barclays

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Course Contents

The course has been created for a total of 3 months of duration with 90 videos at a video per day frequency. The course has explained everything from stock-picking to exchange and trading, Indian economy and the business prospects, growth in this career and stock investments.

It has a total of 10 different modules with tens of different sub-classes each designed from the basics to the advanced. From stuff as simple as why a functioning economy needs a stock market to the deep technical analysis of the domain, there’s all that you need to know put into this course.

To sum it up, it’s a total package of whatever you’d need to learn to be able to make investments and/or know what would be a good choice and what would not. This also comes handy if you’re a tutor in the field, and want to expand your domain over the understanding of Stocks, and Indian markets in particular.

And if all that’s not enough, there are specific doubt-clearing sessions, 4 at max number of times during the course.

kundan kishore course review

Kundan Kishore Course Promo Codes 2020

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Unfortunately, we do not have any more valid promo codes for this course at this moment. However, you can grab the course at discounted price of 990 through this link.

Pros of the course :

  • A long course with detailed explanation of every aspect of the Indian Stock Markets in beginner’s terms. 
  • Doubt-clearing sessions at regular intervals. 
  • A video is dropped everyday, that would keep you updated with not only the basics, but also with the changing dynamics of the stocks. 
  • The tutor has been a subject-matter expert and worked in multiple gigantic investment firms.

How do you join?

Well, there’s a subscription fee of Rs 990 that you’d need to pay to retrieve the course contents. For joining the course, the best you can do is to drop a message to their team at the number +91 95997 26400 stating your name and email. You’ll then be redirected to further procedures of enrolment.

Cons of the course 

Well, there aren’t many cons that you can count, but the tutor himself claims to have a bad English accent and says how the course can sometimes seem way too lengthy and time-consuming. 

All in all, the course seems to appear competent enough, and has a good mentorship. It is also available at a pretty measly price of Rs 990, which is far less than any international courses on stock markets. A plus is it is specifically designed for the Indian Stocks and after a robust study and experience. It’s certainly a recommended course. 

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Kundan Kishore Stock Market Course Review, Promo Codes & Offers 2020