Kreditzy Instant Personal Loan App Review 2020 | Is it Legit?

Should You Go For Kreditzy Personal Loan app? Let’s Find Out The Answer Together!

Kreditzy is a Personal Loan application based in Bangalore Karnataka.

To start off with , the application is  unavailable on the “Google Play Store” yet as of now. Although the app can be downloaded from their website Kreditzy. The app claims to offer instant personal loan which ranges from 1000 INR to 100000 INR depending upon the eligibility of the applicant.

kreditzy app review

The app requests for all the essential details such as address proof, PAN card details etc. The process is quick and you will receive a sms on your phone regarding the  eligibility of the loan and the amount of loan that applicant is eligible for. The rate of interest applied for a 30 days loan is flat 2.50% which goes upto 29.95% annum.

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Although the process till here is carried out smoothly but the loan application is rejected and asks the applicant to apply after 6 months. Many such cases are reported on their facebook page as well along with multiple forums.The issue is not yet answered so its better to wait until the application is on Playstore or Appstore just to be sure of its legitimacy and that the crucial data is handled carefully.

Bottom line : Don’t rush! Wait until it is on Playstore or Appstore.

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  1. Kreditzy is a worst app.They first take our aadhar details and pan details and will send the sms that you are eligible for the loan and then they collect you personal details,details of your friends and their phone number and then they say you are not eligible.??What a wonderfull!!! fraud Biusinesss.They just want your database and sell you database…SoooPPleeaseeee dont dowload this app..Please share this the maximum.

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kreditzy app review

Kreditzy Instant Personal Loan App Review 2020 | Is it Legit?