KBC SMS Number for Jio & Other Users 2017

Hope you are enjoying this year’s KBC 2017 season. From past 17 years, Sony is offering 5 Crore Rupees to winner but now the reward has been set to 7 Crore Rs and it seems like Jio has sponsored this extra money.

During KBC live show, Amitabh Bachchan asks computer generated questions to participant. In the break time, he asks KBC ghar baithe Jeeto Jackpot question and even common people like us can send the answers to Sony servers. And needless to say, lucky customers get exciting prizes everyday. But how to send that SMS? Don’t worry, we are going to cover everything about this topic here.

kbc jio sms number 2017

KBC SMS Number for Jio & Non-Jio Users 2017

Before sending any sms, you need to know the correct answer of today’s KBC jackpot question. To make this task simple, we have made a dedicated post where you can find KBC jio play along answers.

So now you know the right option. Now it is time to send your response to KBC. But make sure you do this before 11.59 PM of the same day else Sony will not consider your answers.

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How to compose message?

SMS format looks like : KBC<space><Correct option’s alphabet>

Confused? Okay, let me illustrate that with an example…

There are 4 options A, B, C, D for a particular jio question. Suppose, if the answer is B, then you should compose sms like this: KBC B

KBC SMS Number

After editing message, you have to send it to 57666 number.

If you are using Jio sim card to do this task, then you won’t be charged a single penny. However, other network users will have to pay respective charges for sending sms and the fee may vary from 1 Rupee to 5 Rs.

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KBC SMS Number for Jio & Other Users 2017