JioFi Customer Care Number Toll Free 24×7 Helpline

Right after the launch of Reliance Jio sim, company rolled out its first flagship gadget called JioFi. Even in 2019, not many people own 4G handsets because those phones are costly itself and second thing, 4G data prices are way too high. So to capture this segment, Reliance cleverly unveiled JioFi which gives high speed internet access to 3G phone via wifi.

Since it’s an electronic device, it’s obvious to have some minor defects in it which can be either software bugs or hardware issues. So if you are facing any such troubles and not getting its solution, then you have landed on the correct page! Here we are going to share JioFi customer care number with you which are toll free and some other methods to fix your problem as soon as possible.

jiofi toll free number

JioFi Customer Care Number 2019

To get in touch with JioFi helpline, the best practice is to call on 1860-893-3333. This number is toll free so you won’t be charged anything for the call duration. If you are using any network other than Jio, then you will need to dial 1800-889-9999. Both the numbers are available 24×7 so there won’t be any issues contacting JioFi executives.

If all the lines are busy, then you can try contacting JioFi team through MyJio app. Just open MyJio and login to your account. Then swipe left sidebar and select Jio Care option. Now type your issue in message format and send it. You will surely get reply within a minute or two.

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Solve JioFi Problems Without Calling Customer Care

This is probably the smartest way of getting your issues solved. Just follow the procedure given below:

  1. Visit Jio’s faq section.
  2. There will be 3 columns on that page. First column is of – I want to know something about my
  3. Below that column, you will see services & devices section.
  4. Click on it and then choose JioFi from the list.
  5. Now you will be able to see various issues and their detailed solutions.
  6. No need to contact JioFi helpline! Refer to the screenshot given below to get clear idea.

jiofi faq

Still facing issues? Don’t hesitate to ask in comment section. We will be more than happy to help you!


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  1. I have Jio fibre connection which is not working from last 15 days. I have tried almost all numbers but could not even registered my complaint. All auto reply instruments have no option for registering complaint more so if you are not having Jio phones. Never instal this service even if it may be free for some time.

  2. Hello,
    I bought, jiofi a few days back. I was using it on my pc. While using the jiofi, it gets disconnected frequently. I don’t know how, but seriously this annoying problem made me mad about the jiofi. Can you help me? I did everything that you suggested in this post, but the problem remains as it was earlier.


  3. Sir I want to buy a jiofi and I don’t know which one is batter jiofi2 or jiofi3 and how was plane and how can I got them how much I need to pay for router and how much for the plane

  4. Please never take a Jio-fi equipment. Your 1 GB is deducted without your knowledge and then when you call customer care they ask you to buy data booster. They dont even investigate as to when the wifi equipment hasnt been used at all or the password hasnt been shared then how the data will be used up. Try any other ISP but not Jio-fi. Its waste of money and a headache.

  5. Sir,Iam not able to login into my account and i want to change SSID and password in JioFi.How can I do that?It shows,password and username not match

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jiofi toll free number

JioFi Customer Care Number Toll Free 24×7 Helpline