JioCoin Cryptocurrency Launch Date, Price, How Buy Jio Coin Online?

These days Cryptocurrencies are making lots of buzz across the nation. Even those people who don’t know how this crypto thing works are also investing in Bitcoins and other altcoins like Ethereum, Ripple etc! After smashing success in telecom industry, Reliance is all set to launch its brand new cryptocurrency called JioCoin. Although there is no official statement or announcement made by Reliance chairman Mukesh Ambani, many news sites have reported that Akash Ambani with his team is working on JioCoin – the first ever cryptocurrency in India.

Sounds cool, right? But many folks out there are wondering when this JioCoin is going to launch in India, what will be its price and what’s the procedure to buy this coin online. So we are going to cover everything in this post, so keep reading till end!how to buy jiocoin online

Why JioCoin?

Let’s first discuss the advantages of JioCoin or any other cryptocurrency.

  • Security of money is a major concern these days. We often heard the news of money being stealed from credit cards & debit cards. Blockchain technology uses public key & private keys to keep your funds safe from hackers.
  • With cryptocurrency, you can send funds to any country in the world with minimal fees. If you see, it is really hard to send some dollars to a person who is located outside the India and transaction fees are really crazy. With cryptos like JioCoin, it becomes extremely easy to send money that too almost instantly! No government can track the status of your transaction. So it is complete anonymous, that’s why many bad boys out there are using it for illegal purposes (which I would not prefer to mention here).
  • Crypto can make you rich! Yes, this is the main reason why people are getting involved in Bitcoin stuff lately. Proper research & investment in good coin can really make you super rich.
JioCoin advantages
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JioCoin Launch Date in India

There is no official confirmation about JioCoin launch in India but it should hit Indian market by mid of year 2018. We will let you know the exact launch date here as soon as we get the corresponding information.

JioCoin Price in India

In its initial days we can expect the price of 1 JioCoin to be in the range of few paise. Considering the popularity of Jio, coin may hit the moon within weeks.

How can I Buy JioCoin Online?

It is very possible that Jio launches their currency on apps like JioMoney wallet. You can then spend amount from your wallet to purchase JioCoins. After few days it might become available on bigger exchanges like Bittrex, Binance, Cryptopia and many other.

Caution! Are Jio Token & Jio Coin the same?

jio coinmarketcap

As you can see in above screenshot, popular website coinmarketcap has listed Jio Token (JIO) coin in their portfolio. However we want to highlight that Jio Coin and JIO Token are completely different. So please don’t buy them blindly else you will suffer a loss!

Do you have any other questions? Feel free to share them in comments section.


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  1. nice article……jio coin will be a huge hit.
    There are so many people who are investing in cryptocurrency and many people are finding an alternative of bitcoin.
    Keep posting related to this topic……and keep us updated.

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JioCoin Cryptocurrency Launch Date, Price, How Buy Jio Coin Online?