Jio Phone Face Lock App Download 2019 : All You Need To Know

Are you using Jio Phone and want to know about Jio Face lock app? Then we have got everything that you need to know.

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jiophone face unlock download

Face lock technology in phones is not new but companies always preferred fingerprint scanners for unlocking phone. Since the launch of iPhone X, the mobile manufacturers like OnePlus, Vivo Samsung are actively working on face recognition and they are doing quite well.

So today we will talk about Jio face lock app and is it really possible to install that app in your Jio Phone. So let’s get started…

Jio Phone Face Lock App Download 2019

If you search the same thing on YouTube, you will come across hundreds of videos and let me tell you one thing…all of them are fake.

Yes, Jio Phone face lock app does not exist (at least at this moment) and it seems almost impossible that Jio will roll any such app in future for this 1500 Rs phone.

But instead of wasting your time on these apps, you can use the better option to secure your phone.

Just go to your phone’s settings and select “security” option from the list. Now set your pin code which will enable you to unlock the phone securely. Let us know if you have any other doubts.

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jiophone face unlock download

Jio Phone Face Lock App Download 2019 : All You Need To Know