Jio 4G Voice Offline / Call Not Connecting Problem Solved

So many people are getting problems while connecting calls through Jio sim. Most of users are complaining that their Jio 4G Voice is offline or not working at all. Actually it is a common problem and just take 2 minutes to fix it. But, do you really need Jio 4G Voice app? I mean, if your phone already supports VoLTE, then there is no need to install this app.

If you are running it on non-volte phone & still getting error then we are here to solve this problem & I will also show you how to configure Jio 4G Voice app.

jio 4g voice not working

Steps to Solve Jio 4G Voice Offline Problem

  1. Most of the mobile companies provide VoLTE for sim slot 1 only. So insert the jio sim in port 1 & check if it’s showing volte near tower symbol. If it does, then you should not face any difficulties while making calls through regular dial pad.
  2. Now, what if your phone doesn’t have volte? To come over this problem, Reliance has launched Jio 4G Voice app. With this, you can call to any network in India provided that Jio mobile data is ON.
  3. Firstly, turn off your phone.
  4. Insert sim in 1st slot & turn on mobile again.
  5. Go to settings > Mobile networks & click on ‘search network manually’.
  6. Wait for a minute & it will show you 7-8 different network.
  7. You need to select Jio 4G.
  8. Once you are registered on network, install/open Jio4GVoice app.
  9. It will show you offline status.
  10. Now turn on mobile data of Jio sim.
  11. Jio 4G Voice will start connecting to network & once the connection is established, it will show you status as call not going
  12. This should solve your ‘jio 4G voice offline’ or ‘call not connecting’ problems.

Jio4GVoice Offline Solution 2

I tried this method & it did worked for me. Jio voice app shows offline when there is no internet connection. So just switch to Airplane mode from settings. If you are unable to find that option, simply restart phone. Then wait until Jio receives signal. Now turn on Jio mobile data & your Jio4GVoice will be online within next 15 seconds.

Working Solution 3

You have to understand the fact that, Jio voice works only when jio net is enabled. If you try to make it online using airtel or idea internet, it will surely go offline.

Make sure that your wifi is turned off. If it is on then Jio4Gvoice will show offline status.

Still My Call is Not Connecting

Even I have faced this problem multiple times. When I dial any number & hit call button it gets disconnect immediately.

So to fix this problem, you need to call that number 7-8 times & keep calling repeatedly until it re-connects.

Why I’m not receiving sms on Jio sim?

It clearly indicates that your phone is not VoLTE supported. So you just follow these guidelines to fix the issue.

  1. Install Jio4GVoice app from play store or update existing app to latest version.
  2. Now it will ask for several permissions for calling and messaging.
  3. Grant all of then else some functions will not work.
  4. Now while checking sms, do not open your default inbox.
  5. Instead, the sms which you are going to receive can be seen on Jio4G voice app itself.
  6. You have to use it for sending or receiving sms through Reliance jio sim.

If above methods are still ineffective for you, then only one option remains. Search for old jio4gvoice apk file on Google and download it in your phone. Nowadays many mobile manufacturers are rolling out updates which eliminates the need of jio voice app. For example, earlier Redmi 2 users had to use jio4gvoice in order to make outgoing calls & receive sms but after the latest system update, there’s no need to use any such app.


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  1. Allow Gps for jio 4g voice app
    go to the setting–> installed app —> jio 4g voice app–> permission manager—> allow GPS

  2. it shows jio 4G as Online .. but after 30 minutes it is going to offline suddenly and jio signal is off…. so what do to with that

  3. HI
    This is Feroze
    when inserting jio sim in slot 01,after that clicked on jio 4g voice app and it stating register with the sim in this phone
    after it redirecting to next screen, stating OTP sent to alternate mobile number.
    But I didn’t receive any OTP to the alternate mobile number.

  4. In case u have “call ended” problem.. go to settings search for preferred network type.. change to 3g mode.. wait a few Seconds… Once again get back to LTE mode…
    That’s it.. now Ur issue is solved

  5. I am having a lot of call and hotspot issues with Jio on Lg Nexus 5, at times can not make calls or receive calls, at time can not hear the other person or the other person can not hear me, v.slow internet speed on hotspot. I am using the Jio 4G app and network is LTE, manually can not find networks….it just keep searching…….no progress……

  6. I am using vivo 55L volte phone.
    I am not able to call offline directly with jio sim and jio dialer.when i turn on data it connect .. I am also using jio 4G voice app but not working offline . I also tried above all methods including flight mode. But not solve any problem.

  7. Same problem as Deepak giri sent
    Actually my jio 4Gvoice is asking for configure update required
    So kindly help me

  8. jio app worked in my 3g smart phone. bt now app is showing “configure jio4g voice” & is not configuring. i tried all above steps still the result is same.

  9. Jio4GVoice is showing always offline in my iball Andi 5Q 4G phone…..does anyone experience this…?plz provide solution

  10. I am unable to configure the jio4gvoice…i have tried all the methods…its just showing…registration on the network failed…please check your connectivity…i just want to you check out…and gave me the perfect solution of this problem to fix it…my phone is samsung j5…and you can reply me on my email id

  11. My new Jio sim card no 7908578***. My sim has been activated.But when signing up or in I have not been received any OTP code for re sending it into my mobile.Always show that server error.please solve my problem.

  12. I am in roaming and not able to call anyone. Jio 4g voicecall app is offline. I have already granted all the permission. But till now i am not able to call any one. Please suggest. My mobile is nexus 6 moto

  13. My Jio4Gvoice will not show any status, if phone is idle for some, though data works, I have tried all these steps,if some one calls , they are getting as my number is switched off, I am using Vivo Y51L model, please help me.

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Jio 4G Voice Offline / Call Not Connecting Problem Solved