Interesting Fact about Windows Calculator [Bug]

Hey guys, I just read on Facebook about new bug found at Microsoft Windows Calculator. I know this is somewhat off topic, but just wanted to inform you about this cool Windows fact. It’s really very funny and interesting to watch (working in XP & Win7 too), let us take a look :Bug Found in Microsoft Windows Calculator

How to find bug in Microsoft Windows Calculator

  1. Just goto Start > All Programs > Accessories > Calculator and perform following steps:
  2. Click on 4 and then take its square root (sqrt), answer will be displayed as 2.
  3. Now press – (minus) sign and click on 2, finally press = button.
  4. As per the calculations, answer should be √4 – 2=0 but it shows very funny digits like -1.8641424 !

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Interesting Fact about Windows Calculator [Bug]