How to Solve Duplicate Request in Google Pay?

Transaction failure is one of the most common hindrances faced by people when they transact online these days through various payment gateways or virtual wallets. Sometimes there have been cases where customers are charged multiple times by the dealer unintentionally for the same purchase, this is recognised as duplicate transaction. The money will be deducted from the customer’s account but the transaction status at the dealers end remains incomplete in this case due to multiple reasons like lack of proper internet connection or failure of payment gateway of one of the bank involved in the transaction. In google pay if you are charged multiple times for the same purchase then you can easily initiate the refund of the unnecessarily charged money by a following simple procedure.

Steps to Solve Duplicate Request in Google Pay

Generally the failed transactions are refunded automatically within three days from that transaction. After three days in case the customer does not receive refund then –

First you need to open the google pay app and then go to settings in the menu and then report the respective failed transactions which will then initiate a ticket for resolving your issue. The issue is generally resolved within two weeks after initiation of the ticket. Also take the help of this thread to contact Google pay customer care.

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How to Solve Duplicate Request in Google Pay?