Here’s How You Can Redeem Super Coins on Flipkart!

Indian e Commerce giant, Flipkart never fails to introduce attractive offers to its wide range of consumer base which is spread across India in different cities. Today we are going to share information about a very cool reward program with you guys. Regular introduction of new innovative offers is very essential in this field of business as there is always a rival enterprise waiting to impress and lure away your current customers.

Flipkart has always been rewarding its customers by offering regular incentives after every successful order. Previously Flipkart used to award PlusCoins to its customers after an order. Now the same has been mutated into a brand new reward system known as Flipkart super coins. All payment modes like cash on delivery, wallet payments and bank payments are supported in Super coins reward system provided to Flipkart’s customers.

how to use flipkart super coins

To start benefiting from this offer, you need to download the Flipkart app from play store or iOS stores and install on your phones. Now signup on the app or website using an email account and phone number. Now you are ready to start ordering on the e-commerce site. Flipkart offers 2 super coins for every Rs 100 you spend on a successful order.

By collecting the super coins you can also avail subscription to Flipkart plus membership which provides many lucrative facilities to the customers. Primarily the members will receive double of super coins as opposed to normal unsubscribed customers. Free and fast delivery of goods, quality customer support and early access to flash deals are some of the other benefits available to the scheme’s members. One can also join the scheme if you earn 300 super coins under 12 months time frame. You can join the scheme without losing the super coins. The super coins can be redeemed on purchases made in the Flipkart website or app. You can order successfully using the super coins available in your Flipkart account. The super coins will not be added for the orders, which have been paid by using the super coins. Super coins can be be used to avail additional discount in premium offers in sectors like food, shopping, etc.

To redeem the Flipkart Super Coins, you just need to select ‘super coins’ at the time of making payment. You can pay the remaining amount using your preferred payment gateway.

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how to use flipkart super coins

Here’s How You Can Redeem Super Coins on Flipkart!