How to Download Hotstar, Netflix & Amazon Prime Videos in PC?

Welcome back readers today we are discussing how to download videos from online video streaming websites. Typically none of the online video streaming service will allow you to download or cast the video to avoid piracy.

Now the solution to this has been provided in the apps of the streaming services instead, where you can download and save these videos to watch later. The videos which you are saving can again only viewed on the same device i.e. a mobile phone or a tablet. The streaming services should also provide an option to download the videos offline for web-applications in order to do the same as mobile phone.

We will be going step by step today on How To Download Streaming Content from sites like Hotstar, Amazon prime, netflix. So without wasting any more time let’s jump in.

Best Way to Download Hotstar / Amazon Prime & Netflix Movies in PC

Here’s the easiest way to download the online streaming videos using just your browser. Here you have to download the extension first which will work on chrome and firefox. You can download the extension from their respective stores, for example webstore for chrome.

The name of the extension is Stream Video Downloader. Download the extension and half the job is done. After downloading the extension you will be able to see a downward facing arrow. Whenever the extension will detect a video content on the current page, it will turn green. Now head on to the website from where you want to download the videos, for now let’s discuss about Hotstar.

Note : Make sure you have turned off ad blocker. Otherwise this method will not work.

Search for the movie, video or a web-series that you want to download. Now start the video and once it loads, the arrow will turn blue or green depending on the version of the extension. Now click on the extension and it will bring a drop down menu.

hotstar video download

download netflix, amazon prime videos on pc

The menu will be consisting of multiple resolutions in which you want to download the video. Simply select the desired resolution and start downloading. After the downloading is complete, go to the downloads in chrome by pressing Ctrl+j.

Here you will find the downloaded video. Open it in folder and then you can easily transfer it to any other device and watch it whenever you want.

Mind it, this extension will not work for youtube.

If for some reason, above method didn’t work for you, then use this extension. It will surely work.

Is It Legal?

Well guys this is a debatable question. The downloading of such content is illegal because it cannot be used or downloaded without the consent of the streaming service provider.

Although the extension is provided on the Webstore of Google Chrome and comes with a straight forward name and description saying ‘Stream Video Downloader’, and the fact that chrome blocks it from downloading youtube videos, it is pretty clear that Chrome is aware of what this extension actually is. Now until it’s available on webstore, go ahead and use it.

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hotstar video download

How to Download Hotstar, Netflix & Amazon Prime Videos in PC?