How to Check VoLTE Support for Reliance Jio 4G?

If you are planning to buy new Reliance Jio connection, then having only 4G supported phone is not enough. In order to make & receive calls, your phone must have VoLTE functionality.

is my phone volte enabled?

What is VoLTE technology?

I have already explained it here in brief, but still I’m gonna highlight some main points here.

VoLTE means Voice Over Long Term Evolution.

To make it simple, we will take an example of Whatsapp. If I want to make a call through whatsapp, I must have an active mobile data connection. Not just that, but my friend who is gonna receive my call should also have internet along with whatsapp.

Same is the case with VoLTE calling.

If your phone has got VoLTE support then you can call to anyone BUT the condition is, receiver’s phone must have VoLTE enabled to receive your call. Even if he has got 4G phone but no VoLTE support, he will not be able to receive calls.

Since Reliance Jio supports only voice calling over VoLTE, your phone + receiver’s phone must have support for it.

Check Volte Compatibility of android phones

  1. Download Volte checker app from here.
  2. Open it & turn on internet.
  3. It will show you if volte feature is available in your phone or not.
  4. If it’s not available, you will have to download Jio4GVoice app to make calls.
  5. Above mentioned app only shows VoLTE support & doesn’t add any function in phone.

How to check if my phone is VoLTE enabled?

1] Open your dialer & enter this code : *#*#4636#*#* (not working for few samsung phones)

2] Now you will see various options like wifi information, usage statistics etc. Just tap on ‘phone information’ button.

check volte support for jio sim

3] Scroll down….can you see ‘Turn off VoLTE Provisioned Flag’ option? If yes, the congrats! Your phone supports VoLTE!!

jio volte supported phone checker

Note : Do not click on that option. Just press back button & enjoy unlimited free calls. 🙂

I have seen many people here who are getting problems while making calls & this is the only reason behind this.

Most of the phones which are running on Lollipop are now supporting LTE but if you haven’t got this feature then here’s a little fix for you. 🙂

Download JioJoin app & use the in-built dialer for making calls. This is the only way to do until you receive software update from the manufacturer.


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  1. My Micromax canvas nitro 3 e352, support only 3g but when I check up by dialing *#*#4636#*#. In phone information there is ”Turn off VoLTE Provisioned Flag” sir, I want to known whether Jio sim will work or not.

  2. I have a Redmi2 .. that’s a only 4g not VoLTE ..m facing issue when I call. Some one it auto ends also it happens with customer care no …so how do I fix this and when m using YouTube it showing speed up to 800kbps etc but when m downloading via uc browser it shows 5kbps and more than 40kbps why this misbehavior with me😖

    • I hope you are using Jio4G voice for calling.
      Youtube’s server is far better than sites from which you are trying to download. So, it’s obvious that you will get good speed on YouTube.

  3. My Nexus 5 on 6.0.1 shows that as well, ‘Turn off VoLTE Provisioned Flag’, but it doesn’t work as a VoLTE device on Jio. Tapping that button also does not change the text and doesn’t actually turn anything off since it’s not there in the first place and just a incorrect reporting. Either that, or there is something else that must be done to have VoLTE get detected and work on Jio. If so please reply.

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volte checker for jio

How to Check VoLTE Support for Reliance Jio 4G?