How to Apply Coupons in Paytm, Freecharge & Mobikwik

Many newbies don’t know “How to apply coupons in Paytm & Freecharge“, hence I’m going to explain all steps in detail. Since we are living in a country which is now taking one step further towards cashless economy, it is absolutely important for everyone to know some basic stuffs about online payment apps.

After receiving lots of request, we decided to provide stepwise solution for using coupons & how to add money in wallets like Mobikwik.

Steps to Apply Promo Code in Paytm

1) First of all, download latest version of paytm and open it.
2) Start your recharge with mobile number information.

Apply coupon in Paytm

3) Then ‘Proceed to Recharge’ and you will see different coupons on next page.

Paytm Promo codes

4) If you want, then pick any of them and look at bottom. Place the coupon/voucher you have got in “***YOUR PROMO CODE ***” area (as shown in image above).
5) Now click on apply button and you will get corresponding discount as per offer.
6) That’s all, just pay remaining amount to get your recharge with cashback/instant discount.

How to Add Money in Paytm Wallet?

  1. Open paytm app.
  2. Click on ‘add money’ option which is visible at the top of screen.
  3. Enter amount that you wish to deposit.
  4. On right side, you will find an option “have a promo code?”
  5. Browse latest paytm coupons here.
  6. Enter any one of them and click on apply.
  7. Now make payment and the amount will reflect in wallet within next 5 minutes.

Freecharge :-
1) As usual, download and install updated app from android market and initiate recharge.

How to apply coupons in Freecharge

2) After filing all details, proceed further and just pick/skip coupons.

Easy steps to use promo code in freecharge

3) Then as shown in screen shot, put the promo code and click on apply.

Paytm freecharge voucher

4) You will see notification if coupon is applied successfully. Pay further amount to get respective benefits.

You can use same process for redeeming coupon code at Mobikwik. I hope, now you have got a clear-cut idea. So, what are you waiting for? Go and make your first recharge now!


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  1. I bought allout from market, there is a coupon code in the packet of allout, how can i use that code?, please tell me the process what to do..

  2. i got paytm coupon code for rs 300 by buying mts instant wifi modem.if i use that coupon code for my mobile recharge( for amount 300) it is asking for my credit card/debit it compulsory to pay some amount through debit card or any way to recharge through coupon code only.if suppose if i want to use debit card for payment of some amount then how can i use remaining amount in that coupon code.reply me please

    • There’s no other way. You will have to pay via debit card only. Please see the coupon conditions like 300 off on 500 etc, so that I can guide you further.

  3. That means I need to have credit or debit card ? But I don’t have any..So in this case I can’t do anything, right?

  4. I have got the coupon in quicker & it says

    “Congratulations! Your Ad is live now. We hope you get the best deal.
    Try Quikr Nxt and keep your number private. You can chat with buyers, share pictures and keep a log
    Your Paytm coupon code is : xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Now the thing is that I even don’t know which kind of coupon is this and how to use it..
    So please do help me..

    • @Sahil, just download Paytm mobile app and start recharging your number with 50 Rs. Click on proceed and apply your coupon in next window. Now pay 50 Rs using valid cc/dc card and your recharge will be done shortly. This is not all! You will additionally get 50 Rs as a cashback in Paytm wallet. This amount can be used for further recharges. 🙂

    • What’s minimum recharge amount? Suppose I have 30 cashback on 50 Rs, then i will apply coupon and recharge with 50 using bank. Then 30 will be added to my freecharge credits again.

  5. now after entering promo code how much amount I should pay through online banking!
    I have one freecharge promo code!!
    plzz answer me in detail !!

  6. I get my boucher code in freecharge and i also applied but it shows some message and that i cant understand at that tym and the message show you have applied succesfully something like that msg..but after that how i can get recharge plz tell me

    • Hi Gaurav, if it shows coupon applied successfully, then just pay remaining amount using debit/credit card. After recharge, check your freecharge credits. Your cashback will be added there.

      • I have entered the promo code I got in we chat in free charge and then its asking some extra amount using online banking……how much we shud pay??
        plzzz answer me plzzz

        • Suppose you have 50 cashback on 70 Rs coupon..then recharge with 70 rs and pay amount via credit/debit card. Then check your freecharge credits..50 Rs will be added as cashback.

  7. In Paytm only once we can recharge ,remaining amount should b recharged through ?,wat should I do now I want balance not any discount in online
    shopping ,plz suggest wat to do

    • You can’t recharge with jabong. It’s for online shopping of shirts, pants, footwear etc. So, choose your favorite product and at the time of payments, use the voucher you got to get discount in price.

  8. Its realy a very worst system from reedeming it paytm
    Bcz it shows minimum recharge of 70 pllz wechat owner I rewuest to change this and come to previous one redeeming it from from wechat directly bcz wechat gives code of Rd50 only not more than that ……. All user are wanting wechat to get back on previous procedure of redeeming…. Other wise wechat application will popularity will go down and down…….

  9. Sir,
    Today i did all that bt somehow not hetting the balance…
    After applying th code in paytm it shows that this offer has expired.
    Im very disappointed

  10. Sir
    I tried to redeem Rs.50 thru paytm. It says “a user can use only one promo code”. What does this mean when I am using the code first time in Paytm. I am already usin PAYTM but in what way this stops my promo code. 4 of my friends already moved outof Wechat due to this issue. Its better follow the earlier procedure of redeem directly by WECHAT and not thru PAYTM. Please come with a solution for promo code Else it may damage the good name earned by WECHAT. We may have to go out of WeChat though the applications are good.

  11. i have promo code but paytm says that you have to rechrge min 100 rs…then i put the 100 rs amount and promo code also but afterthat coming up a bank details form

    • Your coupon is not for ‘instant discount ‘, it’s for ‘cashback’. After recharging, your cashback will be added in Paytm wallet which can be used later for next recharges.

        • Meaning of instant discount :- suppose if you have 50 Rs coupon then make amount of 50 and you will get instant discount. There’s no need of net banking.

          Cashback :- suppose u have 50 cashback promo code. Then recharge with any amount as per condition, and apply coupon. You have to pay 50 Rs via net banking and extra 50 will be added to your paytm wallet. This amount can be used for any recharges afterwards.

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