Hopeless Land Coupons, Game Review, Pros & Cons 2020

Hello and Welcome back readers. Today we have something for our gaming enthusiasts. Here’s a game that is getting a lot of attention.

The game we will be looking at today is called Hopeless Land. it is a multiplayer online survival game that will work on any low-end device.

In a world where games are becoming complex and heavy,  here’s an offering that will entertain you without caring about your device.

Hopeless Land coupons

What Is Hopeless Land Game?

Hopeless land game is a battleground game in which 125 players fight with each other for victory.

There are more than 50,000,000+ downloads and it is receiving more and more attention day-by-day.

The game is very attractive because of its Asian architecture which is located on the battlefields. There are many new types of vehicles, which you can ride in the game.

You will also experience air-to-land fights using helicopters in the battle-royale.

There are various types of guns that the game has introduced.

You can play this game on any outdated smartphone device as there are no barriers. The game provides you simple operation methods like running, hiding, jumping, crawling for your mobile.

The size of the game is 330 MB and can work on fairly outdated smartphones without any restrictions.

Some great features

  • The game is specially designed for the battle royale players. There are many different types of the battlefield in the game which makes the game more likeable for the users.
  • The game also offers you new types of vehicles like cars, jeep, boats, helicopters, and makes the game more interesting.
  • Another good thing about the game is the voice communication between the players, which helps the players to build synergy between them and survive the battleground.
  • Hopeless land game is very much user friendly for the users as there are easy suitable operations in one key to use.
  • There are many other games that require high-end devices. You can play this game on any low-end device and it will work neatly without any lags. 
  • The controls for the games are too easy. You can adjust your own controls that you like for the game whether it is for riding a vehicle or for shooting someone. 


  • Many users have reported that there are many hackers in the game. This makes the gaming experience unpleasant.
  • There are also many sound problems according to the users. As they say, that in some places the sound of the game is very high and at some, it is very low.

Should You Play It?

As the game offers you everything in such a small package and gives you every bit of entertainment in any lower-end device, it would be unfair to complain.

 And it doesn’t matter that if you are a legend or a rookie, the game will entrain you. 

This makes it more appealing to play the game and have fun with your friends.

Therefore, you should give it a try.

Hopeless Land Coupons 2020

Currently, we do not have any active hopeless land coupons.

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Hopeless Land Coupons, Game Review, Pros & Cons 2020