Google Play Redeem Code 2020 : Free Rs 140 Promotional Offer

Welcome back readers! Today we are discussing about Google Play Redeem Codes and how exactly can you get them. Before I tell you who to get Google Play Codes for free let’s understand what exactly Google Play Redeem Codes are!

So basically, Google Play Redeem Codes are the codes which you can redeem while purchasing anything from the Google Play. You can also use the codes for the in app purchases, to increase the level or buy diamonds etc.You can also buy the redeem codes from multiple sites such as Paytm, Amazon, Flipkart etc. Which can be later gifted to someone just like a Amazon Gift Card. Now the question is how can you get these codes for free?

Google Play has literally changed the way we play games, read books and watch movies…In fact, it has changed our whole lifestyle. We just can’t imagine how our android phone will look like in the absence of Google’s play store, can we?

Although most of the popular stuffs on play store are free, there are few good apps which cost you a little money and by using the redeem codes given below you will be able to earn some money or save some amount while using these paid apps. Below are some of the best Google play codes that you were looking for:

google play free 140 rs

Google Play Redeem Code 2020

Free Rs 140 Credit Offer

Redeem promo code 3VUFZ68L52E3KFARRYL01MP to get free 140 rs in your google play wallet. This offer is account specific so it may not work for all. You can even use this balance to buy some UC in Pubg Mobile!

Earn Free Google Play Credits (Recommended Option)

Install “My Opinion Rewards” app from play store which gives free balance on completing simple surveys.

Get Them from PointsPrizes

PointsPrizes is just another website which gives Google Play codes as a reward to people who do some particular activities on their website. The work includes providing email for relevant newsletters of some particular companies or fill out some reviews and survey on a particular application, product or service.

This seems too good to be true but it actually is legit. The codes are not directly provided after completing a task but instead you are rewarded with some points which you can use to get a Google redeem code or some other gift which they will have by that time.

Try FeetApart / StepSetGo for Google Play Redeem Codes

These 2 apps basically have the same business model. You just need to install them and walk like you usually do. This will earn your some coins which can be then redeemed against Google play gift cards. Read more about feetapart & stepsetgo.

Try Out GrabPoints

GrabPoints carries out the same thing as the previously mentioned website. The site pays for engagement and where you become a registered audience for them to market to. The jobs here are simple like watching videos, taking surveys, completing offers, Downloading and using apps. The site pays even for getting registered. The rewards you receive are in the form of Free Google Play Redeem Codes or PayPal Cash.

Well not a bad offer right! Try them out and leave the experiences in the comment section below! Adios!

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google play free 140 rs

Google Play Redeem Code 2020 : Free Rs 140 Promotional Offer