Google Pay Tez Shots : Play Game & Win Free Scratch Cards

Google pay frequently uses the special marketing strategy of scratch card which has helped the app to gain millions of installs on Google Play Store. It all started with referral program which in fact, is still alive wherein users get free rewards worth 50 Rs to 200 Rs on referring friends. Time to time Google released new offers and promotions that gave users cool rewards in the form of scratch cards.

This time Google has done something new…Now they have embedded a cricket game in their app itself and whenever you score some runs you are rewarded with a scratch cards. Let’s see the offer details in depth.

Google Pay Tez Shots Offer 2019

  1. So first of all make sure to update your Gpay app to the latest version from play store.
  2. Now open it and you will see “Tez shots” option in the same row of rewards and offers.
  3. If it’s not there, don’t worry. Just head over to this link and it will take you directly to the game.
  4. Now simply play the game and try to score as much runs as possible.
  5. To achieve the first milestone, you have to collect minimum 100 Rs.
  6. Good news! You don’t need to score 100 Rs in single match. Rather you can play as many games as you want. Just the total score in all match should exceed 100 runs.
  7. Once you do that, you will see the scratch cards in rewards section.
  8. But here’s a catch. To unlock this scratch card, you will have to send at least 100 Rs in your friend’s bank using Google pay but that won’t be an issue I guess.

Refer to the infographics given below to know the milestones and game rules.

tez shots invite link

This is how it looks when you get a scratch card:

tez shots link

This card will be available at Rewards section in the app:

free google pay scratch cards

We have lots of such offers on our blog so make sure you spend some time exploring those. Let us know if you have any concerns regarding this offer in comments section.

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tez shots link

Google Pay Tez Shots : Play Game & Win Free Scratch Cards