Goibibo Gocash Trick to Utilize Full Promo Balance

Goibibo is excellent platform to book hotels and flight tickets. Goibibo is currently running a referral program, through which once can earn gocash. This balance can be used to get discount on various orders made through their app or website.

Goibibo Referral Program (Quick Introduction)

Goibibo 100% working trickJust download Goibibo official app on your android smartphone and sign up for new account. Get your unique referral code and start sharing it with your friends. If invited friend signs up using your promocode, you will earn 200 Rs while he earns 1000 Rs gocash.

Disadvantage of Gocash: Even if you have thousand rupees of gocash, it can’t be utilized fully. You can only use 10% of this amount as a discount. For example: You earned 1000 Rs by inviting friends and made purchase of 5,000 Rs then you will get only 100 Rs discount.

So, to overcome this disadvantage we are going to provide you 100% working trick. (Please note: Trick has not been discovered by me. I read it on some forums, hence sharing with you all.)

Steps to use Gocash trick

  • I consider that you have already made gocash from referral program.
  • Now, book any hotel using gocash promo balance and then cancel the order.
  • You will receive refund in terms of promotional balance which is different than gocash.
  • Yippee! Now you are free to use your promotional balance for booking orders without any restrictions!!


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    • i received Rs 2000 on goibibo, but how can i use this balance in booking tickets and hotels and in mobile recharge….

  1. Can I please know that if I book and cancel hotel in how many days will I be refunded ?
    and what will happen to my real cash? Please let me know.

  2. i dont think its possible for now.. cause in every booking we can use only 10-15% of promo gocash and in return or cancellation our rest paid cash is been converted to non-promo go cash.. is there a way to avoid real cash payment or atleast a little payment to convert promo gocash to non-promogocash

  3. I have Rs.3000/ in my go cash account and I want to book a air ticket worth 2850/. Can I pay full amount by go cash ?

  4. can we use coupon code(FEB15) get 1500 rs offnow hotel bill is 3000 Rs then i have 1600 re go cash…i am able to pay from gocash,,rest difference amount pay by me
    1400=pay by me
    is that possible ?

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Goibibo Gocash Trick to Utilize Full Promo Balance