Get Details Of Your Competitor’s WordPress Themes / Plugins

Spy On Competitor’s  WordPress Themes and Plugins

Spy On WordPress Themes and Plugins
Know Which Theme WordPress Website Is Using

WordPress is best platform or content management system to build professional websites in minutes. It’s free and most popular CMS because it gives you highly customizable themes and plugins. If you are newbie in the world of wordpress, or if you loved a theme of your competitor’s website, then this article may help you in identifying those themes.


Follow Simple Steps Given Below To Get Complete Details Of Your Competitor’s WordPress Themes

1) Goto

2) Copy your competitor’s wordpress website url and paste it on above mentioned website.

3) Click on “Experience The Magic Of WP Theme Detector”.

4) Now you will get all details of wordpress themes / plugins a website is using. This tool also gives you ability to instantly downloads those themes only if they are free and non customized. Along with this, it displays site’s Alexa rank and its daily traffic.


Used This Method If Above Didn’t Worked

1) Go to and follow the same procedure as mentioned in above article.

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Get Details Of Your Competitor’s WordPress Themes / Plugins