How to Generate Reliance Jio Barcode for Free Sim Card?

Although unlimited 4G & free voice calling is available for just 90 days, Reliance Jio is still providing a great deal. But process to get new sim might be tricky for someone & we are here to help such people.

So, here we are gonna tell you jio barcode generation procedure & trick to get unlimited Jio coupon codes.

Steps to Generate Barcode for Getting Reliance Jio Sim

Let us proceed..

1] First of all, you will need 4G enabled smartphone & mobile data. Do not use wifi connection (for me it didn’t worked, but it might work for you).

Note : Offer will not work on Non 4G devices.

2] Go to play store & download jio barcode app also called as ‘My Jio’ app. It’s almost 15 MB in size.

how to get coupon code for jio

3] Open it and wait for few seconds. Now it will show a banner at top about ‘jio welcome offer’.

preview offer

4] Below that, you will find small tab to enter your state & city. Just choose appropriate location.

get barcode on myjio

5] Next it will ask you to enter first name, last name & mobile number. You will receive OTP (one time password) to verify the number you have entered. Step 1 completed!

6] Further, app will prompt you to download JioJoin app (now name changed to Jio4GVoice).After clicking it will redirect to play store. Just install it & grant all the permissions.

bar code for jio sim card

7] Open My Jio again & this time you will see coupon code/barcode. 🙂


8] That’s show this coupon at Reliance store to receive your free sim.

9] Next part is of activation & many people are finding this step difficult. So to make it simple, we have created separate article on it :

Everything you need to know about Jio Activation Process & Problem Faced

In some phones, ‘Get Jio Sim Option’ is not visible so how to deal with this issue?

  1. Download Old MyJio 3.2.05 APK from this link.
  2. Open it, grant all permissions & install each app given on home screen one by one.
  3. Now turn off data / wifi.
  4. Kill all background apps. Go to settings & clear MyJio app data.
  5. Restart your phone (not necessary, but I recommend you to do this).
  6. Do Not turn on data or wifi.
  7. Open MyJio app & now it will show ‘Get Jio Sim’ option.
  8. Now turn on mobile data & click on that option.
  9. Generate barcode & grab your free reliance jio sim!

How to avoid Jio barcode expired/already redeemed problem?

There is no way to 100% fix this problem. But you can do one thing to minimize the barcode already redeemed issue.

Only generate bar code when you are about to buy Jio sim. Don’t generate it 10-15 days before as there is high risk of getting used by others.

Or, you can create unlimited codes in single phones using some tricks mentioned below.

How to get multiple sim card with single Jio barcode?

This is not an ethical method but if you want, you can give it a try. All you need is recently generated jio bar code. Then go to local sim sellers (not Reliance official digital xpress stores). Buy sim with that barcode & then ask seller to register another one. This time, you have to change last 3 digits of previous code.You can repeat this method & grab new sim every time.

Note : An individual can purchase maximum 9 Jio sim on his identity.

Trick to Generate Unlimited Barcode for Reliance Jio

Few people are getting problems while generating bar code. Even after trying all the tactics mentioned above you are not finding ‘Get Jio Sim Option’ then here is another trick for you.

Few points to be noted :

  • It’s a risky method, we will not be responsible for any damage caused to your phone.
  • You will need rooted phone. If you don’t know how to root mobile, refer to this guide.

Method :

  1. Download ‘Imei changer’ apps from play store. There are plenty of apps available, you can install any one of them.
  2. It will ask for SuperSU permissions and click on ‘Allow’ every time.
  3. Now change your IMEI to any Samsung 4G mobile’s IMEI.
  4. If you don’t have Samsung phone, then use this IMEI : 35742207091XXXX.
  5. Replace XXXX with any 4 digits number.
  6. Save everything & restart your phone.
  7. Now open MyJio & you will find ‘Get Jio Option’ this time.
  8. You can again change IMEI and repeat same procedure if you want to generate unlimited Bar Codes.

Jio Barcode Trick 2 :  Modded MyJio APK

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  • Root your phone
  • Download myjio app modded apk from this link
  • Install remaining apps from here.
  • To get unlimited barode, you have to change IMEI, device id every time after clearing data.

Jio Bar code Trick 3 : Using Bluestacks to Generate Codes

  1. Download rooted bluestacks on your pc or laptop.
  2. Install MyJio app and get barcode.
  3. Change IMEI using the trick given here.
  4. Randomize device id. There are tons of apps on play store that can do this task.
  5. Since barcode is linked with IMEI number, you will get different code every time as you randomize it.

Problems Faced While Generating Jio Barcode & Common Issues

What is the validity of barcode?

When you get the coupon, validity is mentioned just below it. If you have generated coupon in September month, then most probably it will be valid till 31st December 2016.

Jio Barcode expired solution

Reliance is extending validity of unused codes. I had generated code on 2nd September which was valid till 15th Sep. But when I opened it again few days back, validity was set back to 31st Dec.

Can I generate Jio Offer Code on 2G/3G Phone?

May be yes! Read this paragraph to know more about this method. It’s already working fine on iPhone & samsung phones.

How to Re Generate Jio Barcode?

  1. Close the MyJio & kill all the apps running in background.
  2. Again open MyJio & wait for few seconds. It will show you the code in slider.
  3. If it’s still not showing, then perform following procedure.
  4. Go to settings > application manager > MyJio.
  5. Clear all data including cache.
  6. Now open the app to get your Jio offer code.

Can I create barcode on 3G phone?

No trick can generate coupon code on 3G or 2G smartphones.

How to Get Jio Barcode in iPhone?

  • Click here to download Jio barcode app from itunes store. It is 50 MB in size.
  • Open it & sign up for new account.
  • Enter existing mobile number & verify it with OTP.
  • Now you should be able to generate the coupon code.

How to download Jio Bar Code?

There is no way to download offer code, but you can take the screenshot & save it safely in your phone storage. This is very important step because I have seen many people who didn’t got barcode when they opened myJio app for 2nd time.

I lost my Jio barcode, how to get it back?

Uninstall MyJio app & install it again. You should see your old barcode. If this is not working, then simply go to settings & clear app data.

Update : Now, MyJio app is automatically taking screenshot of code which can be found in Gallary > pictures.

Still, if you are not getting success, try the unlimited barcode trick mentioned above.

My Offer Code is Already Redeemed

Why this happened? Here is the reason:

Suppose I have generated jio barcode with series ending with ******567 & bough the sim card. Now local sellers (I’m not talking about Digital Xpress store) just change last few number ******678 & on that code, they provide new sim to other customers.

To be honest, I have bought 3 sim cards without having my own barcode! (I didn’t wanted to do this though). My friend generated fresh code & together we bought 5 sim just by changin last few digits.

So, if your barcode is already redeemed then this is solely the reason behind issue. Someone might have randomly tried a code and probably that was yours!

Now you have 2 options to deal with this problem:

  1. Get a new code using the trick given here.
  2. Search for another phone on which you have never installed My Jio.

I signed up with different name & number, Can I get sim on my details?

It doesn’t matter which personal details you enter in MyJio app (like name, mobile number, birth date etc). At the end, what all you need is Jio barcode. Once generated, you can register sim on any person’s name using that code.

Is it necessary to use Jio sim in phone on which I generated barcode?

Not at all! I bought sim using friend’s barcode & then inserted sim in my phone. It works absolutely fine. Just put it in a 4G phone & you are good to go.

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  1. I have tried to get jio sim and I installed the app and the banner came in selected all the stuff the barcode did not come I tried the next time the banner is not available.

  2. Sir the barcode is generated in my mobile but I did not took snap of it. After reopening it’s asking id and password. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app but it is asking same thing. How can I get the generated barcode? I tried to install old app also but it is not supporting my redmi 3s 4g mobile what is solution?

  3. I have generated my jio bar code and forgot to take screen shot, now jio bar code is disappeared, how can I get barcode now ?

  4. Dear sir Good morning,
    Sir my jio 4G Net is Activet, but my jio Sim to Customer verification no-1977 and author call is not going. What we do? Please help me.

  5. I generated coupon code September 2nd week.Today I went reliance store but store guys are telling u r coupon code is invalid now what should I do??

  6. Yes their cc is very poor and bad. I also experienced phone is lenovo phab and its dual Sim. If I kept jio sim in slot two, will it be activated?

  7. I registered jio bar code when i was in pune , presently i am in karnataka. I inquired in reliance digital,but they are saying it is not possible. So what’s the solution?

  8. Sir i have got a barcode after generating the otp 3rd time so the store guys are saying my no has been blacklisted and had to be whitelisted. How to do this?

  9. I used coupon code to activate SIM but at last when sin bar code is scanned they told that SIM is not valid and finally process is not completed. Then can I use the same coupon code for new sim card for activation.

  10. While trying to give details as per step 4, its not accepting Mobile Number and eventually i am not able to generate OTP. It says invalid mobile number. I tried by giving my present airtel / Tata Docomo numbers.

    Please help to address this concern

  11. I installed apk but it is showing “get jio” in ‘my jio’ folder located on top of all apps.It is not showing option on front page.Also when I click on “get jio”in ‘my jio’ ,it says that ‘transaction could not be processed’ and ‘our systems are not responding even if have a high speed connection..plz help..

  12. I am having the network in yester after geeting two msges from jio.

    I am unable to call 1977 when i tried it says nothing and call get disconnected.

    Can you guide me proper procedure.

    Thanks a lot

  13. Plz help me ….i m a new jio user when i open My Jio App….it show the sign up and sign in option…i haven’t jio id…so how i access my account in it???and it is doesn’t show Get JIO SIM….how i get the barcode to access my account and get the sim.

  14. I have bought new sim on 13 sep 2016 and registration is through bimetric system thorough original adhaar card now 24 hrs gon still sim is not showing any network n range my mobile is lenovo k3 note


  16. sir i have a doubt i have purchased a jio sim from a shop with my offer coupon and its not activated can i go for next jio sim with my old coupon code through biometric system.

  17. sir pls help it has been more dn 11 dys and my jio sim is not activated i have complained 2 times and called cc several time but didn’t get any answer what so ever .i have mailed them n and tweeted them 100 times but no response …. what should i do ?

    • Same here. I purchased one MiFi Device on 3rd September from nearest Reliance Digital Express Mini. Today it is 15th September and my SIM is still inactive. I have mailed Reliance as well but no reply. I called them several times as well and lodged two complains. But no positive reply or result. Every day I am calling, either they are giving me fail assurance that my SIM will be activated within today or they are saying I am updating your issue in complaint section. It will be resolved within next 48 hours.

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