Gaming Ghar App : Earn Money By Playing Games (Pubg, Ludo & Free Fire)

There are several gaming apps on Google play store as well as Apple store which are really fun to play games on by just downloading them. Ever wondered that gaming can ever be your profession? Whilst some people have already made gaming their profession and there are multiple sites which give you money when you play games and win, here is one such app called Gaming Ghar which is trending nowadays. ‘Ghar’ which translates in Hindi as house and it is living up to its name as a gaming house for people.

gaming ghar apk

Founded and launched on September 1st, 2019, this is one of the best E-sport platforms which not only lets you play your favourite games and win them but also lets you earn real money while playing games such as Ludo, PubG and the like.

You can also earn prizes and cash rewards by just referring this app to your friends, family and others without even investing a penny. This application has its link up with Paytm and UPI which are some of the most famous and sought after e-wallets. This gives us the assurance that our money will be in safe hands and there would be less chances of fraudsters fooling you and stealing all your money as far as security and privacy are concerned as they try to protect all your personal information.

How Does Gaming Ghar Work?

  1. Currently, Gaming Ghar supports Pubg, Ludo & Free Fire.
  2. Simply download GamingGhar apk from their official website and signup.
  3. Enter in tournaments.
  4. Win the game and take your money.
  5. Simple!

Is Gaming Ghar App Available On Google Play?

Unfortunately, this app is not available on Google Play because the play store’s policies does not allow such apps on their platform. Same is the case with popular cricket betting app Dream11.

Download Gaming Ghar APK

Click here to download the apk in your android phone.

Is It Safe To Use?

Most of us think that it is not advisable for children under the age of 13 years to play online games as they have their personal information that can be used for bad means, but this app does not address anyone under this age limit and if a child under 13 years provides them with his/her personal information then the app immediately deletes this from their servers to protect the personally identifiable information. If you are a parent reading this article and if you think that your child has provided his her personal information you make contact Gaming Ghar and they will take necessary actions the sooner you contact them. Rest assured this is one of the safest platforms for online gaming.

Must be wondering how they keep your information safe yet provide such wonderful service by having third party companies and individuals? Though they provide your personal information to the third-party companies and individuals but it is obligatory for them not to disclose your post information for any other purpose.

What is better than having an Instagram handle alongside a gaming platform, it is highly recommended that you go to their Instagram handle and check out all the amazing content that it has. They have shared the screenshots of their existing users playing their favourite games which is of course with the prior permission of the respective users. Their Instagram handle also has a lot of funny and intriguing memes which kill keep you entertained throughout. With more than 9000 followers and 665 posts, this is and lovely Instagram handle to go and check out and follow. They also provide schedules of the games alongside the amount of money that you will win to engage more and more users and attract new users to join this amazing community to play online paid games.

So, what are you waiting for? Go check it out of yourself, join this awesome community and click on the install button on your Google play store if you are an Android user or go to the Apple store and follow the same procedures if you are an IOS user.

Stay safe and stay at home to protect yourself from Covid-19 and enjoy playing games and start earning on this lovely platform. We will be back soon with something interesting and informational. If you have any doubt left, please feel free to write to us in the comment section below. Until then, play games and EARN!!

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