Flyrobe Referral Code 2019 : Refer & Earn 300 Rs Today

Flyrobe The rate of Entrepreneurship has been on a rapid rise in India since the start of this decade. Entrepreneurs have come up with numerous Innovative start-up’s to cater various needs of people in everyday life. The main motive behind setting up these start-up’s is to achieve accelerated economical growth. They are offering online services in diverse sectors like food industry, fashion industry and transportation sector.

Wide range of wardrobes are available in Online shopping portals these days, but buying them frequently for auspicious moments may be exorbitant. Few people from IIT Bombay have come up with a solution to this problem by creating a start-up which offers wide range of clothes on rental basis at affordable prices. This is the latest innovation in Fashion industry which allows you to rent wardrobes for every auspicious or intimate occasion.


Flyrobe is an online portal which offers wide range of fashions to its customers in India on rental basis. They offer different kinds of designer wears, tuxedo’s, lehenga, Embroidered Sherwanis, Anarkalis, sarees, kurta pyjama, Suits for all kind’s of special occasions. They offer the wardrobes to their customers on rental basis at 10-15% of the wardrobe’s retail price.

What is Flyrobe’s Referral Program?

  • Flyrobe offers a beneficial referral scheme to all it’s users.
  • A user can avail the discount of Rs 300 on their first order on flyrobe by using the promotional code – D0M83O1 or a code referred by your friends.
  • After the first order users can continue to earn discounts by sharing their own referral codes among their friends and acquaintances.
  • Whenever your referral code is used for the first time by your friends on an order above Rs 999 on flyrobe they will get Rs 300 discount and after successful delivery of their order you will also receive a discount coupon worth Rs 300.

Flyrobe also offers Prime services to its customers through which one can rent premium and exclusive designer wears which are custom made for them. As part of this scheme a customer can rent a brand new wardrobe for maximum of 90 days before returning it.

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Flyrobe Referral Code 2019 : Refer & Earn 300 Rs Today