FluidStack : Rent Your Desktop & Earn Upto 3000 Rs Per Month

Do you have a strong broadband connection? Do you have a laptop or desktop which remains idle for most of the time? If you fulfill these 2 requirements then I have a good news for you! Now you can literally earn cool cash doing just nothing. Sounds crazy? Then let’s dive in and see how this thing works…

Fluidstack is an innovative startup that rents your desktop and pays you on monthly basis. No! They are not cryptocurrency miners who consume lot of electricity and put pressure on your system’s hardware. These guys use our pc’s for stuffs like distributed cloud (cloud servers basically) and content delivery network, often known as CDN.

rent pc and earn money

The thing I liked most about Fluidstack is that it runs only when your pc is idle. This means you won’t be having any lags or performance issues while using their software.

FluidStack Review 2020 – How To Earn Money Online?

So how much is the pay scale?

Yes, that’s the main question that interests most of us. So company promises to pay $5 to $50 based on the bandwidth you provide to them. The basic structure is like $10 per 100 Mbps bandwidth. So if you’re having 300 Mbps connection, you can expect roughly $300 (~21000 Rs) as your monthly payment. That’s insane, right?

Now the obvious question- you’ll say, who the hell provides 100 Mbps connection in India? Actually there’s catch. 100 Mbps equals to 12.5 MBps as 1 Byte equals to 8 Bits. And I believe, these speed is easily available in most of the metro cities in India. So this should not be the big deal.

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Getting Started with Fluidstack

  1. Just head over to signup form.
  2. Make sure you use same email as your Paypal account while registering account.
  3. After signing up, you’ll get an approval mail almost instantly.
  4. Now login to your account and click on ‘New Cluster’.
  5. Give any name to this instance and you’ll get a token id containing series of numbers and alphabets.
  6. Now go to ‘download’ section and download their software on your pc.
  7. Open the software and paste the token id that we got in step 5.
  8. Now whenever your pc goes idle, you’ll start earning money.

Fluidstack review

earn money by renting pc

is fluidstack legit?

How Will I Get Paid?

Of course, PayPal. Right now this is the only payment method that Fluidstack supports.

Is it Legit or Scam?

I would like to clearly mention that I have not used this software, simply because I don’t have an idle pc. If I had, I would have given it a try. But from my research, these guys are real and I have seen people getting paid by them. Rest is your choice!

(Update as on 7th March 2020) By the way, I have received referral bonus from Fluidstack and here’s the proof:

fluidstack earning proof

I will recommend you to use this software on pc which doesn’t have any private stuff just for the sake of security. Although this company promises that they don’t touch anything except your broadband connection.

Final Words

Give it a try and let us know how was your experience with it. Also, don’t forget to check out our other awesome online money making threads!

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rent pc and earn money

FluidStack : Rent Your Desktop & Earn Upto 3000 Rs Per Month